Shipping Insurance for High-Value Items

Shipping insurance for high-value items is crucial to mitigate the inherent risks during the shipping process, such as damage, loss, or theft, especially for businesses that rely heavily on shipping to their customers. These items can range from jewellery and rare coins to artwork and precious gemstones. Given their value and rarity, these items require more protection than standard shipping options can provide.

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What is Shipping Insurance?

Shipping insurance, also known as cargo insurance, is a type of marine insurance designed to financially protect your goods during transportation. This type of insurance acts as a safety net, reimbursing you for the declared value of your items if they are lost, stolen, or damaged while in the care of the carrier.

Risks Involved in Shipping High-Value Items

Shipping high-value items can be nerve-wracking. While you entrust your cargo to a carrier, unforeseen events can disrupt the smooth delivery process. Shipping insurance for high-value items mitigates these risks, but understanding the potential threats allows you to choose the most appropriate coverage. Let's delve deeper into the various risks associated with shipping valuables:

Physical Damage

This is a major concern, especially for fragile or delicate items. Rough handling during loading and unloading, vibrations during transport, or even accidents can cause damage. The type of damage can vary depending on the situation, from minor scratches or cracks to complete destruction.

Here are some examples of physical damage risks:

  • Improper Handling: Inexperienced or careless handling by carriers can lead to bumps, drops, or crushing of your valuables.
  • Packaging Issues: Inadequate or insufficient packaging materials can leave your items vulnerable to damage from impacts or vibrations during transit.
  • Environmental Factors: Extreme weather conditions like heat, cold, moisture, or pressure fluctuations can damage sensitive items like electronics, artwork, or perishable goods.
  • Theft: Unfortunately, theft is a risk throughout the shipping journey. Valuable items are prime targets for thieves, and opportunities can arise at any point, from warehouse storage to transportation on a truck or ship.


Sometimes, entire packages go missing during the shipping process. While this might seem less likely than damage or theft, it can still happen due to various reasons.

Possible causes of lost shipments include:

  • Misplacement: Human error can lead to packages being misplaced during sorting or storage at warehouses.
  • Misrouting: There's a chance of a shipment being accidentally routed to the wrong address.
  • Natural Disasters: Events like floods, fires, or hurricanes can damage or destroy transportation hubs, leading to lost cargo.


While not directly causing financial loss, delays in shipping can be detrimental, especially for time-sensitive items or those required for critical events. Delays can disrupt business operations or cause inconvenience for the recipient. Some shipping insurance policies offer limited coverage for delays exceeding a certain timeframe.

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Example of Shipping Insurance Protecting High-Value Items

Tech Innovations, a Delhi-based electronics manufacturer, prepares to ship a batch of high-end laptops worth ₹30 lakhs to a retailer in Bengaluru. To protect the goods against transportation risks, they purchased marine insurance.

During the journey, the truck transporting the laptops gets into an accident, causing damage to many laptops, amounting to over ₹18 lakhs. This incident could have led to a significant financial setback, however, because they had adequate insurance, they were able to file a claim with their insurance provider.

After reviewing the necessary documents, the insurance company assessed the claim under the marine insurance policy and approved a payout.

This payout mitigates the financial impact of the damaged laptops on Tech Innovations, allowing them to focus on replacing the damaged laptops in their next shipment.

Limitations of Shipping Insurance for High-Value Items

It's crucial to understand that shipping insurance, like most policies has limitations and exclusions. It's essential to carefully review the terms and conditions of your shipping insurance policy before purchasing it. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Declared Value: The coverage amount is based on the declared value of your items. Be sure to accurately represent the value to receive full compensation.
  • Exclusions: Certain types of damage or loss might be excluded from coverage, such as wear and tear, inherent vice (flaws in the item itself), or war.
  • Packaging Requirements: Improper packaging can void your insurance coverage. Ensure your items are packed securely using appropriate materials.


Shipping insurance for high-value items is an investment worth considering. While it adds an extra cost to your shipment, the financial protection it offers provides invaluable peace of mind. By understanding the risks involved, the coverage offered, and the limitations of shipping insurance, you can make informed decisions to ensure your valuable cargo reaches its destination safely. Visit to talk with an expert, and choose the most suitable coverage for your cargo.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 11 April 2024

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  • Machinery machine tools & spares duly packed/lashed
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  • New machinery machine tools & spares in closed ISO containers
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  • Machinery machine tools & spares duly packed/lashed
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3.8 April 20, 2023
Great Experience
I recently purchased Marine insurance from Policybazaar for my shipping business and I must say I am thoroughly impressed with their service and coverage. From start to finish, the experience has been smooth and hassle-free.Thankyou.
4.3 April 03, 2023
Provides Comprehensive Protection
When it comes to coverage, Marine insurance that i bought from PolicyBazaar has exceeded my expectations. It provides comprehensive protection for my cargo and vessels during transit, ensuring I can focus on my business operations with peace of mind. Thankyou.
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I highly recommend Marine insurance from PolicyBazaar website to anyone in the shipping or logistics industry. Their user-friendly website, comprehensive coverage, and excellent customer service make them stand out from the competition. With Policybazaar, I feel confident in navigating the high seas, knowing that my business is well-protected. Thank you, Policybazaar.
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User Friendly Interface
The website's user-friendly interface made it easy to compare different plans and find the perfect fit for my business needs.Thanks
4.3 February 11, 2023
Prompt Services
I appreciate the transparency and honesty with which Policybazaar handled my claims. They were prompt in processing my claim and their claim settlement process was hassle-free.Thanks PolicyBazaar.
3.8 February 10, 2023
Exceeds Expectations
I recently had the pleasure of purchsing marine insurance from Policy bazaar website and I must say it has been an outstnding experience from start to finish. I am thrilled to share my positive customer review, as this truly exceeded my expectations. Thanks PB.
3.8 January 31, 2023
Easy Navigation
The ease of navigating the Policy bazaar website and finding the right marine insurance policy was impressive. The website's user-friendly interface and intuitive design made it incredibly simple to compare various options, understand the coverage details and make an informed decision. I appreciated the transparency provided throughout the process. Thanks.
3.8 January 21, 2023
Excellent Support
The customer service provided by Policy bazaar was decent. Their team was responsive, knowledgeable and went above and beyond to assist me at every step. Their professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction were truly commendable.Thankyou.
4.3 January 11, 2023
Sanjeev Rathor
Efficient Process
When it came to claims processing, Policy bazaar demonstrated remarkable eficiency and effectivenes. I had an unfortunate incident during the coverage period and filing a claim was a breeze. The entire process was streamlined and their team guided me throuugh every necssary step, making it hassle-free. The promptness with which my claim was setled reflected their commitment to their customers' well-being and peace of mind. Thankyou.
3.8 January 01, 2023
Comprehensive Coverage
I must mention the comprehensive coverage provided by the marine insurance policy I purchasd through Policy bazaar. It offered me the necesary protection and peace of mind. Thankyou PolicyBazaar.