HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance

Nearly 1.5 lakh people lose their lives every year due to road accidents in India. To ensure the safety of the citizens, it is made mandatory for all the vehicle owners to have motor insurance in India.  HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company offers motor insurance policies for both commercial and private vehicles. If you own a bike or scooter, then HDFC ERGO two wheeler insurance policy is recommended for you to enjoy a hassle-free bike riding experience.

Why Choose HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance?

Here are some of the key features of HDFC ERGO two wheeler insurance that make it worth the buy:

  • Paperless documentation
  • Discount on premium up to 70%
  • No Limits on Claim
  • Round the clock customer support available over a call and email
  • Accredited with ‘iAAA’ rating by ICRA based on their claim paying ability
  • Transparency in claim settlement procedure and policies
  • Approval within 24 hours of the damaged vehicle reaching the workshop
  • Easy to download insurance document online on the payment of premium

Types of HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance Plans with Inclusions

HDFC ERGO Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Inclusions

Third-Party Cover

It protects from unforeseen liabilities that may arise from any loss or damage caused to a third-party person or property from your vehicle. It includes-

  • Financial liabilities arising due to third-party death or injuries resulting due to an accident or collision with your two-wheeler.
  • Personal accident cover up to Rs. 1 lac in case of disability, and death of the owner due to an accident
  • Coverage against third-party property damages caused by your vehicle

Comprehensive Insurance Plan

In this type of HDFC ERGO two wheeler insurance policy own damages are covered. It includes the physical damage and financial loss arising due to an accident or collision. Majorly it recompenses-

  • Loss or damage resulting due to an accident
  • Theft of the insured vehicle
  • Fire and Explosion Cover
  • Damage resulting due to natural calamities
  • Personal Accident Cover of Rs. 15 lakhs

1. Standalone Motor Own Damage HDFC ERGO two wheeler insurance: This type of policy is designed for those who want to buy a standalone cover for their own damages for their bike or scooter. Anyone holding a third party bike insurance policy that is valid for at least a year can buy this type of policy. Coverage is provided for:

  • Accidents
  • Fire & Explosion
  • Theft
  • Natural Calamities

2. Long-Term Comprehensive Insurance: This type of two-wheeler insurance policy is designed to protect your ride for five years. The risks covered include accident, calamity, theft, fire, explosion and personal accident cover of Rs. 15 lakh.

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HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance Add-on Covers

It is always a good idea to enhance your protection with these add-on covers that you can buy with a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy. Pamper your vehicle and stay protected by opting for these add-on covers. Extra premium is required to be paid to avail these add-on benefits:

1. Emergency Roadside Assistance Service

Immediate help will be provided to you in case your bike breaks down due to an accident or technical issues. Round the clock road assistance is provided so that you can enjoy your peace of mind.
It also includes emergency fuel delivery, tyre replacement cover, emergency accommodation in the event of a break down, towing to the nearest workshop, small repairs on the spot, etc.

Round-the-clock assistance is offered in case your two-wheeler breaks down. The services include loss of key assistance, minor repairs, duplicate key assistance, towing assistance, tyre change, fuel tank emptying and battery jump start.

2. Zero Depreciation Cover

Usually, a bike insurance claim is paid after deducting the depreciation value of the vehicle parts. Zero-depreciation cover means that you will be paid the entire amount without any deductions. For instance, if your bike is damaged and the claim amount is Rs. 10,000and the depreciation value is Rs. 2,000 then you will receive only Rs. 8,000 as compensation. With this additional benefit, the insurer will pay you the complete amount. Except for the battery and tyres, depreciation on parts is not calculated for claims arising due to partial losses.

How is Sum Insured Calculated?

  • IDV or the Insured Declared Value is the amount of sum insured that is provided by the insurer in case the two-wheeler is damaged or stolen. Simply put, it is the current market value of the two-wheeler, on which the HDFC ERGO two wheeler insurance premium is calculated at the time of policy purchase or renewal.
  • IDV of a bike with fitted accessories is calculated on the basis of the price listed by the manufacturer. On the basis of the vehicle age, depreciation is adjusted in the insurance premium. It is only valid for claims arising out of the total loss of the vehicle.

