Tips to Secure Your Home While You Are Away for a Vacation

Are you planning to go on a long vacation to your hometown or preparing for a family trip this summer holidays? During this time, you might worry about the security of your home. To lessen your worries, we have penned down some tips to enhance your home security even when you are away for a vacation.

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Protect your house from calamities

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9 Tips to Tighten Your Home Security 

Whether you are going on a vacation or planning for a long holiday to the country side, you do not need to stress about the robbery. Have a look at the below tips to secure your home when you are away for a vacation.

1. Use Secure Locks and Check Them Before You Leave 

Before leaving your home, ensure that you have high-security locks for doors and windows. If they are old, upgrade them. Nowadays, smart door locks with facial or finger recognition are also available. So, make sure you leave the house with full security. 

2. Suspend Your Newspaper & Postal Delivery Services

If you are leaving your home for a month or more, you must suspend the newspaper & postal delivery services. You can request your deliveryman not to deliver the newspaper and ask Indian Postal Service to suspend all the couriers and mails for a specific time. 

The reason is that all the newspapers or letters scattered near the front door or gate of your house indicate that the owner is not at home and might increase the chances of theft or burglary. Therefore, you must suspend all types of delivery services, and if in case you receive any courier or package, ask your neighbour to keep them.

3. Do Not Shut All the Curtains 

Closing all the curtains and shutting all the binds is usually done by everyone. But we suggest you leave a couple of curtains open, this will not comprehend that you are not at home. Also, do not forget to remove all the belongings and valuables from that place where you have opened the curtains. 

4. Lock Your Garage 

Usually, people put so much effort into keeping their homes secure if they are moving out and forget to lock their garage. Unfortunately, this can be an easy way to enter your home or may pose a risk of theft to your valuable possession like a car, bike, or scooter. 

Similar to a smart door lock, there are retrofit smart garage door locks. You can buy these and check the status of your garage while you are away. Also, you can control them remotely. 

5. Make it Look Like Someone is at Home

Most thieves do not want to enter a house where someone lives. Instead, they look for opportunities where they find an empty home because it will be an easy attempt for them. So, the best way to prevent intruders is to make it look like someone is living there. 

There are ‘smart lights’ to make it a more convincing move. They can be programmed to switch off and on timely as per your instructions. 

6. Install Outdoor Lights 

Burglars do not want to enter during the daytime, so they choose night-time. It is better to install outdoor lights to avoid such movements by them. Also, keep your outdoor light on all the time, and spend money on motion-sensor lights that detect the intruder's activities and potentially scare them off with their flashy sight. 

7. Install CCTV Cameras 

This can turn out to be a huge step towards home security. There are different types of CCTV cameras available for home security in the market. From high-end devices to budget-friendly options, you can choose one according to your requirement and budget. This will enhance your security, and boost your video surveillance system. Hence, you can look into your house from anywhere and keep it safe as much as possible. 

8. Keep Your Valuable Hidden 

It is a good idea to keep your valuables and belongings in a safe or hidden place. Moreover, avoid keeping those expensive items where intruders can easily detect them or see them as they pass by. Do not leave expensive electronics, jewellery, cash, or other valuable items in front of an open window or places where anybody can guess.

Do not keep emergency keys in conspicuous places like in a window beam, below the pillow, or under the shoe rack. Avoid keeping valuable items in the car or bike, and before leaving home lock all your vehicles properly in the garage. 

9. Buy a Best Home Insurance Policy 

Having a home insurance policy is one of the best ways to protect your house from any unwanted risks like theft, burglary, housebreak, fire, or explosions when you are not in the home. In case, you are going for a long vacation, keeping your uninsured home ideal is a bad idea. Instead, you should have the right home insurance policy that satisfies all your needs and is within your budget.

On the internet, you can search for home insurance companies and choose a plan to cover your home structure or belongings. Also, many home insurance companies offer customised home insurance policies as per your preferences.

On websites like, you can compare multiple plans and find a suitable home insurance plan exclusively made for you. They have home insurance plans even if you are living in a rented place or apartment. So, before leaving away your home, you must insure it with a home insurance policy. 

Bottom Line 

Nobody wants to become a victim of burglary or theft. Implementing the above-mentioned tips will help in making your home secure and a better place to live. Also, it is advised to buy a home insurance policy if you want to enhance your home security. 


Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 22 April 2022
Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.