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New India Assurance Co. is among the most reputed general insurance companies in our country. Their head office is located in Mumbai and they are present across 28 countries around the globe. The insurer has bagged so many awards for its exceptional services.  Along with New India Assurance Two Wheeler Insurance services, the insurer also provides an array of other insurance products and services such as auto insurance for private and commercial vehicles, travel, health, marine, and rural insurance among others.

New India Assurance Two-wheeler Insurance Key Features

Here are the advantages of buying this policy-

  • It offers both comprehensive and third-party bike insurance cover
  • The company offers insurance cover to financed two-wheelers
  • Easy online purchase
  • Insurance cover is offered to vehicles not older than 15 years

Eligibility Criteria

Only RTO registered two-wheelers can buy a bike insurance policy from New India Assurance company.

Sum Assured

IDV of the vehicle determines the sum assured of a vehicle insurance policy. The amount that you get on your bike insurance policy will be based on the IDV i.e. the manufacturing rate of the bike/ scooters as fixed by the two-wheeler’s manufacturer.

IDV of a two-wheeler lesser than five years old or of an outdated model is mutually settled between the policyholder and the insurer.


For all the claim-free years you can earn an NCB ranging anywhere between 20 and 50 per cent.  The NCB varies based on the number of years that you have not filed a claim and the type of the insured vehicle.

Cheapest Two Wheeler Insurance

What is covered in a New India Two-wheeler Insurance Plan?

The company provides both comprehensive and third-party insurance plans. Here’s a quick rundown of the coverage that is offered-

    • Third-party Two Wheeler Insurance: The insurer will compensate for the loss in the event of bodily injuries, accidental death of a third-person, or third-party property damage. Bike insurance also recompenses the damage caused to the driver/owner in the event of accidental damage. However, there is no upper limit on liabilities arising due to third-party death or bodily injuries. 
    • Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance: Buy this plan to cover both third-party damages as well as your own two-wheeler damages. The policy will cover the damages resulting due to-
      • Collision or Accident
      • Burglary, theft, and housebreaking
      • Flood, storm, cyclone, earthquake etc.
      • Malicious Acts
      • Damage during the transit

The insurer also provides towing assistance up to 300 rupees. However, you can increase the limit by shelling out some extra premium.

Optional Covers

New India also offers Road Safety Insurance or Raasta Aapatti Kavach policy. It recompenses the hospitalization costs in case of accidental injuries. 

It offers coverage in case of personal accident damage and the limit is up to Rs. 15 Lakh.

Add-on Coverage

Just by shelling out some extra premium you can get-

      • Accessories cover
      • Coverage for co-passengers (commercial vehicles)
      • Personal accident coverage to passengers including driver and employees

What is not covered in a New India Assurance Two-wheeler Insurance Plan?

You will not get compensation for claims arising out of the following circumstances-

      • Riots and war conditions
      • Normal wear & tear
      • Any kind of consequential loss
      • Contractual liabilities
      • Driving without a DL
      • Driving the two-wheeler after consumption of liquor
      • Usage of insured bike beyond the specified limit

Compare Two Wheeler Insurance Online

Before buying a bike insurance plan, remember to compare your bike insurance online based on the make and model, date of purchase, the place of registration among other details. You can start comparison by entering your email id and mobile number.

Firstly, you will decide the coverage you want to opt for i.e. comprehensive or third-party insurance. Furthermore, you can check the optional covers if the need be.

The premium of your bike insurance will be calculated on the basis of the choices made by you. Once you have made the decision, you can purchase the plan.

New India Assurance Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal

The company follows a simple and hassle-free renewal process. You can policy purchased from another insurance company as well.

However, for quick online renewal, the steps are listed below-

        • Enter the Customer ID
        • Enter the last policy number
        • Renewed Insurance Quote No.
        • After submitting all the required details, just save your New India Assurance bike insurance quotation and proceed
        • After finalizing, select the online payment and pay online via debit card, net banking, or credit card.
        • On completion of the payment, your policy will be emailed to you.

Claim Procedure for New India Assurance Two-wheeler Insurance

While filing a claim for your New India two wheeler insurance policy, follow the below-mentioned procedure: 

Procedure for Claims Arising Due To Theft

          • Immediately file a Police FIR
          • Submit the police report to the insurance company.
          • Your full cooperation is required while your bike is being inspected.
          • Transfer your bike’s RC in the insurer’s name as soon you get an approval for your claim.
          • Handover the keys of your bike and the subrogation letter.
          • You can refer to the policy documents for further details.

Third Party Insurance Claims Process

            • Immediately notify their claim team of the insurance provider
            • Share the summons from the court with the insurance company
            • Also, submit your New India Assurance bike insurance claim form
            • Additionally, the insurer will ask for your DL, FIR, and RC (In original)

Procedure for Accidental Claims

              • Once you file a claim for the damages, the insurer will give you the claim form
              • Fill the form and submit it.
              • Also, provide your driving license copy and registration certificate copy
              • The 2 wheeler will be then inspected by one of their agents
              • A report will be submitted by him and based on that your claim request will be taken forward
              • All the repair bills and cash memos need to be signed by you
              • Once you receive the approval, the insurer might ask you to submit the broken parts of the insured vehicle

Documents Required

                • Police FIR
                • DL/Driving License
                • Claim Form
                • Registration Certificate
                • Repair Estimates
                • Photocopy of the New India two wheeler insurance policy
                • Bills and Receipts (stamped)
                • Premium Receipt
                • Other documents (if required)

If you are thinking of buying a comprehensive two wheeler insurance cover then the above pointers will help you determine an adequate policy. You can invest your hard-earned money wisely as well as safeguard yourself from any unforeseen emergencies while driving on road.

New India Assurance Two Wheeler Insurance - FAQs

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Written by PolicyBazaar  -   Updated 19 November 2019

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