Shriram General Two Wheeler Insurance

Shriram Group is India’s one of the most strong business houses, which has several wings starting from Infrastructure and Energy, Industrial Manufacturing, Information technology, Food, and Retail, etc. Shriram Group is not only a financial Services company but also caters to the nonfinancial needs of an ordinary person. Life Insurance, Retail Stock Broking, Chit funds and Distribution of Investment and Insurance products are also a part of this business group. General Insurance of Shriram Group is another important sector where the company promises to deliver a product which meets the requirements of a common man. Multiple insurance plans like Motor Insurance Plans, Two wheeler insurance plans, Health Insurance Plans, Marine Insurance Plans, liability Insurance Plan, Shopkeeper umbrella package plan, burglary insurance plans Personal Accident Plans, Home Insurance Plans for Individuals and other types of insurance too which are tailor-made and customer friendly and completely transparent.

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Why Shriram Two Wheeler Insurance Plans are Necessary?

Two wheeler vehicles are always treated as an important asset in our lives. But again driving a two-wheeler is always dangerous and really risky and one has to be careful and cautious always. But accidents might happen at any point of time due to someone else not following the traffic rules or due to some untoward incidents. And that is why one should avail auto insurance plans to protect oneself and to cover from all unexpected expenses. Not only this, but natural calamities can also occur at any point of time and hence protection/ security against such unpleasant incident is also of utmost importance. Hence to avail, bike insurance plan is of utmost important because:

  • Protecting one’s two-wheeler vehicle, one of the most important assets and investment.
  • The plans allow the payment of medical bills in case of an accident.
  • In case of accident-related lawsuit, the insurance company will take care if there is a insurance plan availed.
  • The plan protects the assets which one has worked hard for from being lost due to law suit. And the plans ensure the best to be given to the insured person.
  • The insurance plan not only pays for accidents and natural calamities but also for theft and vandalism. The plans are very well designed and they are tailor-made to take care of the requirements. 
  • Last but not the least; one has the peace of mind when he goes out with his two-wheelers. He/she know that he has the insurance plans which will take care of him and the car in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Each and every two-wheeler owner should have an insurance plan which gives the coverage of the third party injury, death or property damage. Hence, Shriram General Insurance provides a comprehensive two wheeler insurance plans which protect the vehicle from any untoward incidents. One should choose the two-wheeler insurance plans very carefully so that the plans cover all the protection that one needs for his vehicle and for oneself.

Why Shriram Two Wheeler Insurance Plan?

Shriram General Two-wheeler Insurance Plans have certain unique features and benefits which are as follows:

  • Low-cost insurance plans with the best of the tailor-made coverages.
  • Fast and hassle-free cashless claim service.
  • No Claim Bonus is also available.
  • Swift and faster claim settlement process.
  • Tracking of claim status online.
  • Existing No Claim Bonus can be transferred from any other insurer.

Here we will see an overview of Shriram Two Wheeler Insurance Plan.

Coverages of the plan

Section I - Loss or damage to the vehicle

This plan covers the loss or damage to the insured vehicle and its accessories caused due to the following reasons which are as under:

  • Burglary, housebreaking or theft: This plan covers the expenses which are uncured under burglary, housebreaking or theft.
  • Fire, explosion, self-ignition or lighting: This plan covers the expenses which are uncured under fire, explosion. Self-ignition as well as lighting.
  • Malicious Act : The  Plan covers even the Malicious act as well.
  • Terrorist Act : The  Plan covers  the human activity of Terrorist Act also.
  • Riot and Strike : Under this plan, the riots and strike are also covered.
  • Earthquake & Fire : Both earthquake and fire are treated as the most common phenomenon in a life cycle and hence this plan covers these two important unpleasant incidents also.
  • Accidental by external means.
  • Natural calamities like flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, cyclone, hailstorm, tempest and Inundation are also covered under this plan.
  • Landslide and Rockslide are covered under the Package Plan.

Subject to a deduction of depreciation at the rates as mentioned below with respect to the parts replaced:

  • For all rubber/ nylon/plastic parts, tires, tubes and batteries- 50%
  • For fiberglass components- 30%
  • For all parts made of glass- Nil
  • Rate of depreciation for all other parts which includes wooden parts as well as per the below mentioned schedule:

Age of Vehicle

% of Deprecation

Not exceeding 6 months


Exceeding 6 months but less than 1 year


Exceeding 1 year but less than 2 years


Exceeding 2 years but less than 3 years


Exceeding 3 years but less than 4 years


Exceeding 4 years but less than 5 years


Exceeding 5 years but less than 10 years


Above 10 years


The important exclusions are as follows:

  • Consequential loss
  • Wear and tear
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown failures or breakages.
  • Driving with invalid driving license and with consumption of alcohol.
  • Loss due to civil war, war.
  • Usage beyond private purposes and limits.
  • Usage beyond specified borders.
  • Damage to tires and tubes unless the two-wheelers is also damaged at the same time and under this plan the company will pay only 50% of the cost of replacement.
  • Loss or damage to accessories due to burglary housebreaking or theft.
  • Any accidental loss due to the consumption of alcohol, drugs.

