Enjoy the Monsoon Germ Free with these 6 Expert Tips

The monsoon brings in a sigh of relief for everyone during the harsh Indian summers but also brings with it a host of disease-causing bacteria, germs, and other fungal infections. While buying health insurance online is the best way to secure your family and ensure protection, other preventive measures are also equally important. This article highlights the importance of protecting your home against the monsoon’s negative consequences.

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Protect your house from calamities

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Ensure Proper Ventilation Everywhere Inside 

Sunlight and fresh air circulating through your home are the biggest enemies of germs. With the increase in the growth of germs during monsoons, we must maintain the flow of fresh air and invite much-needed sunlight. All you need to do to maintain ventilation is follow few steps:

  • Air out wardrobes and other closed areas that do not get exposed to air and sun frequently
  • Using exhaust fans in bathrooms help remove odour and moisture, hence prevents the breeding of germs
  • Installing air purifiers or dehumidifiers in dampness or germ prone areas of the house

Proper ventilation comes in bearing gifts against all the growing bacteria, viruses and germs, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Keeps your house clean and uncontaminated
  • Ensures your home is dry and free from moisture
  • Removes bad odour from the house

With the boons ventilation brings in, you should also be cautious of mosquitoes, hence it's better to have proper net fittings on the doors and windows.

Maintain Disinfection All-Around

Proper disinfection of your house not only prevents you from germs but also warns you of spaces that might catch the growth of indoor mold in the future. It helps you address some leakages beforehand, for you to take action and be safe rather than sorry. Some key things you should follow while cleaning is given below to help you:

  • Cleaning every nook and corner of the house using proper disinfectants
  • Using aroma candles. and room fresheners to keep the rooms fresh and away from bad odour 

Cleanliness Should Be Your Best Friend 

There is no substitute for cleanliness in the house if you wish to keep yourself protected from disease-causing germs and bacteria in the monsoon season. Following are some tips to maintain cleanliness in your house:

Wash Clothes Regularly 

The monsoon does not only bring in heavy rains but also humid temperatures that induce moisture all around. Such excessive moisture starts to cause fungal infections in your body leading to a breeding ground for germs.

Since getting soaked and drenched in the rain is a common occurrence in the monsoon season, make sure that you wash them as soon as you enter your house and not keep them hanging around the house waiting for them to air-dry.

Moreover, to ensure extra protection, you can even use an anti-bacteria detergent to wash your clothes.

Keep Your Footwear Clean

Dirty and moist footwear are the biggest enemies for every home trying to keep itself protected in the monsoon season. Not only do wet and muddy shoes carry a host of bacteria and germs inside our houses but also become a breeding ground of such disease-causing agents if not cleaned and left unattended. 

To keep germs away from your home, you should be cautious of such items that bring in bacteria inside the house. 

Keep all shoes in a separate place and keep the shoe rack outside the house in a dry place to prevent the growth of germs and bacteria in the monsoon. Also, make sure that you clean your shoes at least twice every week and dry them whenever they’re wet. 

Keep the Bathroom and Kitchen Clean and Dry

These are the only 2 places in the house that share a wet and moist environment throughout the day. Also, since all the dirt in the house is mainly disposed of here, such places share the possibility of carrying the most amount of germs and bacteria in the house.

Make sure that you keep bathrooms and kitchen dry, clean, and disinfected all the time.

Segregate Your Waste

The best vacation destination for monsoon germs to grow and breed is wet waste. As compared to dry waste, wet and moist garbage will become a terrible nuisance for you if not taken care of during the monsoon season. Not only would keeping it for a prolonged period give rise to intolerable odour, but will also make the perfect hotbed for mosquitos to breed. Following are some tips to manage wet waste:

  • Keep the wet waste concealed all the time
  • Make sure that you dispose of wet waste frequently as compared to dry waste
  • Dry waste should be kept segregated from wet waste
  • Frequently clean dustbins and disinfect areas where they are kept to keep the germs at bay
  • Use air fresheners to combat bad odour arising in the house due to wet waste

Personal Hygiene is Mandatory

Keeping personal hygiene is compulsory all the time irrespective of whether it is the monsoon season or not. However, ensuring special care during the monsoon season becomes imperative to prevent any infections in your body. Following are a few crucial things to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining personal hygiene in the monsoon:

  • Wash your hands and feet regularly after entering your house with antiseptic liquid
  • Clean your body with warm water and soap in case you caught yourself drenched in the rain
  • Keep your nails short to prevent the growth of fungal infections
  • Wear fresh and dry clothes every day

Constantly Monitor Leakages and Water Accumulation 

Seepage in the house is not one of the issues you might want to overlook during the monsoon season. Cracks in various parts of the house can carry dirty water leading to seepage leading to water accumulation

 Such instances cause bacterial mold to grow inside your house which in turn spread across making way for health consequences for you and your family. So, make sure that you cater to seepage repairs as soon as they occur.

Alongside this, accumulated water inside the house as well as in the nearby places is the most-favored breeding ground for mosquitos. So ensure that you keep areas dry and cater to clogged spaces regularly. 

To Conclude

The monsoon season is certainly enjoyed by everyone with a smile. After all, who doesn’t enjoy heavy rains coupled with steamy snacks and hot beverages?

However, the same joy will turn into unwanted stress and worries if you do not ensure proper cleanliness and sanitation throughout the monsoon. So make sure that you take sufficient care and help prevent your family from any unwanted diseases and enjoy the fruits of the monsoon with utmost joy.

Having said that, make sure that while you take all preventive measures to protect yourself in the monsoon, you also don’t forget the most important one – buying an appropriate health insurance online.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 30 September 2021
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