Guide to Deep-Clean Your House

There is no denying to the fact that cleaning and organizing the house can be quite a tiresome job. Deep cleaning means going beyond dusting the cupboard and sweeping the floor. It means diving in, scrubbing every corner of your home. To save your time and effort we are giving a step-by-step deep cleaning guide that you can follow in 2023. Ah! We all wish that our home insurance covered this as well.

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**All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply
*The premium of ₹ 9/month is for a pucca building with sum insured of ₹ 5 lakh at selected locations, for property age less than 40 years and policy term of 1 year. Additional premium is payable for the optional covers including contents opted.

How to Deep Clean the House?

As a homeowner, you might be wondering where to start in this process. Don't worry! Make your playlist, collect your cleaning equipment, and change into your favorite comfortable clothes. Follow this step-by-step guide for cleaning every nook and cranny of your home.

Things You Need to Clean Your Home

To groom your home, you do not need any fancy equipment. Scrub, brush, broom, microfiber cleaning cloths, glass, and all-purpose cleaner is all you need.

However, here are some other deep cleaning equipment that you might require-

  1. Rubber gloves
  2. Baking soda or white vinegar
  3. Sponge
  4. Scrubbing brush or old toothbrush
  5. Plastic bucket
  6. Broom
  7. Mopping cloth
  8. Vacuum cleaner

Room-by-room Guide for Cleaning

  1. Bathroom

    Bathroom Cleaning

    • Start the process by cleaning your bathroom fixtures. Make a paste of baking soda & water, and then apply in the particular area & scrub with a brush. For corners, use an old toothbrush, and rinse it with water.
    • You can clean the showerhead by soaking it overnight in a solution of vinegar & water. Rinse with water and wipe it with a microfiber cloth.
    • To clean the shower curtains, follow the directions given in its user manual.
  2. Kitchen

    Kitchen Cleaning

    • First, you will clear out all food items from the fridge and unplug all the electrical appliances, such as the fridge, microwave, and mixer grinder. Use warm soapy water and a sponge to clean inside and outside the fridge and microwave. If your fridge and microwave are easily moveable, clean them under their surface.
    • You can remove the glass tray inside the microwave and clean it under a running water tap. Next, wipe the exterior of your microwave with the help of a sponge.
    • To clean a gas top, use a sponge and a soapy solution.
    • Remove all the food items and boxes from the cabinet and then clean the cabinets & drawers.
    • Wipe down all the kitchen furniture with a cotton cloth. Use glass cleaner liquid spray to clean all the glass surfaces.
    • Using a scrub and soapy water clean the countertops and pay special attention to the faucet.
    • You must sanitize the kitchen countertop and disinfect the sinks. You can follow the bathroom fixtures cleaning steps to clean the sink faucet to remove debris.
    • Remove trash and wash off your dustbins with lukewarm soapy water.

    Important tip-Clear all the expired food items from your kitchen.

  3. Bedroom

    Bedroom Cleaning

    • Start by washing linens, bedsheets, pillow covers, ruffle, rugs, duvets, comforters, and shams as per the washing instructions.
    • If you can move the bed, clean it behind the headboard and underneath the bed.
    • Using a damp microfiber cloth wipe down all the furniture.
    • Clean your closet by taking out all the clothes, removing unnecessary ones, and reorganizing the closet.
  4. Living Room and Common Areas

    Living Room Cleaning

    • Here also, use a damp cotton or microfiber cloth and wipe down all furniture.
    • Move your couch, and clean it underneath. Lift all the cushions and vacuum the upholstery.

Throughout Your House

Walls and Baseboards

Walls and Almirah Cleaning

  • Using a damp microfiber cloth, wipe down walls and baseboards. For stubborn stains or marks, you can use a damp sponge to remove them.
  • Lay newspapers or a retired bed sheet under your ceiling fans and clean them. For effective results, wipe down each blade of the fan with a damp cloth and all-purpose cleaner.

Doors and Windows

Windows and Door Cleaning

  • On a bright sunny day, open all the windows of the house because natural lights are important as they alleviate ventilation. Firstly, remove the dirt, dust, and debris from the windowpanes. Secondly, with damped retired cloth and an all-purpose cleaner, clean the window grill. At last, use glass cleaner and a cotton cloth to shine the window glass.
  • For wooden doors or windows, simply wipe them gently with a damp cloth and all-purpose cleaner.
  • For metal sliding doors and windows, start by vacuuming the tricky corners. Lastly, wipe up with cleaning cloths.

Important tip-You can use a glass cleaner for cleaning bathroom mirrors, picture frames, and mirror cabinets.


Floor Cleaning

  • You must sweep and mop the floors in your home regularly. However, for deep cleaning, you must focus on removing stubborn stains and cleaning grout on tiled floors.
  • If a home has carpeted floors, then soak that stained area in a mixture of white vinegar, dishwashing solution, and water. Rub & scrub the area with a stiff-bristle brush. Rinse with water. For deep cleaning, send your carpet for dry cleaning.

After deep cleaning, you should focus on maintaining the cleanliness of your home. However, as a homeowner, buy a home insurance policy and financially protect the home structure and its content from unforeseen loss caused by several risks.

You can also visit and compare multiple property insurance plans. Moreover, you can secure valuable items like jewelry, paintings, etc., and keep your peace of mind.

Final Words

Give your home a little extra care and love by following this systematic deep cleaning guide. It is better to dive deep and clean those corners of the house that homeowners’ neglect in the routine clean-up.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 03 March 2023
Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.