This plan covers the towing charges as well from the incident plane to the garage or the workshop to the tune of Rs 300/- with respect to any one accident. The company will pay the cost which is reasonable. The insured may authorize the repair of the vehicle provided:

  • The estimated costs of the repair which includes replacement as well do not exceed Rs 15/-.
  • A detailed estimated statement is furnished to the company.

Insured Declared Value (IDV)

IDV or the Insured Declared value is the Sum Insured of a vehicle. The IDV is derived from the producer’s selling price of a car of similar specifications and from this value, the relevant amount of depreciation is deducted based on the age of the vehicle. IDV of vehicles which are beyond 5 years of age and are treated as obsolete models, there the IDV is to be determined on the basis of the consideration between the insurer and the insured.

Schedule of depreciation for fixing the IDV of the vehicle

Age of Vehicle

% of Deprecation

Not exceeding 6 months


Exceeding 6 months but less than 1 year


Exceeding 1 year but less than 2 years


Exceeding 2 years but less than 3 years


Exceeding 3 years but less than 4 years


Exceeding 4 years but less than 5 years



IDV of vehicles beyond 5 years is treated as obsolete models and the same arrives after a mutual understanding between the insured and the insurer.

Section II - Liability to Third Parties.

The Coverage of third party liability for bodily injury and or death are also covered under this plan.

  • Death or bodily injury to any person including the occupants in the insured vehicle          .
  • Damage to property other than the property of the insured person or held in trust or in custody or control of the insured. The compensation limit for third-party property damage is up to 1 lakh rupees
  • The company will pay all the costs with a written consent.
  • The company will cover the loss for any driver who is driving the vehicle on the insured’s order or permission provided the terms and conditions are met.
  • In the event of death, the company will indemnify the personal/ legal representative.
  • The company at its own discretion may arrange for a representation at any Inquest or Fatal injury with respect to death under this plan. Also the company may undertake the defense of proceedings in any Court of Law.

Section III - Personal Accident Cover for owner-driver

The company compensates the loss as per the below grid for bodily injury or death of the owner-driver while driving caused by violent accidental external and visible means.

Nature of Injury

Scale of compensation



Loss of two limbs or two eye sights or one limb and one eye sight.


Loss of one limb or one eye sight


Permanent Total Disablement from injuries other than as mentioned above.



  • The compensation will be payable under any one of the above as listed with respect to the owner diver arising out of any one occurrence, to the tune of Rs 15 lakh during any one plan tenure.
  • No compensation will be entertained due to intentional self-injury suicide or attempted suicide physical defect or infirmity and consumption of alcohol or drugs.

Add on Covers

Upon paying the extra premium, one can get the following covers:

  • Personal accident cover under the car plans for
    • Paid driver under the plan.
    • Unnamed Passengers under the plan which includes spouse, children, parents.

The personal accident cover is limit is up to 15 lakh rupees.

  • Good Feature discount.

Exclusions under Shriram Two Wheeler Insurance Plan

There are a few general exclusions which are there in Shriram General Two Wheeler Insurance Plan. The company will not be liable to grant cover in any of the following events or incidents happening:

  • Any loss or damage and liability caused to the vehicle due to willful negligence.
  • Any loss or damage and liability caused to the vehicle outside the geographical boundary as laid down in the policy document
  • Any claim arising due to contractual liability.
  • Damage/ loss caused or liability incurred  due to
    • The insured vehicle is driven or being used outside the limitations mentioned  in the plan
    • Being driven by an unauthorized person other than the Driver as stated in the Driver’s Clause.
  • Damage/ loss caused or liability caused due to nuclear weapons material.
  • Damage/ loss caused or liability caused due to damage to property resulting from any consequential loss.
  • Damage/ loss caused or liability caused directly or indirectly from radioactive contamination or ionizing radiations from any nuclear power or nuclear waste or materials.
  • Accidental loss/ damage/ liability due to war or war like activities, hostilities, invasion, civil war, military power, mutiny rebellion, acts of foreign enemies and events arising out of the mentioned occurrences.
  • Consequential loss, depreciation, wear and tear, mechanical or electrical breakdown.

Claim Process:

The claim service of the company is highly efficient and of high standard. One can make 24x7  claims notification. Timely customer service and assistance along with the survey and further assistance within a day. Simple claims procedure and ensuring high customer satisfaction.

