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We are going through some of the most depressing times of our life. Since the day Corona has entered our lives, it has been creating nothing but ruckus. Nothing is as it used to be. People are falling sick, losing jobs and entrepreneurs who have started their start-up companies have to stop their operations in this ongoing pandemic. In between all this, there are well-settled companies who are still going through these worst of times and they are the ones who have provided their employees with group health insurance plans. These group health insurance online plans provide their employees financial aid at the time of medical emergencies. This not only provides them cover against medical liabilities but also increases their faithfulness and trust in the employer.

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Health and Wellness needs of your work family starting @ ₹57/employee*

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To go through this pandemic and come out the other side as nothing happened, these well-settled companies have sent their employees to work from home. But it is not going to stay the same and these employees will have to come back to work from the office one day. So, when the pandemic ends, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure their employee’s good health and well-being. An employee’s health directly impacts the productivity of a company. When an employee shows up to work but due to bad health, he/she is not able to perform at their full extent. So, here are some ways that can help you improve your employee’s health.

General Prevention

Prevention is better than cure. But it is human nature to ignore the initial stage of any health-related problem until it turns into a severe condition. If an employer does a simple survey among his employees by sending an email and ask them simple questions about going for a routine health check-up and when was the last time they went for one. The results might shock them because, in India, there is no culture of going for a regular health check-up.

Here, what employers can do is start running routine health check-up campaigns in the office premises whether monthly, quarterly or half-yearly according to their budget and make it mandatory for their employees to go through it. By doing this you are giving them a chance to monitor their health and lead a healthy lifestyle. Also, this will reduce the employer’s healthcare cost that might arise from the group health insurance policies that the employer has provided them. This can help the employer in the long run as well as keep the best of employees working for the company for a longer period of time.

Promote Healthy Eating Habits

You are what you eat. An employee’s eating habits play a huge role in their life. In India, employees usually have to live out of their hometown. While living in a strange city and working an 8-10 hour shift, employees do not take care of what they eat. They would eat anything that is served fast and easy. The canteens of the office are also filled with junk food items and snacks that are not considered healthy.

Keeping an employee’s health in mind, employers can promote healthy eating habits and they can ensure this by providing them healthy alternatives like fruits. By focusing on nutrition and promoting active and healthy eating habits like these will impact their everyday workforce.

Encourage Smoke-free Workplace

As we all are aware of the effects of tobacco. Smoking is one of the biggest reasons for deaths in the whole world. According to a survey, nearly 70 lakh people die every year from tobacco use. There is a habit of any regular smoker to go out on a smoke break 3-6 times during a day shift. They consider it a stress buster which is nothing but a psychological reason that makes them think that way. And yes, there are group health insurance online plans that would provide cover for any disease related to the lungs but preventing it from happening is always a better idea.

Although, an employer cannot stop employees from smoking or chewing tobacco because it is their personal choice. But if employers start running campaigns against tobacco use and encourage employees to programs/campaigns like “Quit smoking” and consider subsidizing these programs, encourage employees to talk to their doctor about stopping smoking and create a smoke-free policy in the company. This would be very helpful for the employers as well as the employees in the long run.

Promote Physical Exercises

Promoting and encouraging employees to work out is a good way to ensure better employee health. Employers can encourage walking meetings with the employees, provide them track pants for their work out sessions. Also, if the company is big and can afford then the employer can invest in promoting or daily cardio sessions at the start of the day. This would help them burn some calories and enhance their mood throughout the day.

Employer can create and fund monthly sporting events among the employees. Encourage them to take part in these sporting events like cricket, football tournaments and other sports activities. The company can also install bike racks in the car park for the employees living nearby who could come by bicycle. These kinds of initiatives can help and ensure the good health of their employees.


There are plenty of ways to ensure your employee’s good health. Employers can increase the productivity of an employee by making sure that their employee is leading a healthy lifestyle. Apart from offering group health insurance online plans, employers can promote healthy eating habits, promote sporting events and run campaigns related to health and wellbeing. These things can cost them some amount but can also be very useful in the long run.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 26 August 2021

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