Not too many of us know about home insurance and its advantages- this section will help you know its importance and the various ways by which you can safeguard your priciest possession. These articles are well researched pieces that will help you deal with various natural calamities, the claims process etc so that your home is well protected.

Guide to Home Insurance
A Beginner’s Guide to Home Insurance

If you had to identify the most expensive asset that you have, what would it be? Undeniably, it has to be your house, the home that you have... read more

Home Insurance Against Natural Disasters
How Does Home Insurance Help Against Natural Disasters?

Thousands of people have lost their homes after the incessant rain that had caused flooding in Chennai. While there is little one can do against... read more

Home Insurance in floods
Home Insurance during floods

Of late floods have become quite common in the Indian subcontinent and causes immense damage to life and property every year. During floods... read more

Home Insurance
Why Home Insurance Matters

In the wake of recent earthquake, discussions about home insurance have taken a sudden centre stage. There has been a much required awareness... read more

Home Insurance Safety
7 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe When Away on Vacation

... read more

Home Insurance
Why Home Insurance Is A Must For Tenants?

These days, most landlords insure their homes against risks such as fire, burglary, theft, and so on. But as a tenant, do we take such steps... read more

Home Insurance policy
Why You Should Buy a Home Insurance Policy?

  If you were asked about your costliest asset, what would it be? Undoubtedly, it has to be your house. Catastrophic devastation caused by... read more

Home Insurance
Why You Should Insure your Household Goods?

We often discuss our dream home, and the money required in building one. But what good is this investment if we do not protect it? We usually... read more

Home Insurance Claim Process
6 Tips to Make Your Home Insurance Claim Process Easier

In today’s uncertain times, it has become imperative to buy a home insurance policy that would take proper care of the structure and content... read more

Home Insurance Tips
Four Tips to Help You Insure Your Home Well

“I returned from a splendid vacation of 7 days and had an awful surprise. Broken locks, messy room, all valuables gone including electronics.... read more