Where Does an Overseas Importer Report a Claim Under their Export/Import Insurance Policy?

If you are an importer engaged in international trade and hold an export and import insurance policy, you have the peace of mind that comes with financial protection. In the event of unforeseen circumstances causing damage or loss to your imported goods, filing a claim under your policy becomes crucial.

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You have several avenues through which you can report a claim:

  • Contact the Export and Import Insurance Company: Your first option is to reach out directly to your export and import insurance company. They typically have dedicated claims departments to assist you with the process.
  • Visit the Nearest Office: Another viable option is to visit the nearest office of your export and import insurer. Their local representatives can guide you through the claim reporting process.
  • Contact the Overseas Agent: If specified in your export and import insurance policy document, you can contact the overseas agent for assistance in filing a claim. This agent will be well-versed in the details of your policy and can facilitate the process.

Promptness is key when it comes to filing a claim. Adhere to the prescribed time limits stipulated by your policy to ensure your claim is processed smoothly and efficiently.

Once your claim is registered, the insurance company will require specific documentation to evaluate and process your claim effectively. These documents may include:

  • Original Export and Import Insurance Policy or Certificate: A crucial document proving your coverage.
  • Copy of the Bill of Lading: This document serves as evidence of the shipment.
  • Missing Certificate and Survey Report: Any reports related to the loss or damage.
  • Original Invoice and Packing List with Weight Notes: Documents to establish the value and description of the goods.
  • Copies of Correspondence: Include any communication exchanged between carriers or bailees regarding the incident.
  • Claim Bill: Any bills or receipts associated with the incident.

It's worth noting that additional documentation may be required, depending on the specifics of your claim. For precise instructions, consult your export and import insurance company directly to ensure you provide all necessary documents for a smooth claims process.

Importers are often advised to consider purchasing a separate export and import insurance policy, even if their foreign suppliers have existing coverage. This is a prudent step because dealing with a claim under a foreign insurer, potentially in a different language and legal jurisdiction, can be a complex and time-consuming ordeal.

By having your own export and import insurance policy, you safeguard your business against such complexities and ensure a smoother claims process in case of unforeseen events.

Case Study: Gourmet Delights - A Food Manufacturing Enterprise

Gourmet Delights, a well-established food manufacturing enterprise hailing from Gujarat, boasts a stellar reputation for crafting top-tier culinary delights, thoughtfully packaged in sturdy and user-friendly containers. The company's supply chain extends to Sri Lanka, where they procure their packaging materials.

In a recent and unfortunate turn of events, an incident unfolded during the transportation of these packaging materials. A fire erupted aboard the vessel due to unforeseen technical malfunctions, jeopardizing the consignment. What compounded the challenge was the fact that Gourmet Delights had pre-paid for this shipment, resulting in substantial financial losses.

However, fortune favored the prepared, as Gourmet Delights had wisely safeguarded their business interests with a comprehensive export and import insurance policy. Swiftly recognizing the gravity of the situation, they initiated the claims process by reaching out to their insurance provider through a dedicated toll-free line.;

The insurer promptly responded by appointing a seasoned surveyor to assess the damages and requesting critical documentation, including a meticulously filled claim form, a detailed account of the incident, payment receipts, and the accompanying paperwork.

With efficiency and professionalism, the insurer expedited the evaluation and approval of the claim, bringing financial relief to Gourmet Delights. This case serves as a compelling testament to the invaluable shield that export and import insurance policies provide, especially in unforeseen circumstances that could otherwise inflict severe financial turbulence upon a company, endangering its stability and sustainability.


The case study highlights the importance of export and import insurance for businesses engaged in international trade. It serves as a safety net, offering financial protection and a structured claims process in the face of unforeseen challenges, ultimately safeguarding the business's stability and continuity.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 01 September 2023
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