State Bank of Hyderabad Fixed Deposit

Fixed deposit rates in State Bank of Hyderabad offer higher interests than savings accounts to compensate for low liquidity. It equips the investor with the choice to invest a principal amount for a particular period and earn interest on it, either by withdrawing or reinvesting at every interval.

In SBH, fixed deposits are of two basic natures- Simple and compound.

Simple fixed deposits in SBH allow regular payouts to the investor where the interest after each interval is handed to the customer. In a compound FD, the interest after every interval is added to the first sum in a cumulative manner.

State Bank of Hyderabad FD Rates in India
Tenure General Public FD Rates Senior Citizen FD Rates
7 days to 45 days 5.50% 6.00%
46 days to 179 days 6.50% 7.00%
180 days to 210 days 6.50% 7.00%
211 days to 364 days 6.50% 7.00%
456 days to 1 year 364 days 6.75% 7.25%
1 year to 455 days 6.90% 7.40%
2 years to 2 years 364 days 6.75% 7.25%
3 years to 4 years 364 days 6.50% 7.00%
5 years to 10 years 6.50% 7.00%

SBH fixed deposit schemes offer a range of features along with the policy. They include automatic renewal, special discounts and exemptions for the senior citizen, tax saving concessions, sweep in, etc.

An investor can also ask for a loan against the interest rate on FD in SBH.

Since fixed deposits are term plans with a predetermined maturity period, premature termination or withdrawal is not always an option. If it is allowed in a case, there may or may not be an additional penalty on the same. The Bank will pay the interest on an early pull-out as per the rates at the time.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 31 July 2020
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