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SIP or Systematic Investment Plan is one of the methods of disciplined investment in market-linked funds to grow wealth. SIP Calculator is an online free tool that helps in the easy computation of returns that the investor will receive at the end of the tenure.

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What is SIP Calculator?

Systematic Investment Plans have achieved great popularity amongst the masses over the past few years because of their great returns, easy accessibility, and hassle-free investments. The Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) Calculator is a financial tool that helps calculate SIP returns based on few investment details. With the help of the online SIP Calculator, investors can clearly understand how many investments they have to make to achieve their desired financial targets. Due to various factors related to the financial market, actual returns may vary from the calculated amount.

What are the Types of SIPs?

There are 4 types of SIPs broadly available in the market these days:

  1. Flexible SIP

    Flexible SIPs, as the name says, allow the investor flexibility in investment amounts. The amount deposited in the Flexible SIP can be decreased or increased as per the investors’ financial condition.

  2. Perpetual SIP

    Perpetual way of investing means investing without a mandatory end date. Generally, SIPs come with an end term, that is, 1 year, 3 years, or 5 years, but in perpetual SIP, there is no such end date, making the investment more convenient.

  3. Trigger SIP

    Trigger SIPs work for investors who are well aware of the market movements. Working just like shares, these SIPs can be bought and sold at any time, depending on the market conditions. The start date, date of redemption, or switch date can be set once the event occurs.

  4. Step-up SIP

    Top-up SIP helps make investments periodically in which an investor can increase the deposit amount when they have higher income available. This brings out the best results for an investor while making investments.

How is SIP Calculator helpful?

SIP is considered a better investment option for investment in market-linked funds offered by Insurance companies and Fund houses because:

  • It inculcates a habit of regular savings.

  • One can deposit money at regular intervals without being overburdened to pay all the amount in one go.

  • Pocket-friendly deposits can be made monthly, keeping availability in mind.

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) Return Calculator is a beneficial tool in the following ways:

  1. Accurate Estimations

    Even though it is known that the financial market is volatile and keeps on fluctuating from time to time, returns calculated on the online SIP calculator may vary from the actual returns. Still, SIP return calculator provides close enough results to help investors invest more confidently.

  2. Easy and Hassle-Free Use

    It is very easy to use the SIP return calculator. All an investor has to do is put in the basic details on the SIP calculator, like monthly invested amount, expected rate of return, the tenure of investment, and maturity value will be calculated within a blink of an eye.

  3. Best for First-Time Investors

    As the online SIP Calculator is an easy-to-handle tool, hence it is considered one of the best tools for investment calculation and planning financial goals accordingly. With minimum details required, SIP return calculator provides accurate results helping first-time investors invest freely.

How does SIP Calculator work?

The Systematic Investment Plan tool is easy to use and hassle-free, with minimal complications involved. The following information needs to be entered into the online SIP calculator to compute the maturity amount:

  • The monthly amount that the investor wishes to invest

  • The current rate of return offered on the particular mutual fund

  • Total tenure the investor wishes to invest for

  • The maturity value will be computed in seconds

SIP Return Formula

The following formula is used for the computation of maturity value received at the end of SIP investment tenure:

FV = P x ({[ 1+ i ] ^ n-1 } / i ) x (1+i)
FV = Future Value (The amount to be received after maturity)
P = amount that the investor invests
i = The rate of interest periodically, that is, annual return rate percentage / 12
n = Total number of months


Mr. Karan invests Rs. 5,000 monthly at 14% through ELSS Fund SIP. If he selects the tenure of 10 years, then the returns will be:

FV = 5,000 x ({[ 1 + 0.14] ^ 120 – 1} / 0.14) x (1 + 0.14)
FV = Rs. 13,10,000
Total returns = Future Value – Invested Amount throughout the tenure
Total returns = Rs. 13,10,000 – Rs. 6,00,000
Total returns = Rs. 7,10,000

Advantages of using the SIP Calculator

Listed below are some of the key advantages of using the SIP online calculator:

  • Using the SIP return calculator will offer peace of mind and helps in saving investors precious time.

  • The calculations done on the online SIP calculator will offer instant results, which will help the investor plan for future finances.

The SIP online calculator can be used from any point globally. The use of this calculator has made the calculations easy.


  • Q1. What are the benefits of SIP?

    Ans: The following are the benefits of investing in a SIP:
    • You can invest in small amounts continuously
    • You can choose for monthly auto-payment
    • Better long-term advantages than a one-time investment
    • No stress in regards to the market ups and the downs
    • Helps to plan the budget and manage expenses efficiently.
  • Q 2. Are SIPs equivalent to mutual funds?

    Ans: No, SIP is not equivalent to mutual funds. However, it is a medium of investing in mutual funds. In a SIP you will invest periodically than a lump sum amount.
  • Q3. Is SIP safer than lump sum investments?

    Ans: Yes, SIP is a safer option than a lump-sum investment. Investment in a SIP has a low risk and the points of investment are spread out over a long period. The idea is simple the time the market is high, you can purchase some units of the fund, and the time the market is slow you can purchase the same unit on the equivalent amount.
  • Q4. How can I cancel a SIP?

    Ans: If you have started your SIP in an online mode, you can cancel your SIP by choosing the ‘Cancel SIP’ option for your upcoming transactions. However, if you have started SIP offline, you need to visit the nearest branch or get in contact with a relationship manager to have your SIP cancelled. 
  • Q5. What is a Lump-sum Calculator?

    Ans: A lump-sum calculator calculates the maturity amount of a one-time or lump-sum investment made by the investor. You need to enter the amount of investment, tenure of investment, and expected rate of return to estimate the maturity amount and the returns on investment.
  • Q6. What is Delay Cost Calculator?

    Ans: Delay Cost Calculator aids you in understanding the impact of delaying your systematic investment by a particular year. You just have to put in your monthly investment amount, tenure of the investment, the anticipated return rate, and the anticipated delay in the investments. Delay Cost Calculator shows the amount of maturity if the investment was spread over a planned number of years and the amount of maturity in the delayed time and the cost of this delay.
  • Q7. What is SIP Advanced Calculator?

    Ans: SIP Advanced Calculator is an advanced form of the simple online SIP Calculator. This calculator helps in evaluating the return after inflation. This tool gives a better idea of the maturity value considering inflation. You have to select the amount of monthly investment, expected rate of return, inflation rate to arrive at the maturity value, pre-inflation and post-inflation, and tenure in years.
  • Q8. What are the types of SIPs available?

    Ans: To cater to the various requirements of the investors, generally there are 5 different types of SIP plans available in the market. These are as follows: 
    • Top-up SIP
    • Perpetual SIP
    • Trigger SIP
    • Flexible SIP
  • Q9. Can I renew a SIP?

    Ans: Yes, the investors can renew SIP in case the existing SIP expires. To renew SIP, the investors need to quote the same FOLIO number (unique number allotted to each MF investor) through the financial advisor of his Asset Management Company (AMC). Generally, it takes 20-30 working days from the date of sending the request to renew the SIP plan.
  • Q10. What is the need for a SIP inflation calculator?

    Ans: The inflation calculator helps to understand the impact of inflation upon the money. This also enables us to understand the money that would be needed to meet the current expenses while keeping up with inflation.
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