Applicable Depreciation for Fixing the IDV of the Insured Two-Wheeler

Vehicle Age

Depreciation Value (%)

Up to 6 months


6 months to 1 Year


1 to 2 Years


2 to 3 Years


3 to 4 Years


4 to 5 Years


HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance No-Claim-Bonus

No-claim-bonus is the discount that the insurer offers on the premium if the policyholder has not made a claim during the policy term. NCB is accrued to the insured’s account and can be availed at the time of renewing the policy. It is a reward for keeping a good driving record and avoiding accidents-

NCB Applicable on own damage premium during a policy period –

Policy Tem

NCB (%)

1 Year


2 consecutive years


3 consecutive years


4 consecutive years


5 consecutive years


HDFC ERGO Two wheeler Insurance Renewal

It is an easy and hassle-free process of HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance renewal online. For insurance renewal the insured can call at HDC ERGO’s toll-free number and one of their representatives will offer the desired assistance. Below are some of steps for online renewal-

  • Provide your vehicle insurance policy details to renew HDFC ERGO two wheeler insurance online
  • Select the add-on covers to enhance protection
  • Submit the details to get an idea of HDFCERGO bike insurance renewal premium
  • Once the payment is done, your two wheeler insurance policy will be renewed

HDFC ERGO Two wheeler Insurance Exclusions

There are exclusions added to the policy:

  • Loss or damage outside India
  • Failure or mechanical breakdown
  • Damage caused while driving without a license
  • General wear and tear of the two-wheeler
  • Depreciation
  • Damage by a person driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Any consequential losses
  • Claims arising due to contractual liabilities
  • Any damage or loss resulting due to war like conditions and nuclear radiations

Please refer to policy wordings to know more about limitations under HDFC ERGO Two wheeler Insurance Plan.

HDFC ERGO Bike insurance Claim Procedure

HDFC ERGO two wheeler insurance claim process is as follows-

For smooth processing of HDFC ERGO two wheeler insurance online claims following information is required -

  • NEFT details in the claim form
  • A cancelled cheque
  • For claims more than Rs.1 lakh, you need to submit KYC details.
  • A photocopy of KYC documents is also required - Driving License, Aadhaar Card, Voter ID, Passport, etc.

HDFC ERGO 2 wheeler insurance Cashless Claim Procedure in the Network Garages-

  • Call at their toll-free number to get the contact number of the nearest network garage
  • If it possible drive the damaged two-wheeler or get it towed to the nearest workshop
  • The surveyor will assess all the damages caused to your vehicle
  • Fill all the required information in the claim form
  • Submit all the related documents
  • The insurer will send updates about the claim status through email and SMS
  • Once the damage is repaired, you need to settle the bills. Pay off the depreciation value, compulsory deductibles, etc. to the workshop and take your vehicle home. The insurer will directly settle the balance amount with the network garage
  • The claims computation sheet will be provided to you with the entire break up for your future records

Reimbursement Claim Procedure

  • Intimate a claim at their helpline number or through their Mobile App
  • The claim form needs to be duly filled with all the required information
  • All the documents need to be provided to the insurer
  • The claim will be processed once all the documents are received
  • All the damages or losses will be assessed by the surveyor
  • The status of the claim will be updated through SMS/Emails
  • Payment can be made through NEFT or by a Cheque
  • The insurer will provide you will the claims computation sheet with an entire break up for your future records

Some important points to remember while filing a claim for your HDFC ERGO two wheeler insurance policy-

  • In the event of theft, bodily injuries, property damages, and other major damage, it is required to submit the copy of Police FIR
  • In case of major damages, report the incident before the damaged vehicle is removed from the spot. It allows the insurance provider to arrange for spot inspection of the damage.
  • In the event of a strike, riots, third-party damages and damage due to malicious activity, it is essential to immediately inform about the incident at the nearest police station

Documents required when filing a claim with HDFC ERGO Two-wheeler insurance

To file a claim for accidental damages you need to submit the following documents-

