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Insurance Advisor: Family Protection Expert at Policybazaar

Insurance Advisors at Policybazaar are IRDAI certified experts who help you navigate to the best protection plan (term plan) for your family’s financial security. They provide professional guidance, personalized recommendations and ensure that customers make well-informed decisions tailored to their unique needs and aspirations.
Let’s learn more about the support provided by Policybazaar’s Insurance Advisor in this article.

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The Policybazaar Advantage
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Dedicated claim support for family FREE
Policybazaar team will help and support you at the time of claim. A personal claim handler from our team of experts will get in touch with you when your nominee applies for a claim on our website.
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Who is an Insurance Advisor?

Insurance advisor is an expert, who is certified by IRDAI, and provides guidance and customized recommendations to individuals and businesses seeking insurance coverage. They assess the specific insurance needs of their customers and help them select the appropriate policies to protect against financial risks. An Insurance advisor is also known as an Insurance Agent or Insurance Consultant.

In simple words, an insurance advisor meaning is a trusted professional who guides you in the domain of insurance. They help you understand what is term insurance and also solve all your queries regarding a pre-existing or new policy. They give you customized advice on which insurance is best for you and solve your doubts about it. They help make sure you have the right insurance to protect you and your things. You can either contact them online or visit one of the Policybazaar 180+ walk-in stores across the country for personalized help.

Now that we have discussed the insurance advisor meaning, let’s understand how they help you in buying term insurance.

Note: It is suggested to calculate the term plan premium on the term insurance calculator online tool by Policybazaar before buying.

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How Does Policybazaar’s Insurance Advisor Help You In Buying Term Insurance?

Now that we have understood the insurance advisor meaning, let’s learn how Policybazaar’s Insurance Advisor helps you in buying term insurance:

Step 1: Initial Consultation

  • Visit the term insurance page on Policybazaar’s website or app after entering your basic details. 

  • Choose the option to get a call or chat with an expert and a dedicated PB Advisor will be assigned to you.

  • PB Advisor will understand your financial goals, requirements and personal details i.e. family size, dependents, income and health status.

Step 2: Understanding Your Needs & Personalized Recommendations

  • Based on the information you provide, the advisor assesses your needs and guides you with the cover amount (Sum assured) and coverage period (Policy Term) required to protect your family. 

  • The advisor suggests valid plans that meet your requirements. These recommendations include factors like coverage, premium budget, additional benefits etc.

Step 3: Plan Comparison and Finalizing a Plan

  • You receive a comparison of different term insurance options offered by various insurance companies.

  • The advisor explains the pros and cons of each plan, helping you understand the differences and choose the right plan.

  • Once you've chosen a plan, the advisor helps you in booking it and fills out the application form accurately.

  • They guide you through any medical examinations if any and documentation required by the insurer.

Step 4: Guidance During Policy Issuance

  • The advisor is in constant touch with you during the policy assessment period (i.e. when the insurance company checks all your details and documents) , ensuring that you are able to complete all the formalities in time.

  • Once your application for policy purchase is approved, the advisor also makes sure that your term insurance policy is issued correctly.

Step 5: Claim Process Explanation & Ongoing Support

  • The advisor briefs you on the claim process, detailing the steps your beneficiaries (nominees) need to follow in case of a claim.

  • Even after purchasing the policy, the advisor remains available for any questions, updates, or modifications you may need.

**Note: All the calls that you have with our Advisors are on 100% recorded lines, this is to ensure that advisors are giving you the right information.

one crore term plan

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Know Your Insurance Advisor

  • Your Guide & Friend - Buy the ideal term insurance policies with the best possible discounts with their assistance.

  • 24x7 Dedicated Claim Assistance - Get claim assistance at free of cost any time of the day with seamless communication in both online and offline modes.

  • Certified Experts - IRDAI-certified experts to help you with all insurance-related queries, with no mis-selling and zero frauds.

Do you know? 

Policybazaar has a dedicated team to assist on term insurance claims, this team caters to customers 24x7 and helps the policyholders’ grieving nominees/loved ones get their claims settled in a quick and hassle-free manner in their time of need. 

How Can I Connect To Policybazaar’s Insurance Advisor?

You can connect to Policybazaar’s Insurance Advisor in both Online and Offline modes.

  1. Online Mode

    You can go to the official website of Policybazaar and contact their advisor directly by calling them in the given numbers:

    • For New Customers: 1800-419-7713

    • For Policybazaar’s customers: 1800-258-5970

    • For NRIs: +91 124-6656508

  2. Offline Mode

    You can visit the walk-in stores of Policybazaar to directly consult the advisor regarding life insurance queries and doubts. There are 180+ walk-in stores of Policybazaar all over the country from where you can seek assistance.

What Are The Benefits Of Consulting An Insurance Advisor?

Insurance Advisors offers guidance, claim assistance, such as documentation assistance and policy review, as well as proactive communication, thereby ensuring that policyholders’ nominees receive their rightful claims efficiently and without unnecessary delays or disputes. Let’s understand some of the benefits of consulting an insurance advisor:

  • Expert Guidance: Policybazaar's Insurance Advisors provide expert guidance throughout the life insurance claims process, ensuring policyholders understand the necessary steps and requirements.

  • Documentation Support: In case of claiming benefits, Insurance Advisors assist in gathering and organizing the required claim documents, reducing the chances of errors and claim rejection. The life insurance advisors assist in filling out claim forms accurately, reducing the chances of errors that could lead to claim rejection. They further review the policy documents to ensure that the claim being filed is covered under the policy terms and conditions, thereby, preventing claim denials.

