HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus Returns Calculator

HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus Returns Calculator is a ULIP calculator that helps to estimate the potential returns on your investment. This calculator works by considering various parameters such as the premium amount, policy term, chosen funds, and the expected rate of return. By using the HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus Returns Calculator, you can get details about how your investment may grow over time and make well-informed decisions accordingly.

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Investment Return Calculator (Power of Compounding)
  • One Time
  • Monthly
  • Yearly

Invest For (in Years)

1 30

Stay invested for (in Years)

1 30

Expected rate of return (in %)

1 25
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Why Should You Use HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus Returns Calculator?

The following points further explain why a ULIP investor should use the HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus Returns Calculator:

  • Visualize Growth Potential: The Returns Calculator allows you to see the potential growth of your investment over time, helping you make informed decisions.

  • Flexibility: You have the option to adjust premium amounts and policy terms to explore different investment scenarios and optimize returns.

  • Easy Access: Every individual can access HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus Returns Calculator. Anyone can access it by visiting the official website of HDFC Life according to their convenience.The calculator is available online free of cost for everyone to use. You can access it any time of the day from across the globe.

  • Simple to use: This ULIP calculator has easy steps and a clean interface. Within a few clicks, you can find information on your preferred policy.

  • Compare Fund Options: The calculator lets you compare various funds available under ProGrowth Plus, catering to different risk appetites and investment objectives.

  • Realistic Financial Planning: The calculator helps in realistic financial planning by setting achievable targets and understanding investment outcomes.

How to Use HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus Returns Calculator?

The HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus Returns Calculator is a kind of SIP Calculator that is designed in such a way that the user doesn't need an advanced knowledge of finances to use.

The steps required to use this calculator are:

To use Policybazaar's HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus Returns Calculator:

Step 1: Visit the Policybazaar website.

Step 2: Search for "HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus Returns Calculator."

Step 3: Enter your details like amount you wish to invest, how long you want to stay invested for and expected rate of return.

Step 4: The calculator wil display the results. 

Step 6: Review the results for projected returns and benefits.

Step 7: Adjust inputs to compare different scenarios.

The results will be displayed on the screen. You can also try different combinations of values to choose your suitable policy.

HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus Returns Calculator Example

  • Step 1 – Enter plan details: Sum assured – INR 30,00,000

  • Step 2: Premium amount: Let's enter INR 8,000

  • Step 3: Premium frequency: Let's enter "Monthly". It means you will be paying a premium of INR 8,000 every month.

  • Step 4: Select plan options – Life or Early Life: Let's select "Life."

  • Step 5: Enter the life assured details.

  • Step 6: Under "Fund Details" Let's select "Equity Fund" and enter 100% in "Equity Plus Fund". 

  • Step 7: Click on "Calculate".

  • Step 8: – Policy term: Let's choose 20 Years.

  • Step 9: Use the Slider that is provided. Let's slide it to the end, where it shows maturity to see the maturity amount.

  • Step 10: Total Benefit = INR 33,98,491.

The calculation is done, and the result shows that the maturity amount is INR 33,98,491 and a life cover of 30 Lakhs.

So, you will get Rs 33,98,491 at the end of 20 years by just investing Rs 8,000 monthly for 20 years.

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Advantages of HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus Returns Calculator

Some advantages of HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus Returns Calculator are:

  • Calculating the future financial needs: This calculator allows you to calculate the maturity amount of the plan, which helps you decide how much you should invest to meet your needs.

  • Easy to understand: Calculations are simple and fast. Just enter a few details, and you will understand the plan's details, which makes understanding the functioning of the plan simple for ordinary people.

  • Setting up a financial goal: It can help set up your financial goals in life, such as investment goals and life coverage goals to protect your loved ones.

Information Required

  • Coverage amount

  • Premium amount

  • Premium frequency 

  • Plan option (Life or Early life)

  • Basic information about the insured

  • Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Email ID, Mobile Number

  • Fund allocation

  • Policy term

  • Rate of return

Benefits of Buying HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus Plan

Benefits of buying the HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus are:

  • Investments in Market-Linked Schemes: The HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus plan invests your money into equity and debt funds. These market-linked schemes help investors earn better returns than conventional investment instruments such as gold and FDs.

  • Diverse range of funds: This plan provides multiple fund options to choose from. It gives the investor the option of equity fund, balanced fund, and debt fund.

  • Flexibility: This fund asks you to choose the life coverage, i.e. the sum assured. It helps investors to a great extent because every investor has different financial needs.

