How To Change/Update Your Name In LIC Policy

LIC, the largest life insurer of India, is also known as the ‘Lender of the last resort, offers a wide variety of life insurance products and services. Sometimes, after buying the policy, the policyholder wants to update or change the contact details because of marriage, or misspelling or name change. LIC has the provision to update contact details in case of any change.

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Let’s take a look at the process required to change the policyholder’s name in LIC policy documents: 

LIC Policy 

On 19 June 1956, Life Insurance Companies Act was passed by the Parliament of India. Life Insurance Company, the only public sector life insurer in India was founded on September 1956 along with the merger of more than 245 insurance companies. LIC offers several insurance plans extending from pure protection plans i.e., term to savings and investment plans. Purchasing LIC policy is quite easy and simple that can be done by simply visiting their nearest branch. LIC has also entered the online space, but their products are very limited in this mode. Nowadays, people are looking out for an online medium that saves their time. So, it is very important to compare every single thing while buying any plan for your family. 

LIC policies insures you and your family by acting as an investment instrument. It also helps you in paying financial debts that are required to be paid off at a certain time interval. 

In some situations, you wish to make changes in your LIC policy such as alteration in address, name, phone number, email, etc. There are some cases where the name of the policyholder is not correct or misspelled or assured is changing his/her name during the policy time. Mostly, in India females change their name after marriage. In all these situations, LIC offers an option to make changes in your policy. 

What are the situations under which LIC policy name change is allowed in policy documents? 

  • In case when a woman wants to change her surname after marriage 
  • In the case of a child adoption 
  • If the assured has changed his/her name/surname legally because of some reason
  • If the name of the policyholder is misspelled. 

Why It is important to inform the Company about the name change? 

If you are undergoing a LIC policy name change, it is very important to inform the company as soon as possible. Because the name you have provided at the time of purchasing the LIC will only be used in case of claim settlement. However, LIC offers the option to update your details in the policy document. But if you do not change or update your details in your LIC policy then it will become a problem at the time of claim settlement. It is a convenient process but requires some time. 

How to Change Name in LIC policy? 

In LIC policy, you can make different types of changes in your policy document. However, an online facility for changing names and other contact details is not available. The policyholder is required to provide a written application to make changes in their name by visiting the nearest LIC branch office. Submit all the relevant documents and proofs along with the application. You can also ask LIC about the status of your application via email. 

In case of only misspelling in your name, you can directly visit or mail LIC. Provide them all the documents that have your corrected name. 

In case if your complete name has changed such as because of marriage, then submit a request to the LIC office by visiting it directly. Follow the below-mentioned steps for a smooth process: 

Process of Changing Name in LIC policy 

  • Step 1 Write an application requesting for the name change to the branch manager of LIC. 
  • Step 2 Write the correct name in the application and do your signature. 
  • Step 3 Submit the following documents to the LIC office in case you have just changed your name: 
    • Government Gazetted officer attested documents of name change 
    • A newspaper advertisement 
    • An official declaration and affidavit submitted to the Magistrate 
    • Marriage certificate holding the policyholder’s name 
    • An Adoption deeds 
    • Step 4 Submit other required documents such as photo ID, residential proof, proof of age, etc. 
    • Step 5 After submitting all the requested documents, the insurer will process the application. 

    It is also noted that a quotation fee is also charged by the company. This fee will be paid at the time of submitting the documents. 

    Key Points to Remember In LIC Policy Name Change Process 

    There are some things to keep in mind while going for a name change process in your LIC policy documents. Let’s take a look: 

    • Name changes should only be done in LIC ‘s home branch from where you have issued the policy. 
    • It is always good to change your name in the identity proofs such as Aadhar, PAN card, Ration card, etc. before proceeding with the name alteration in LIC. Because LIC requires proof for your name change and then you can easily provide it to the company. 
    • At the time of name change, always carry all the relevant documents requested by the LIC
    • In the request application, mention the reason for changing your name. Reason can be a misspelling, marriage. 
    • Contact the customer care of LIC in case of any further clarifications. 

    It is also good to contact a life insurance advisor before proceeding with the name change process. 

    At A Close! 

    In case of your name change, always inform the company by writing a request letter to update his/her contact details. LIC is one of the largest life insurance companies in India, has the option to change your name If you are undergoing a name change. Although it is a quiet time taking process but informing the company is important as it avoids future problems in your LIC policy document. It is also necessary to read all the guidelines of policy on the LIC ‘s official website before starting the name change process. This is a very important change that one should never ignore.

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