IndiaFirst Life Insurance Premium Calculator

IndiaFirst Life Insurance Premium Calculator is a tool used to calculate IndiaFirst Life Insurance Premium. Individuals who wish to buy term plans from IndiaFirst Life Insurance can know the product price and premium rates without any hassles. This tool helps the insurance seeker make an informed decision. The premium calculator for IndiaFirst Life Insurance Private Limited Company also considers different factors while computing the approximate value of the payable premium.

Why should you use Term Insurance Premium Calculator?

Most life insurance companies in today's Indian market cater to the financial security needs of their customers through several term insurance plans. As the calculation of premium for such term plans must take into consideration various factors such as age, income, gender, lifestyle, life cover, policy term, etc., the task of computing the premium becomes tedious. Hence, the insurers may find it difficult to offer customized premium quotes to individual customers as per their needs.

This may lead to incorrect calculations and inaccurate premium rates that put the reputation of the insurer at stake. Online premium calculators such as IndiaFirst Life Insurance Premium Calculator will help the insurers and the expectant policy buyers in calculating the premium rates easily and accurately.

The Process to Use IndiaFirst Term Insurance Premium Calculator

A detailed description of steps to be followed to get a quick premium quote using the IndiaFirst Term Insurance Premium Calculator is mentioned below.

Step 1: Visit the official website of IndiaFirst Life Insurance.

Step 2: Locate the products offered by the insurer on the homepage of the official website. Click on the clickable tab "Get a Quick Quote."

Step 3: You will be offered a provision to choose the type of life insurance plan that you are looking for. Click on protection plan if you are looking forward to purchasing an IndiaFirst Term Insurance Plan.

Step 4: You will be redirected to the IndiaFirst Life Insurance Premium Calculator page. Here, you are expected to enter the correct details in the respective tabs.

Step 5: Once the details are entered, recheck if all the details are entered correctly and click on the "Get Quote" tab.

Step 6: The premium quote is displayed for Rs. 1 Crore life cover. However, you have a provision to edit the life cover sum to get premium quotes for different sum assured. You can also add extra riders to obtain the premium quote with the addition of riders. You may proceed to purchase a feasible policy at this stage by clicking on the "Buy Policy" tab.

Documents required for the Online Purchase of IndiaFirst Term Insurance Plan

Document verification is an inevitable step in finalizing the purchase of a term plan. The following proofs are to be furnished while purchasing IndiaFirst Life Insurance Plans online.

  • Standard proof of income
  • Proof of Address
  • Proof of Identification
  • Proof of age

Key Advantages of IndiaFirst Life Insurance Premium Calculator

IndiaFirst Life Insurance Premium Calculator offers customers numerous benefits. A few quotable ones are listed below:

  • The online premium calculator of IndiaFirst Life Insurance is user-friendly. The efforts of visiting the insurer's branch offices and requesting quotations for policies are eliminated by the use of this online tool. Customers are offered a provision of comparing the plans and prices of different plans from the comfort of their houses.
  • The premium calculator of IndiaFirst Life Insurance offers a facility to compare various life insurance products in the market today. The process of comparison of plans offered by various insurance companies manually is a herculean task. With an easy comparison, the policy buyers can purchase the best term plan that suits their affordability and requirements.
  • The policy buyers can also easily access the wide range of insurance products catered by IndiaFirst Life Insurance and also other insurers. The online calculators also enable the customers to try out various combinations of age, insured sum, and policy term to get the best plan with a suitable premium quote.
  • The insurance companies also use the online premium calculating tool as a marketing strategy. With this tool, the companies offer the customers a provision of figuring out the plan as per their requirements without a middlemen's intervention. Hence the calculation is quick and error-free.