  • Effective Communication: They act as intermediaries, facilitating clear communication between policyholders and insurance companies, streamlining the process. The life insurance agents act as a bridge between the policyholder and the insurance company, facilitating effective communication and negotiation during the claims process.

  • Claim Tracking and Follow-up: Insurance Advisors also help track claims and persistently follow up with insurers, expediting settlement and reducing delays. PB’s Life Insurance Advisors also help policyholders’ nominees track the progress of their term insurance death claims, providing updates and ensuring that the claim settlement process remains transparent. 

  • Customer Advocacy: Advisors prioritize the policyholder's interests, advocating for their rights and ensuring they receive fair and timely settlements. The PB life insurance consultants further ensure that the policyholder is satisfied with the outcome and assisting with any further requirements.

Why Choose Policybazaar’s Insurance Advisor?

Policybazaar's Insurance Advisors are a unique blend of expertise, customization, and dedication, making them suitable help for your insurance journey. Let’s understand in detail why they are unique from other advisors:

  • Dedicated Guidance: The advisors are not tied to any specific insurance company, ensuring you receive impartial guidance and advice tailored to your needs.

  • Comprehensive Expertise: With in-depth knowledge of various insurance products and 5+ years of industry experience, the advisor can guide you through a wide range of options. They also have market insight and keep a check on all latest insurance trends and offerings, ensuring you're aware of the best options available.

  • Personalized Approach: The advisor takes the time to understand your individual circumstances, ensuring recommendations align with your goals and priorities. They also explain complex insurance terms in simple, easy-to-understand language, making the decision-making process clearer.

  • Efficient Comparisons: By presenting multiple options, the advisor enables you to compare policies efficiently and make well-informed choices. Moreover, they strive to find solutions that meet your requirements and budget.

  • Continuous Support: From initial consultation to policy purchase and beyond, the advisor offers ongoing assistance, ensuring your coverage remains relevant. They also give you the freedom to explore your options without pressure.

Wrapping It Up!

The advisors are like helpful companions who support you in all insurance-related queries. They make buying insurance easy, guiding you to the best choices that fit your needs. With their support, you can feel confident about your insurance decisions and stay protected.

Note: Check out the best term insurance plan in India and choose one that suits your requirements.


  • Q: What is an advisor?

    Ans: An advisor is a knowledgeable expert who helps you understand and choose the right insurance plans. Policybazaar’s Advisors are IRDAI certified experts.
  • Q: How do I contact a PB Insurance Advisor?

    Ans: You can reach out to an advisor through or contact them over the phone with the following numbers:
    For New Customers: 1800-419-7713
    For Policybazaar’s customers: 1800-258-5970
    For NRIs: +91 124-6656508
  • Q: Are PB Insurance Advisors only for new customers?

    Ans: No, advisors can assist both new customers looking for coverage, new plans, and existing customers seeking updates or changes to their plans.
  • Q: Can a PB advisor customize insurance plans for me?

    Ans: Yes, advisors can tailor insurance plans based on your individual circumstances and requirements.
  • Q: Do PB advisors help with claim settlements?

    Ans: Policybazaar's dedicated claim assistance ensures smooth and quick claim settlements for your family or nominees.
  • Q: Is there a cost for using an advisor?

    Ans: No, the guidance of an advisor is absolutely free of charge.
  • Q: Can a PB advisor help me compare plans?

    Ans: Yes, a PB advisor can provide comparisons of various insurance plans, making it easier for you to decide.
  • Q: What is insurance advisor meaning?

    Ans: Insurance advisor meaning is simple and refers to the person who solves customer’s insurance-related queries and doubts, either on call or in person.
  • Q: How is the insurance advisor job?

    Ans: The insurance advisor job is very interesting and is based on insurance knowledge. It works around helping customers solve their insurance-related doubts and questions.
  • Q: What is the eligibility for an insurance agent?

    Ans: The eligibility for an insurance agent is mentioned below: For urban areas, they should have at least completed the 12th grade, and for rural areas, completing the 10th grade is sufficient. This information is in accordance with IRDAI regulations.
  • Q: What is the Life Insurance Advisor salary?

    Ans: Life Insurance Advisor salary depends on their overall work experience. Moreover, it depends on the basis of their performance, the number of customers handled by them and their job profile and which life insurance agency they work at.
  • Q: How to become a Life insurance agent?

    Ans: It requires certification from IRDA to become a Life insurance agent along with experience and insurance knowledge.
  • Q: What is Policybazaar’s Insurance Claim Advisory?

    Ans: Policybazaar’s Insurance Claim Advisory is expert assistance provided to policyholders by Life insurance advisors, in accordance with IRDAI, during the claim settlement process, offering guidance and support to ensure a successful claim settlement.
  • Q: What role does PB’s Life Insurance Advisors play in claim tracking and follow-up?

    Ans: PB’s Life Insurance Advisors help track claims and persistently follow up with insurance companies, expediting the settlement process and reducing potential delays.
  • Q: When Should You Consult An Insurance Advisor?

    Ans: You can consult insurance advisors during the following events:
    • When unsure about insurance needs or choices.
    • Buying a new policy or updating information in a pre-existing policy.
    • Major life changes (e.g., marriage, home purchase).
    • Significant financial changes (e.g., job change, promotion).
    • Complex insurance needs (e.g., business coverage).
    • Comparing policies from different providers.
    • Policy optimization, renewals, or claims assistance.

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