HDFC Life Capital Shield

HDFC Life Capital Shield is insurance cum investment plan that helps policyholders secure future financial obligations and increase funds invested. The policy offers maturity benefits, death benefits, and investment opportunities to invest in two listed funds based on risk preference. The policyholders get the chance to choose a suitable premium mode and premium payment term. However, they are required to pay various charges as applicable.

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The policyholders can expect additional benefits to increase savings and wealth while securing finances for future obligations if they pay the premiums on time and follow all the norms as per the policy guidelines.

HDFC Life Capital Shield Plan Details:

Parameters Details
Tenure 10 years
Premium Payment Terms Limited Pay: 5 years Single Pay 
Premium Payment  Mode
  • Limited Pay (Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly, Yearly)
  • Single Pay
Entry Age Minimum: 8 years Maximum: 60 years
Maturity Age Minimum:18 years Maximum:70 years
Grace Period
  • 15 days (Monthly mode)
  • 30 days (Annual mode)
Sum Insured Limited Premium
  • Entry Age <45 : 10 X Annualized Premium
  • Entry Age 45-54 years:
  • Min: 7 X Annualized Premium
  • Max: 10 X Annualized Premium
  • Entry Age 55 years & above:  7 X Annualized Premium
  • 125% of single premium (entry age < 45 )
  • 125% of the single premium (45<= entry age)
Liquidity The policyholders can invest in funds after completing five policy years.

Benefits of HDFC Life Capital Shield

HDFC Life Capital Shield Plan comes packed with a wide range of benefits to offer to its buyer. The following are the core benefits offered by the plan:

  1. Partial Withdrawal Facility

    The policyholders can make a minimum partial withdrawal of INR 10,000 provided the fund value becomes at least 150%* of annualized HDFC Life Capital Shield premium for limited pay and 25%* of the single premium for single pay policies. (*Standard T&C Apply)

  2. Maturity Benefits

    HDFC Life Capital Shield Policy will offer the benefits as higher amounts between fund value and 101%* of total premiums paid. It will deduct the amount equal to the total, partial withdrawals made. (*Standard T&C Apply)

  3. Death Benefits

    The policyholders will get the highest amount among assured sums,  Fund Value at the date of death, or 105%* of total premiums paid till date. (*Standard T&C Apply)

  4. Surrender Benefits

    If the policy is surrendered within a 5 years policy period, the fund value will be transferred to the Discontinued-Policy-Fund and paid after the lock-in period. In case the policy is surrendered after completing the policy term, then the fund value will be paid immediately as applicable.

  5. Investment Option

    The policyholders can invest in the following funds listed below.

    • Capital Growth Fund, i.e., an equity-oriented fund applicable for high-risk investment strategies to get medium to long term wealth appreciation
    • Capital Secure Fund, i.e., a debt-oriented fund applicable for a low-risk investment strategy to get financial security
  6. Tax Benefits

    HDFC Life Capital Shield Policy offers tax benefits* as per Section 80C and Section 10 (10D) of income tax act 1961. (*Tax benefit is subject to changes in tax laws)

The Premium for HDFC Life Capital Shield

The policyholders must pay HDFC Life Capital Shield premium amounts mentioned below if they buy the policy. They can choose from different premium terms and modes as per their convenience.


  • Single Pay: Rs. 48,000
  • Limited Pay: Rs. 48,000 for Yearly premium mode, Rs.24,000 for Half-yearly premium mode, Rs. 12,000 for Quarterly premium mode, and Rs. 4,000 for Monthly premium mode.

Maximum: No limit. The maximum premium amount is decided based on company discretion. The interested individuals are recommended to calculate the premium amount using the HDFC Life Capital Shield calculator available online.

Additional Riders for HDFC Life Capital Shield

Not Available.

Eligibility for HDFC Life Capital Shield

If interested individuals want to buy HDFC Life Capital Shield, they must consider the following eligibility criteria.

  • Entry age: The minimum age is 8 years, and the maximum age is 60 years
  • Maturity age: The minimum age is 18 years, and the maximum age is 70 years

What are the Documents Required to Buy the Policy?

The applicants must submit the following documents for the KYC process of managing the HDFC Life Capital Shield Policy.

  • Identity proof such as Voter's ID, PAN ID, AADHAR ID, Driving License, Passport, etc.
  • Address proof such as Voter's ID, AADHAR ID, Driving License, Passport, Ration card, etc.
  • Income proof such as salary slips, income tax returns, etc.

How to Buy this Plan Online?

The interested individuals must follow the steps mentioned below if they want to buy HDFC Life Capital Shield online.

Step1: Visit the official website of Policybazaar. 

Step2: They are required to select HDFC Life Capital Shield premium terms, modes, and amounts to identify the assured sum amount and available investment opportunities.

Step3: The applicants must select options if they agree with the terms and conditions, and regulatory norms of the policy. 

Step4: They must make payment through debit, credit, net banking, or wallet payment solution to purchase the policy.

The interested individuals are advised to read HDFC Life Capital Shield reviews online before making a purchase decision.

Exclusions of HDFC Life Capital Shield

HDFC Life Capital Shield Policy excludes death benefits in death of assured life due to suicide attempt. However, if the death takes place within one year from the risk commencement date or policy revival date, the nominee will get the fund value as applicable at the date of death.


  • Q: What is the free look period included in the policy?

    Ans: The policyholders will get a 15 days free look period if the policy is purchased directly and 30 days free look period if the policy is purchased through distance marketing. During this period, the policyholders can return the policy if they disagree with the terms and conditions mentioned.
  • Q: How to check the status of the policy?

    Ans: The policyholders can check HDFC Life Capital Shield status through the company service team. They are required to provide policy number, issuance date, and other details as needed.
  • Q: What does the revival period the policy have?

    Ans: The policy offers a two years revival period after the discontinuation of the policy. The period is also set as per the underwriting policy of HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Q: What are the charges involved in policy management?

    Ans: The policyholders are required to pay the following charges to ensure its effective management.
    • Premium allocation charge
    • Fund management charge
    • Investment guarantee charge
    • Policy administration charge
    • Mortality and other risk-benefit charges
    • Partial withdrawal charge
    • Discontinuance charge
    • Miscellaneous charges
  • Q: How much asset is allocated to the Discontinued Policy Fund?

    Ans: The policy will allocate 0%* to 40%* of money market instrument and 60%* to 100%* of government security as per the prevailing regulatory requirements. (*Standard T&C Apply)
  • Q: How the loyalty additions will help to increase fund value?

    Ans: HDFC Life Capital Shield Policy offers loyalty additions applicable from the 6Th policy year onwards till the policy term ends. It provides minimum additions as 0.50%* and maximum additions as 1.50%* of average fund value. (*Standard T&C Apply)
  • Q: If the nominee is a minor, who can be the beneficiary if the policyholder dies?

    Ans: If the nominee is a minor, the policyholders can choose anyone as the beneficiary of the death benefits and maturity benefits in their absence. It is applicable during the period of minority of the nominee.
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