Educate your Employees on Health Insurance Benefits

In difficult times like these when the whole world is going through a pandemic, nobody knows what might happen in the very next moment. The importance of health insurance policy increases. If we talk about the corporate world, having a comprehensive group medical insurance policy is one of the best things an employer can do for his employees. Offering a health insurance policy to the employees not only attracts good employees but also retains them. Also, it becomes the employer’s responsibility to educate employees on the kind of health insurance benefits.

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If you are an employer and you offer a health insurance policy to your employee, this showcases your care towards your employee’s health.

There has been a survey done by MetLife which states that 57% of employees need more help to understand the benefits and features of the health insurance policy and 58% of employees feel more loyal toward their employer when they get a wide selection of benefits. So what is a group medical insurance policy?

How to Educate your Employees on Group Medical Insurance?

As mentioned in the above survey, 57% of the employees find it difficult to understand the coverage provided by the group medical insurance policy. Being the employer or the HR manager of the company it is necessary to tell the benefits an employee can avail of under a group medical insurance policy. So, here are 4 ways you can educate your employees on group health insurance policy.

Try to Communicate Well

When you communicate well with your employee, it gives them a bit of confidence to come up and ask about anything related to the insurance plan. One of the best ways to enhance your employee’s knowledge related to health insurance policy is to be transparent. If your employee is confused about any kind of coverage then be there to clear it out.

For example, Ram joins a company that provides him a health insurance policy. The company conducts an induction program to welcome him and tell him everything related to the company and its norms but does not talk about the health insurance policy and its coverage in detail. The group medical insurance policy provides coverage to his wife and kids but not his parents. One day his father got sick and had to be hospitalized, since Ram was not aware of his parents not being covered under the group medical insurance policy, he had to pay for all the medical expenses out of his pocket.  So, the lack of information led him to pay for the medical expenses that occurred to get his father treated in the hospital.

Be Open about Costs

Offering a health insurance policy to your employees can be very beneficial. It can help them keep their savings intact because the health insurance policy would cover a portion of expenditure. If you are open about the expenditure your employee has to make in order to be covered under the group medical insurance policy then it would help them do their financial planning properly.

But in the first place, as an employer, you should also be fully aware of the potential cost of the group medical insurance policy and benefits so that you can communicate about it to your employees upfront.

Talk about Benefits Often

When a new employee joins your organization and you introduce them to the health insurance policy and its benefits, it becomes more important for the employee to understand the benefits as he will be utilizing them. So, talking about the benefits during enrollment is not enough so try to communicate about the benefits in such a way that it would reflect the life events throughout the year.

For example, Shyam joins your company and you introduce him to the health insurance plan. Shyam is planning to start a new family and with this decision, he has to be prepared regarding regular visits to the doctor when a newborn baby comes in. You can produce a video that has all kinds of information regarding the policy which your employees like Shyam can watch any time he faces any kind of confusion. This will help them understand the policy easily and everything related to the policy will be approachable to them.


Providing a group medical insurance policy to your employees is a very good initiative. It helps the employer gain more trust and loyalty of their employees. Group medical insurance policy provides coverage at the time of medical emergencies so that your employee would not have to pay for medical expenses out of his pocket. It is also important for the employee to be well aware of the kind of coverage group medical insurance would provide, so it becomes employer’s duty to make such arrangements that the employee could learn about the coverage any time he/she wants. It is advised by the insurance experts to purchase the group medical insurance policy online to avail of more coverage benefits.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 26 August 2021

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