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NSC or National Savings Certificate is a fixed income scheme that can be activated at any Post Office branch all across India. This Government-backed project offers saving opportunities to individuals with low to moderate income and is completely risk-free. Let us understand NSC (National Savings Certificate) and NSC Calculator in detail.

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What is NSC?

The Government of India provides investment and savings opportunities to individuals across all the sections as per their financial goals needs. One such low risk-taking savings product launched by the Government that offers a plethora of benefits is the National Savings Scheme (NSC). 

The NSC comes with the following key features:

Features Details
Rate of Interest 6.8% per annum.
Minimum Investment Rs.1,000
Maximum Investment No limit
Lock-in Period 5 years
Risk Profile Low-risk
Tax Benefit Exemption up to Rs.1,50,000 under Section 80C
Availability At the nearest post office
Maturity Full amount to be received at the time of maturity without any TDS payouts.
Premature Exit Only available in special cases.

What is NSC Calculator?

National Savings Certificate Calculator is an online financial tool that helps in calculating the total earnings on the invested amount in the NSC at the time of maturity. An individual investing in NSC will receive the interest earned after the completion of 5 years of the scheme. In the National Savings Certificate scheme, the interest earned every year is reinvested in the scheme.

The NSC Calculator helps the scheme holder attain quick results of the amount receivable after the completion of 5 years with no manual calculations involved. Knowing the future receivable amount in advance can help the holder plan their financial goals accordingly.

How to Use NSC Calculator?

To calculate the maturity value receivable at the end of the NSC tenure, the following details need to be entered on the NSC Calculator:

Step 1: Date of purchase of the National Savings Certificate

Step 2:The total amount of investment made

Step 3:The 5-year term is auto-filled as it is fixed in NSC

Step 4:The current rate of interest (6.8% is fixed currently)

Step 5:Enter the above-mentioned details and click calculate

Step 6:The maturity value will be computed

Benefits of Using NSC Calculator

Manual calculations are difficult, time taking, and can be less accurate as compared to the use of the online calculator. Here are some main benefits of using the NSC Calculator in comparison to the manual calculation:

  1. Hassle Free Usage

    Only by entering a few basic details related to the NSC scheme on the NSC Calculator, one can compute the maturity value in no time. This quick online tool is an energy and time saver.

  2. Time Saving

    National Savings Certificate saves a lot of precious time and energy as compared to tedious manual calculations. Complex compounding calculations are performed in a blink of an eye on the NSC Calculator.

  3. More Accurate

    When compared to manual calculations, National Savings Certificate Calculator results are more accurate and easy with no mental stress involved.

  4. Advance Planning

    The investor gets to know the future receivable amount after the completion of 5 years with the help of the NSC Calculator. This can help the investor plan their future financial goals accordingly. 

  5. No Charges Involved

    As the NSC Calculator is free of cost, there is no limit on the usage of the calculator.

Comparing NSC with Other Tax-Saving Investments

Investment Interest Rate Lock-in Period Risk Profile
(NSC) National Savings Certificate 6.80% 5 years Low risk
(PPF) Public Provident Fund 7.10% 15 years Low risk
(FD) Fixed Deposit 5.5%-7.75% 5 years Low risk
(ELSS) Equity Linked Savings Scheme 12-15% 3 years Market risks involved
(NPS) National Pension Scheme 8-10% Till retirement Market risks involved

Wrapping It Up!

National Savings Certificate is a low-risk taking and secure product backed by the Government of India and hence is extremely reliable. Investors looking for low risking schemes along with portfolio diversification can opt for NSC that offers fixed decent returns after the completion of 5-year tenure.


  • Are there any tax benefits in the NSC?

    Ans: Yes. Tax benefits are offered under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. At the time of maturity, the interest is taxable as per the Income Tax slab rates.
  • What is the minimum and maximum amount that can be deposited in the NSC account?

    Ans: The Minimum amount an investor must deposit in the NSC account is Rs. 1,000 whereas the maximum deposit does not have any limit.
  • What is the current interest rate on NSC?

    Ans: Currently the interest rate on National Savings Certificate is 6.8% which is compounded once a year.
  • Are premature withdrawals allowed under the NSC scheme?

    Ans: No. premature withdrawals are not allowed under the NSC scheme however investors can apply for loans keeping NSC as collateral.
  • Is it possible to break the National Savings Certificate scheme?

    Ans: Once an NSC is bought, the amount cannot be withdrawn before the 5 year lock-in period. However, in case of untimely demise or other crises, the rule can be amended.

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