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Pension Calculator

Pension calculator or retirement calculator is one of the calculators that helps you to understand how much you need to grow your wealth before you retire and how to plan for it.Pension calculator is a beneficial instrument to select best pension plan and helps you in determining the amount you need to invest to build the corpus that you want to fulfill your goals and maintaining your living standards after retirement. Pension calculator takes your expenses and expected rate of return on your investments into accountand determine the amount that you need to invest over your work life span to build a corpus and reach your goals.

Retirement Savings Calculator

Retirement Savings calculator is a part of pension calculator. A retirement savings calculator help you figuring out that how much savings will an individual have at the time of retirement. Savings calculator can help you determine your monthly contribution towards pension fund. You can alter and change your plan in the event when your current savings are not meeting your future pension plans and this is only possible with the use of retirement savings calculator. Retirement savings calculator also helps you deciding your age of retirement as it ascertains your retirement corpus.

Benefits of Pension Plan Calculator

Life after retirement is a big challenge as we generally don\'t have any regular income and leading a happy life is an uphill task. So, in that case pension becomes very important. We need a proper calculation in order to reach our planned corpus. Pension plan calculator helps us in deciding our monthly contribution and it provider other benefits discussed below:

1. The basic motive of ascertaining how much you need to save in order to build your retirement corpus.

2. Pension plan calculator makes work life span easier and smooth as we know how much we need to work and save.

3. You can determine your retirement age.

Family Pension Calculator

Family pension in India is granted to the family of an employee in the event of his death while in service and also after retirement provided he was on the date of death in receipt of a pension or compassionate allowance. Family pension calculation depends on the work condition of the employee. Family pension calculator takes into account the date of appointment of employment and date of retirement from employment. Family pension calculator also takes into account if your death occurred while working or after retirement.

Commuted Pension Calculator

A commuted pension is a type of pension in which the pensioner receives a lump sum payment in lieu of traditional pension payments. Commuted pensions pay the lump sum based on the length of employment and the age of the pensioner. There are several risks associated with taking the commuted value of your pensions with the risk of unsuitable pension after retirement. Commuted pension calculator helps you in determining the remaining pension after surrendering part of pension to be received after retirement.

Gratuity Calculator

Gratuity calculator helps an individual in calculating their gratuity at time of their retirement. Gratuity is paid to an employee in the case if he/she has served an employer for a minimum of five years. Gratuity calculation can helps you in fulfilling and building your retirement corpus.

Calculate Savings on Average Monthly Investment

By using this calculator, you can determine how much will you save at the time of your retirement with the help of your monthly savings. This calculator takes your average monthly savings into account and the time period for you will keep aside part of your savings for retirement.


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Frequently Ask Question


Do we need to pay taxes for benefits provided under life insurance cover?


The agent should actually inform you about the taxable benefits included in your policy. And, generally the death benefits are not subjected to any income tax.


How to check cash value of life insurance policy?


Majorly, cash value of life insurance policy include the death benefit along with some amount of fund which can be used as saving or source for future premium payment.


How do health condition, age and sex affect the premium?


The older you get, the greater are the chances of sickness and demise. Talking about the sex, male are likely to pay more as the life existence of a woman is generally higher than that of a man. If you are suffering from poor health or pre-existence disease then you are expected to pay a higher premium. Health is actually counted before age and sex.


Can the insurer refuse to pay?


Till the time it is a genuine case, the insurer has no point to reject the case. In case of deceptive claim or disappearing of an individual under mysterious circumstances, the insurer can hold the payment for investigation results.


Is there any tax benefit?


You can have tax rebate on the policy under the Income Tax Section 80C. Also, the death benefit received as cover is not considered taxable income for the beneficiary. The cash value plans are generally not counted under the taxable section.


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