High-Value Home Insurance

The biggest investment you make in your life is into building your home. Those who have a luxury lifestyle leave no stone unturned in building the house and making it as luxurious as possible. For houses like these, general home insurance policies are not enough and that is where high-value home insurance policy steps in.

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Protect your house from calamities

cover starting just @ ₹80/month*

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High-Value Home Insurance

High-value home insurance refers to the insurance policy that provides comprehensive coverage to property or a house that has a higher value than any normal house. It provides coverage for both structure and the content of the house.

For instance, a house with over 10 bedrooms, living area, in-house theatre, pool, lawn, along with expensive art pieces, etc. Now If a natural disaster hits this kind of home and damages the structure of the building along with the contents, a normal home insurance policy would not be enough to get coverage for all the damage.

Hence, insurance companies have come up with an insurance policy named high-value home insurance policythat provides coverage to your lavish house along with the valuable content.

Comes With Several Features

High-value home insurance comes with several features and benefits to make sure that the customers get the best experience possible. Here are some of those high-end features of this insurance policy.

  • With this policy, the insured gets extended coverage for precious items such as valuable artwork, etc.
  • It provides coverage for identity theft and many insurers have started providing this cover.
  • Quick customer service, 24-hour claim assistance along with immediate access to the experts to get any kind of query resolved.
  • The policyholder gets exclusive access to the legal advisors, surveyors, furniture restorers, etc.
  • In case of an immediate house emergency, the insurer gets home emergency cover.

Why Should One Purchase High-Value Home Insurance

High-value home insurance is meant for the people who live in a lavish houses. Since normal home insurance cannot cover all the expensive things and the house, this insurance policy is designed to fit the unique requirements of the buyer. Covering your house and content brings you peace of mind as it works as a financial backup in case anything gets damaged or stolen.

Better Dwelling Coverage Than Standard Policy

A standard home insurance policy pays for the damage caused to your house and its content for a limited amount specified in your policy documents. However, high value insurance policy will go beyond the coverage provided by a standard plan.

A high-value plan will offer extended coverage for the dwelling and will provide compensation for your home repairing more than the specified amount in your policy if required. There is an option of “Cash out” in this policy. If your house has been destroyed completely then the insurance company will provide coverage to build your house elsewhere.


It is suggested by the insurance experts to purchase a high-value home insurance policy to protect your luxury house. Also, purchasing the insurance policy online is better and easier than purchasing it offline as you get to learn every single detail related to your policy and you can calculate the insurance premium amount using ahome insuranceonline premium calculatortool.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 14 March 2022
Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.