SBI mutual fund

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With their expertise and 25 years of experience in the field of fund management, SBI Funds Management Pvt. Ltd. constantly delivers value to their investors. They have a strong foundation laid by the State Bank of India (SBI), the largest public sector bank in India. SBI Funds Management Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture between India’s State Bank of India and France’s AMUNDI, one of the world’s top fund management companies. 

In their network, they have 222 points of acceptance all over India. They have set their priorities right and they aim at delivering value and nourish the faith and trust of their vast family of valuable investors.
They believe that there is no substitute for excellence. They ensure that they excel in all stages, from the initial stage of product development to the post-investment stage. They stick to the philosophy - innovation leads to growth and maintain stability in the investment policies. It is their dedication that is helpful for their customers to accomplish their investment goals. 

Their vision is to become the largest and most preferred fund house for the asset section by maintaining a uniform track record of excellence in returns and high-class customer services, technology, product innovations, and human resource policies. 

Different Types of SBI Mutual Funds

SBI Mutual Funds

(SBIMF) SBI Mutual funds are handled by SBI Funds Management Pvt. Ltd. In India, these funds act as a feasible investment instrument to a large section of investors, as it offers both offshore and domestic funds.

SBI Mutual Fund offers the following types of mutual funds :

1.  Equity Scheme -The prime focus of equity scheme is to ensure investors’ capital growth. The scheme allows investors to make investments in equity or equity-related investment options for medium and long-terms by various companies. Under the equity umbrella, SBI Mutual Fund provides the following type of plans:

  • Growth/ Equity Funds
  • ELSS Funds
  • Sectoral Funds
  • Index Funds
  • Market Neutral Strategies
  • Thematic Funds 

Different schemes are covered under each type:

2.  Exchange Traded Scheme - Exchange Traded Fund Scheme deals in stocks. They are available in a wide range of securities. SBI Mutual Fund offers 5 different types of schemes under the Exchange Traded Scheme. 

3.  Hybrid Schemes - This is the type of mutual fund (scheme), which makes investments a blend of equity and debt in different dimensions. It is inclusive of stocks and bond elements. SBI Mutual Fund offers 7 schemes under the Hybrid Fund category. 

4.  Debt / Income Scheme - These plans make investments in fixed-income securities, including government securities, corporate debentures, bonds etc. The investors can easily a get fixed regular income by investing in such schemes. SBI Mutual Fund offers 11 schemes under its Debt/Income Scheme category. 

5.  Fixed Maturity Plan - These plans are close-ended debt scheme(s) that have fixed maturity date(s). The investment is made in money market and debt vehicles. SBI Mutual Fund offers a variety of schemes under this category. 

6.  Liquid Schemes - These particular schemes make investments in short-term investment instruments like commercial paper, treasury bills, certificates deposit etc. SBI Mutual Fund offers 3 schemes under the Liquid Scheme category. 

7.  Fund of Funds -This is the kind of mutual fund plan that primarily makes investments in different schemes of other mutual funds or same mutual fund. SBI Gold Fund - the exclusive scheme is offered by SBIMF. 

8.  Dividend under Dividend Plan - SBIMF offers Dividend under Dividend plan that provides the following plans: 

  • SBI Blue Chip Fund
  • SBI Magnum Balanced Fund 

Why Choose SBI Mutual Fund? 

SBI Mutual Fund caters to the needs of individual investor and business entities as well. It provides a variety of benefits to its investors. The following are the key features of SBI Mutual Fund: 

  1. With SBI Mutual Fund, you get the capital appreciation for your investments at a reduced risk.
  2. For investments, it offers domestic funds and off-shore funds.
  3. On the basis of your personalized requirements, you can select from a wide range of customized investment plans.
  4. With SBI Mutual Fund, your tax planning is made easier. It provides ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Scheme) - a type of diversified equity mutual fund that makes you eligible to claim tax deductions under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Investing in it gives you the additional benefit of tax savings.
  5. NRIs are eligible to make an investment in SBI Mutual Fund.
  6. For your convenience, you can also make investment(s) online, at your preferred time.