Information required while using IndiaFirst Term Insurance Premium Calculator

Following details are necessary for obtaining a premium quote using the online IndiaFirst Term Insurance Premium Calculator:

  • Name of the person to be insured
  • Date of birth of the person to be insured
  • Mobile number and email address of the expectant buyer
  • Life cover required
  • Necessary term plan
  • The lifestyle of the person to be insured
  • Declaration by the insurer about the consumption of tobacco and alcohol

Core Benefits of Buying IndiaFirst Term Insurance Plan

IndiaFirst Life's online term insurance plan offers financial security to the dependents of the insured person. It also provides several other term insurance benefits explained below:

  • Financial security from inflation: The policyholders are offered a provision to upscale their coverage by 5% every year.
  • Coverage against critical illness: A lump sum amount is paid to the policyholder on a claim of being diagnosed with a critical illness.
  • Accidental coverage: Under the accident shield benefit, the policyholder's family can claim an additional sum in case of the accidental death of the insured person.  
  • Accidental Disability Assistance: A lump sum amount is provided to the policyholder in case of permanent disability caused by accident.
  • Security extended for a long term: A provision for claiming regular monthly pay-outs to meet the expenses of specific degenerative diseases.
  • Coverage of death due to COVID 19: A life cover is also offered against death due to COVID-19 infection.
  • The uniqueness of IndiaFirst Life Insurance Term Plans: A few remarkable benefits of purchasing a First Life Term insurance plan are as follows:
  • IndiaFirst Term Insurance offers guaranteed settlements without any delays on a claim of the life cover for the insured person.
  • The insurer offers you the flexibility of choosing plans as per your requirements.
  • The policyholders are also offered lenience in choosing their pay-out methods as per their convenience.
  • Customers are offered both online and offline term plans.
  • IndiaFirst Life Insurance has over 5.5 million customers who rate the insurer as trustworthy.
  • The Term Insurance plans of IndiaFirst Life insurance are backed by the Union Bank of India and Bank of Baroda.

IndiaFirst Life Insurance or any other life cover policy is a crucial investment to be considered by salaried professions irrespective of their annual income and age. The term plans enable the policyholders to secure the financial requirements of their dependents even if they are not alive anymore. However, the life cover is offered only for a specific duration referred to as the policy term. With the help of the IndiaFirst Life Insurance Premium Calculator, the aspirant policy buyer can choose an appropriate term insurance plan that suits their affordability and financial requirements of their dependants.

IndiaFirst Life Insurance Premium Rates

The sum of the amount paid under a specific term plan to the insurer who offers life coverage to the policyholder is referred to as the premium. While purchasing any term plan, the aspirant should check for the premium rates to decide whether that particular plan is affordable and fits into his/her budget or not. The premium rates of any specific term plan are calculated based on numerous variables, including the following:

  • Age of the person to be insured: The more the age, the higher the premium sum.
  • Gender of the person to be insured: Female policyholders are scientifically proven to live longer than men. So, women are offered term plans with lower premium rates.
  • Medical history of the person to be insured and his/her family.
  • Lifestyle habits of the person like tobacco and alcohol consumption: Policyholders with such practices will incur higher premium rates. The premium rates are also higher for the person to be insured if he/she is leading an adventurous lifestyle or employed in a risky profession.

About IndiaFirst Life Insurance

Term insurance plans are those plans which offer a life cover to the insured for a specified period. The insured person's family is assured of financial security in case of the death of the policyholder within the end of the policy term. However, these plans do not offer any maturation benefits. i.e., neither the insured person nor his family will receive any monetary returns if the insured person is alive even after the maturation of the policy. It is crucial to purchase a term insurance plan to assist your families in overcoming the uncertainties and financial crises.

IndiaFirst Life Insurance has managed to attract a decent number of customers through diverse products with numerous benefits. The pure protection plans offered by IndiaFirst Life Insurance are more popular among all their products.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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Bardez, March 02, 2021
Great offers
I I bought a term insurance plan of Indiafirst and it is such a reliable company which I have found. I have got to know about different offers regarding the term insurance plans. Great.
Attingal, February 19, 2021
Customize your plan
I happen to buy a term insurance plan from the policybazaar website. It was of IndiaFirst. It was really good plan as I can customize it according to my choices. I bought it and added few features under my plan. Thanks team.
Chaksu, May 13, 2016
I have term insurance policy plan from IndiaFirst life insurance. Policy coverage is good approx. 90% and the premiums are low approx. 33 K. Claiming is easy and the waiting time is very less due to fast and on time services from executives and the staff members. Good future investment which save tax. I like the plan.
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