Max Life Pension Plans - Max Life Retirement Plans

Pension plans help you to save for your old age so, that you maintain the same life style even after you retire. Max New York Life offers 2 pension schemes for you to invest in, one of which is an annuity plan to meet your post retirement financial needs, ensuring you with a peace of mind in your golden years

  • Max New York Life Partner Plus Plan:  A pension scheme that gives you guaranteed financial protection. This pension plan offers you triple benefits. It gives you maturity benefits at the age of 75, provides you a life coverage insurance and offers you a money back feature to take care of your periodic foreseen needs from age 61 to 75.
  • Immediate Annuity Plan: This pension plan provides you a tool to invest your savings to get a series of future payments. You get annuity options for as long as you live and would not have to undergo medicals to invest in this pension scheme.

You can compare and evaluate the Max New York Life pension schemes with other pension plans and annuity rates to zero down on the best pension plan for you and lead a tension free old age.