  • Investing habit: Investing in a ULIP will help you build the practice of investing. Since the interest rates are going down rapidly and inflation is soaring, you must earn better returns to ensure a promising future for you and your family.

  • Family protection: A ULIP plan generates wealth for you and gives your family financial protection in case of a mishap.

  • Financial Goals: You must have a financial goal in your life to retire at a pre-decided age. And ULIPs help you with that. The HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus Returns Calculator estimates the returns on your investment which will help you to plan your retirement better. 

  • Tax Benefits: HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus plan is eligible for income tax deduction under Section 80C up to INR 1.5 lakh pa. The maturity proceeds of this plan can also be exempt from tax under Section 10(10D). Also, in case of the death of the ULIP investor, the amount received by the family will be exempt from tax u/s 10(10D) of The Income Tax Act 1961.

Wrapping It Up!

The HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus Returns Calculator will help you enormously in your family financial planning. The calculator also allows you to select options like several policy terms, several funds to invest in like equity, balanced, and debt. Every investor and policyholder can use it easily to know certain details.


  • Why is the HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus plan suitable for investors?

    This plan is suitable for people who want investing and insurance to happen simultaneously. It provides exposure to equity and debt, which may result in a higher rate of return.
  • Can I save tax with this plan?

    Yes, you can. This plan is eligible for income tax deduction under Section 80C up to ₹ 1.5 lakh pa. In addition, the returns of this plan can also be exempted from tax under Section 10(10D).
  • What is the minimum premium?

    The minimum Premiums are:
    • Annual: ₹ 24,000
    • Half Yearly: ₹ 10,000
    • Monthly: ₹ 2,500
  • What are the options of premium payment frequency available?

    The options for premium payment frequency are:
    • Monthly 
    • Quarterly
    • Half-yearly
    • Yearly
  • What is a market-linked scheme?

    In simple words, market-linked investments allocate your money in debt securities, stocks, bonds, and debentures.

*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply
*Please note that the quotes shown will be from our partners
*Tax benefit is subject to changes in tax laws
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HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus Returns Calculator Reviews & Ratings

4.1 / 5 (Based on 26 Reviews)
(Showing Newest 10 reviews)
, September 02, 2021
Proactive helpdesk
While purchase HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Life plan from policy bazaar, I wanted to check the policy specifications. As soon as I contacted the helpdesk, the executive resolved my queries and sent the policy brochure to my email for future reference. Such a proactive team highly impressed with them.
Adoor, March 19, 2019
A good retirement plan
As said “Easy comes, easy go” therefore i choose to invest in HDFC Life ULIP Plans. As per company plans it will pay higher than the fund value of all premium paid. I found HDFC Life ULIP Policy attractive and a good retirement plan.
Mishrpur, September 21, 2016
I found nice ulip insurance policy which i took from hdfc standard life insurance. Premium of the policy is very less. Payback is very good and the policy coverage is high. Claiming process is easy and amount is good after maturity of insurance policy.
Korba, August 22, 2016
The ulip insurance plan of mine is fantastic which has low premium and come's in less investment too. The hdfc life insurance is the best terms and conditions which facilitates me many benefits. The policy coverage is high approx. 90% and easy online renewal is possible with online portal.
Gurgaon, May 06, 2016
best service
overall best service good conversation with the financial adviser...
Raipur, April 15, 2016
Fantastic plan
My ulip policy plan is really nice, i.e., HDFC standarad life insurance. It has good benefits and services. Policy coverage is 89% and claims are around 39 L. Service is very good and fast that's why the work is done in very shot time period. I like it.
Jalpaiguri, April 15, 2016
I have ulip plan from hdfc standard life insurance. The plan works for me. Policy coverage is also good with claiming amount of Rs.41 L. Service provided by you is awesome and fabulous with fast interface. Good future investment.
Chattarpur, April 15, 2016
Better Plan
My ulip policy plan is from hdfc standard life insurance and the policy is the best because the policy has many benefits like the accident insurance is inbuilt in this policy. Policy coverage is high 89% and the premiums are low. Claims are 1.25 times of the investment. The service is fast and very quick. Great job guys.
Pondicherry, April 15, 2016
Above Average
The hdfc life ulip plan policy i have and happy to own it. The policy coverage is 81% and the claims are normal. Services are little bit slow provided by the staff members. Good future investment which saves tax also. Just improve the services and even the web services are better. Good Work.
Karnal, April 15, 2016
Policy premiums are low and the claims are high. HDFC ulip policy plan facilitate the people provide good response. One of my friend introduced this company for insurance. Getting reminders regularly and sum assured is double. Accidental and risk coverage is there. Good service by executives. I like it.
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