  • Call at the toll-free no and lodge the claim. The following informations are to be provided:
    • Policy Number.
    • Date and time of the accident.
    • Estimated loss/ description.
    • Survey location where the vehicle can be surveyed by our loss assessor.
    • Name of the driver with contact no and his/ her driving license details.
    • Insured Contact Details.
    • The claim intimation sheet can be downloaded from the website and can be sent to chd[at]shriramgi[dot]com. Claim representative will contact the insured person for further process.
    •  Claim representative will provide the claim reference number for future reference.
    • After the claim gets submitted and the same is approved, a text message will be sent intimating the surveyor details.
    • A Surveyor is appointed to assess the loss of the insured vehicle and inspection of the same. Post which the approval is given and the insured is intimated about the claim status.
    • The Surveyor will contact for a suitable time for a survey and will conduct the survey.
    • After this, one can contact at CHD / Surveyor when the vehicle is ready for inspection.
    • The claim status can be tracked from the official website of www[dot]shriramgi[dot]com Claims .

Documents needed to register a claim

Documents which are to be submitted at the time of registering a claim are as under:

  • Duly Filled Claim Form.
  • Copy of Driving License.
  • Certificate of Registration.
  • Police FIR.
  • Motor Insurance Policy with schedule and endorsement/ clause
  • Copy of the plan and receipt of payment of premium.
  • Fitness certificate( Commercial Vehicles only)


  • One can also call us on our toll-free numbers: 1800-300-30000, 1800-103-3009
  • Individuals can also opt for the “Contact Us” option where after filling up few simple details a call back will be made from the Company.

Shriram General Two Wheeler Insurance - FAQs

Shriram General Two Wheeler Insurance Reviews & Ratings

4.6 / 5 (Based on 12 Reviews)
(Showing Newest 12 reviews)
Varanasi, August 18, 2021
Pocket Friendly
I got an affordable plan of Shriram General Two Wheeler insurance policy.i got a pocket-friendly plan with a great coverage and documentation procedure was quite easy. Team provides you the best service and fully support. you can buy policy offline as well as online.
Srinagar, August 18, 2021
hassle free procedure
i got many features under my Shriram two wheeler insurance policy which i took from policy bazaar. i got it at affordable rate and procedure was hassle free. it has a coverage against loss or damage to the insured vehicle under my plan.
Aurangabad, August 18, 2021
Roadside assistance
I have bought Shriram two wheeler insurance from policy market. I did not have to pay any extra charges. i got several advantages like roadside assistance and many more. i got protection for my vehicle.
Shikohabad, June 04, 2021
Roadside assistance
Last year, I bought Shrira, general two wheeler insurance through policybazaar. I got stuck on a highway far from the city a month back because of the flat tyre. When I called Shrirams customer service, they sent me help within a short time. I was happy they responded quickly to my request.
Navada, June 04, 2021
Good cover amount
My policy also offers me good coverage amount in case I face personal accident complications. I really like this two wheeler insurance plan from Shriram group.
Delhi, June 04, 2021
Affordable plans
Shriram general insurance offers very affordable plans for protecting bikes and scooters. I have been their customer for more than three years since I last bought this plan through policybazaar. I also customised it a little to suit my requirements.
Odagoan, February 01, 2021
Instant Policy Renewal
I have a Suzuki Intruder bike but wanted to change my insurance company during renewals. I decided to give Policybazaar and entered my bike information. I was shown so many options by different insurance companies and the premium was also different. I bought Shriram General Insurance and paid the premium online. The best part was that the policy was issued almost instantly. You can also give Policybazaar a try.
Nabadwip, January 29, 2021
Plans for Every Budget
I had bought a new Yamaha YZF bike and was looking for an appropriate two wheeler insurance for it. On Policybazaar, I found a variety of plans from different insurance companies and with different budgets. I chose Shriram General Insurance as it suited my budget and provided necessary coverage. I recommend it to all of you.
Vadali, January 29, 2021
Easy Claim Process
I had purchased two wheeler insurance from Shriram General Insurance at Policybazaar for my Royal Enfield Classic 350. Unfortunately, it got stolen and I had to raise a claim. The claim support team at Policybazaar is extremely helpful. They guided me through the process and answered all my queries. In a few days, I received my claim amount. Thank you for the help.
Odapadaa, September 18, 2020
No claim bonus
I have got the no claim bonus certificate from the policybazaar as for my shriram general two wheeler insurance policy. Thank you team Policybazaar.
Hadol, September 14, 2020
Low premium price
I have got the shriram two wheeler insurance policy from the policybazaar and it is the best plan. The premium rate of the price of my two wheeler plan is very much less and convenient. Thank you policybazaar.
Rampur, May 16, 2016
Good Plan
I own shriram two wheeler insurance plan which is very nice and good benefits. The tow facility is free. Large number of garages are working with company and providing good service. The policy coverage and claims are high and the premium is low. Good behaviour of the executives with clam nature. I like the policy.
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