How Remote Work Will Outlast Pandemic?

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, every organization had to send their employees to work from home. Keeping the nature of the virus in mind and to prevent it from spreading organizations all around the globe inclined towards the remote work style. It all started two years ago and with time companies and their employees adapted to working remotely.

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Health Cover of ₹1 lakh @ just ₹105/employee*

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*Premium starting from ₹105/Employee/Month for ₹1 Lac Sum Insured covering Health & Wellness Needs (excluding GST)
#Premium may vary on the basis of coverage type & add-ons
**All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply

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There are many big companies like Amazon, American Express, Dropbox, Hubspot, Facebook, etc. have even sent some of their employees to work from home permanently. This concept of working remotely is new but as time passed companies realized that job profiles like graphic designer, digital marketing, etc. can work from home without facing any problem. It is because of the digitization and advanced technology that made it easier for them to keep the workforce intact. So how would remote working outlast the pandemic?

Software & Mobile Apps for Video Conference

When employees were sent to work remotely, the only medium to connect with them was through video conferencing software and applications. Companies started relying on software like Zoom and google meet to do daily, weekly or monthly brainstorming sessions and meetings to discuss the work status. As per the reports, Zoom witnessed around a 3000% hike in daily user count and Microsoft teams witnessed a hike from 30 million users to 40 million users in 10 days.

Thanks to the rapidly growing technology, it made the work from home concept possible, and also for the companies that have trustworthy employees, this was the best thing that has happened. However, the concept of working from home has raised many concerns about the security of data but setting some rules with the workforce, introducing new protocols to set up a line of defense could make sure the security of data and prevent cyber attacks.

More Options while Hiring New Employee

When you hire a candidate, you make sure that the candidate is either lives in the same city as the office or ready to relocate. Not to mention but when an old employee of your company decides to leave the company, he brings all kinds of knowledge with him and you have to start looking forward to hiring a new one who can fill his place.

You should also keep in mind that you have invest in hiring a candidate and it takes a minimum of 15 -20 days. So, when you would start hiring a candidate without any geographical boundary will benefit you in a long run. You would not have to worry about losing an employee as much as they would be working from the comfort of their home and your workforce would not break when an existing employee leaves.

Easier for Physically Challenged Employees

Being physically challenged can emotionally break a person down. But those who do not accept it as a defeat and work and earn on their own deserve all the praise. Even though they have to struggle much more than a physically fit person to commute to the office. The concept of working from home would work as the best option as they would not have to travel every day to their office and work from the comfort of their home.

As you cannot judge anyone’s brilliance by their physical appearance, it would open many doors for physically challenged people as well as provide more options to the companies to hire more talents and fill up vacant profiles.

Advantage of Providing Insurance to Employees

Many organizations provide group health insurance to their employees so that they can get financial aid at the time of medical emergencies. When the employees would work from home then and have lesser chances of getting sick or injured then there would a very less number of claims raised that can also get them the benefit of no claim bonus that eventually benefits the employer as well as the employees.

It will come as a big advantage to the employers when no claims would have been raised and as a benefit, they will have to pay a lesser premium amount and avail of several other benefits as per the company’s norms.

This is how the remote working concept will outlast the pandemic easily as it would be beneficial for the organizations and employees in one way or another.


Remote working is becoming the new normal as employers and employees have been able to adapt to it. This has bought a drastic change in the work culture and organizations are coming up with new ideas to deal with the problems or any consequences that might occur while an employee is working from home and resolve it as soon as possible. However, the group health insurance provided by the companies would witness a downfall in raising claims but you never know when a medical emergency would rise and you being covered with an insurance plan can make it much easier and cost-effective for you.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 26 August 2021
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