LIC Mutual Fund

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LIC of India laid the foundation of LIC Mutual Fund on April 20, 1989. LICMF is associated with India's most trusted and premier brand; it is a well-known player in the domain of the asset management. By sticking to its simplified investment discipline along with maintaining a high standard corporate governance and financial ethics, LIC Mutual Fund has emerged as the most preferred Investment manager in the investment sphere of India.

LIC MF strives to generate value for its valuable investors with the help of innovation-driven robust investment plans that cater to all the investment segments. It firmly believes in offering a delightful experience to its partners and customers. In true sense, it brings the Khushiyaan, Zindagi Ki with the help of the exclusive services and premium investment experience.

LIC offers mutual funds by its subsidiary in joint-venture with the Nomura Group of Japan, established in 2011.

The Key Features of LIC Mutual Fund

The following are the key features of LIC Mutual Fund:

1.  Top Choice

It takes pride in being the topmost choice of the Indian mutual fund investors.

2.  Experience

Having more than 25 years of experience in the domain of mutual fund investments, LICMF became an expert in the domain.

3.  Customers’ Trust

LICMF has won the trust of its customers by providing them with the best support, guidance, and services.

Different Fund Types by LIC Mutual Fund

The following are the various types of funds offered by LIC Mutual Fund:

1.  Debt Funds

Comparatively, this is a risk-free plan, as it makes investments majorly in securities offered by the government. From the perspective of a market, they are highly reliable funds. Five debt vehicles are offered by LIC Nomura MF in the investment market.

2.  Equity Funds

Typically, these funds make investments in stocks or equities. As a result, the chance of earning greater returns is higher. The risk factor involved is in sync with the market dynamics. Under this category, LIC Nomura MF has 14 options of the asset.

3.  Exchange-Traded Funds

To a certain extent, these funds are like mutual funds. They include the way they purchase equities of various corporations. The conflict is that ETFs make sale and purchase of the funds whole day but mutual funds are bought and sold during the end of the day as per the Net Asset Value (NAV) figures. LIC Nomura G-Sec Long-term Exchange Traded Fund is the ETF offered by the company.

4.  Liquid Funds

These funds are considered as a substitute for short-term funds. These funds are a good option since investments are made in the low-risk market that has nearly zero lock-in period. LIC Nomura MF Liquid Fund is the liquid investment instrument offered by LIC Nomura MF.

5.  Interval Funds

This variant of funds is formulated to reduce the rate of interest risks involved. It does so by making the investment in a couple of fixed-income securities that mature before or on the actual maturity of the vehicle. This fund is offered in 4 variants - Interval Fund Monthly Plan, Interval Fund Quarterly Plan (Series 1), Interval Fund Annual Fund, and Interval Fund Quarterly Plan (Series 2).

6.  Fixed Maturity Funds

It is the low-risk and fixed income plan that makes the investment in the debt vehicles. Currently, LIC Nomura MF offers only one variant of this plan.

7.  CPOF (Capital Protection Oriented Funds)

These set of funds make the investment in a blend of equity and debt instruments, where debt vehicle comprises 80 percent of the total corpus. This scheme aids in eliminating the risk involved. At the same time, it provides wide exposure to the equity vehicles. Presently, five variants of Capital Protection Oriented Funds including LIC Nomura MF Capital Protection-Oriented Fund (Series1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4, and Series 5) are offered by LIC Nomura MF.

8.  Unit Linked Insurance Scheme

It is a scheme that is open-ended and offers long-term capital gains along with free accidental insurance coverage, tax deduction as per Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, and life cover. 

Why Select LIC Mutual Fund?

Out of so many reasons, the following are the key reasons why you should go for LIC Mutual Funds.

1.  Reliability

Being a subsidiary of the India’s most respected and largest public domain corporate in India, you can rely on LICMF without any worry. 

2.  Experience

It is highly experienced in the domain of mutual funds, which helps its investors to get the best of their investments. 

3.  Network

For investors’ convenience, it has a rich network of registered branches all over India. 

4.  Tax Deduction

Investors can enjoy tax deductions for specific products offered under several sections of the Income Tax Act comprising Section 80C and Section 88. 

5.  Excellent Customer Support

It provides excellent customer support to its client(s) with the help of an established customer care network.