  • Copy of the Driving License and Registration Book
  • Claim Form
  • Copy of your HDFC ERGO bike insurance policy
  • Police FIR copy
  • Estimate of repairs

HDFC ERGO Two-wheeler insurance - FAQs

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 09 October 2020

HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance Reviews & Ratings

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Aallapalli, July 02, 2020
24 hours policy
Recently, I purchased the two wheeler policy from policybazaar and it was immediate basis. Everything was done vey quickly and within a day my policy related work was done.
Faizabad, July 01, 2020
I want to share my experience with hdfc ergo and policybazaar. Both the companies are very good with respect to plans and services.
Adoor, June 30, 2020
I purchased the two wheeler policy from policybazaar and they are very transparent to their work. They told me each and every thing related to the policy. I am happy.
R.g.pur, June 29, 2020
Great Coverage
The coverage and the benefits provided in the policy is very nice. It covers major things which actually a policyholder wants.
Agartala, June 29, 2020
Easy and quick renewal
I like the system of renewal of policy. It was real quick. And also I got the notifications from policybazaar for the renewal.
Chabhal, June 21, 2020
Pay online
With the help of digitization I can purchase the policy from anywhere and I can make the payment at anytime. Thanks team.
Machalisahar, June 21, 2020
Low prices
As I searched for the two wheeler policy plan from policybazaar website I came to know that it provide low premium rate. Compared and found best plan.
Raath, June 21, 2020
While purchasing the policy from policybazaar the executive gave me full information about the plan and also told me about the benefits.
Machantola, June 21, 2020
Best policy
I got my two wheeler insured from policybazaar and I got the best policy cover. With good benefits and great discounts.
Vadodara, June 21, 2020
Easy to get policy
I visited to the website of policybazaar and searched for various option of two wheeler policy. Got the best of hdfc ergo and purchased it. Its really easy.
East Singhbhum, June 21, 2020
Claim assistance
I got the better and quick claim assistance from policybazaar. It was quick and just one call away. Thank you policybazaar.
Babutola, June 20, 2020
EMI available
I got the opportunity to get an EMI option while I bought the policy from policybazaar. It is new thing and I really appreciate this.
Nabarangpur, June 20, 2020
Hassle free
The services provided by the hdfc ergo and policybazaar is very good. I like it and I have recently renewed my bike insurance from them only.
Gadhinglaj, June 20, 2020
Sports bike insurance
I am fond of sports bike. So, I got it insured through policybazaar two wheeler insurance. Thanks team policybazaar.
Machavaram, June 20, 2020
Safety measures
Buying a two wheeler policy brings the safety and security for us and also for my bike. So, I am happy and satisfied with the services.
Raath, June 20, 2020
Pay and recover
I met with an accident and thankfully I was covered with policybazaar two wheeler plan. I just called them and everything was recovered.
Cuttack, June 18, 2020
Premium amount
The premium amount is less and I got the huge number benefits too. This was awesome.
Babina, June 18, 2020
Excellent services
The service industry of policybazaar is very nice and they actually know how to help their customer. Thanks team.
R.g.pur, June 18, 2020
Personal accident cover
I got the two wheeler policy from HDFC ERGO and with the help of policybazaar. It is easy and they provide the cover of personal accident for both the parties.
K.v.rangareddy, June 18, 2020
Online procedure
One of the greatest thing I found that by sitting at home I have purchased a two wheeler policy very easily. And quite secured place.
K.v.rangareddy, June 18, 2020
Avail discount
The discount is available on purchasing the two wheeler policy from policybazaar. It gives a better facilities as compared to others.
Adkur, May 19, 2020
Available on email and call
The HDFC team from where I got my bike insurance done is very nice. They are helpful and available at email and call.
Wada, May 11, 2020
Buying Online
Getting the online policy done is very easy task. I just have to little research on it and everything is done very quickly.
Adimali, April 15, 2020
No limit claim
I am happy with the services of policybazaar as It helps me in settling my claim.
Jambughoda, April 13, 2020
Paperless work
While taking a policy from policybazaar of company HDFC ERGO is very easy and paperless. Easy to get the insurance.
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