Health Insurance Trends for Employees in 2021

Companies all around the world have been through a lot in the past two years. The pandemic has bought every organization down to its knees but it made the employers even stronger and smarter. Since every employer had to bring a change in their work system and send employees to start working from home. In the beginning, they had to face a bit of difficulty but with time they learned to manage their employees working from home and keep the workforce intact.

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Just like the companies pivot their working style, similarly many new employee healthcare trends started coming into effect in 2021. Here are some of the trends that will positively impact employee health insurance.

Mental Health is Important

The coronavirus pandemic did not only bring health issues but also bought many mental issues along with it. Since the outbreak of the virus in the country, government had to impose total lockdown and nobody was allowed to go out of their homes. Since working people who lived in different states or cities had to spend many days in rented flats and PG’s alone, it affected their mental state drastically. When the companies realized that their employee’s mental health is deteriorating. Their bad mental health started reflecting in their work and the companies have to face the consequences.

Since an employee is the most important asset of a company is their employees, they have to come up with some ideas that would help and keep their employee’s mental health in a good condition. To make this possible, companies carried out different online sessions like a conference call where the whole team can join and talk about anything apart from work and how are they doing while staying isolated etc. This made them feel better than staying alone and keep them from going crazy.

Providing Telehealth Consulting

When the pandemic began in the country, the government imposed the lockdown in the country but as new trend telehealth started as well. Telehealth refers to the situation where you can consult with a doctor on a video conference or a call and tell about the health issues you are facing and the doctor will suggest you accordingly.

Since it was the need of the hour, the doctors came in front and played their part in it. The companies that provided group health insurance to their employees also provided this facility to their employees as whenever they needed a doctor’s advice they could contact the one provided by their company and consult with them.

Zero Co-payment Clause

Co-payment is a fixed amount out of the sum insured amount that the policyholder has to pay in order to stay covered under the policy and the rest of the amount is paid by the insurance provider. There are group health insurance policies in which the policyholder has to pay at least 10%-20%. Employees have to pay for the medical expenses that kills the whole purpose of being insured. This is why the zero-co-payment clause is trending in the market and companies are opting for it.

Added Benefits

Every employee has different needs and the previous year has shown it. There were many employees who like the idea of working from home but there were some who liked working from the office more. Similarly, employees have different needs when it comes to healthcare. There are some employees who would want a maternity cover in their insurance plan and there are some who would require extra amount in their hand to get a better medical facility.

In order to fulfill their requirements, group health insurance has added benefits that they can purchase according to their needs but to get those added benefits they have to pay an extra amount in their premium. It is the employer’s responsibility to see if the employees are covered for the kind of healthcare they want so that their employees keep working with the same enthusiasm.


Coronavirus outbreak has brought a drastic change in the world order and people are still adapting to the changing environment of the work culture. Employers have to make sure that they provide whatever their employees require so that they can work with the same confidence and focus. However, the group health insurance policies are available online and the insurance industry experts suggest the buyers purchase it online instead of purchasing it offline. Purchasing the policy online will provide them a hassle-free experience and it will be very much cost-effective. Apart from this, you can calculate the premium amount using the online premium calculator so that you can get an idea of how much you would have to pay monthly or yearly to stay covered.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 26 August 2021

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