LIC New Jeevan Rakshak Maturity Calculator

The LIC New Jeevan Rakshak Maturity Calculator is an online tool that enables policyholders to calculate the maturity value of their policy. The tool is easy to use and highly accurate, providing policyholders with a clear understanding of the benefits they will reap on maturity. 

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LIC New Jeevan Rakshak Maturity Calculator- An Overview

LIC New Janaraksha Maturity Calculator is a useful online tool enabling customers to instantly calculate their LIC New Jeevan Rakshak plan’s maturity amount. It is a reliable and straightforward way to determine the amount a policyholder can expect to receive at maturity. This tool offered by the LIC of India considers various details, such as the policy amount, term, age of the insured, premium payment frequency, etc., to accurately estimate the maturity benefit.

Benefits of LIC New Jeevan Rakshak Maturity Calculator

Below mentioned are some of the benefits that a policyholder may avail of by using the LIC New Jeevan Rakshak Maturity Calculator:

  • One of the primary benefits of this calculator is that it allows policyholders to plan their finances more effectively. By knowing the maturity value of their policy in advance, policyholders can make informed decisions about how to invest their money, pay off debts, or plan for significant expenses.

  • This calculator is a user-friendly and efficient tool that helps customers save time and effort in calculating the maturity amount manually.

  • The LIC New Jeevan Rakshak Maturity Calculator also gives policyholders transparency and clarity regarding their policy returns. Policyholders can easily see the premium payments they will need to make to receive a specific maturity amount, helping them manage their finances better.

  • Additionally, this calculator also provides policyholders with peace of mind. By using the calculator to determine the maturity value of their policy, policyholders can rest assured that they will receive the amount they expect upon maturity. This, in turn, helps to build trust between policyholders and LIC, one of the leading insurance providers in the country.

How does LIC New Jeevan Rakshak Maturity Calculator work?

To understand the calculator's working, let us take the example of Mr Sharma. Mr. Sharma is a 30-year-old non-smoker who decided to buy the Jeevan Rakshak Policy with a sum assured of INR 1 lakh. He chose the payment term and policy term of 20 years.

To check the premiums payable by him, he decided to use the LIC 91 Plan Maturity Calculator. By using the calculator, the annual premium he would pay would be around Rs. 3,587.

Along with this, the calculator also helped Mr Sharma calculate the death benefit and maturity benefit he and his family will receive.

To Conclude

In conclusion, the LIC New Janaraksha Maturity Calculator is a valuable tool that provides policyholders with a clear understanding of their policy's maturity benefits. It empowers customers to make well-informed decisions about their financial future and ensures that their investment in a LIC policy will reap maximum benefits.

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