Inspect For Structural Fault To Avoid Bad Purchase Or Renting

When you decide to purchase or rent a living space, you have to go through a lot of things to make sure that you made a good deal. Whether you are purchasing the living space or renting, inspecting it is a must. Structural faults are common in buildings and if the building is old then you are most likely to spot structural defects. So what is it that you look out for before purchasing or renting a house?

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Look Out For These Things While Purchasing Or Renting A House

When you are hunting for a place to live in you go for the best and cost-effective options. While looking for a house to purchase or rent in then defects such as peeled-out wall paint, water seepage, broken floor are some of the easily noticeable defects and you decide not to purchase it. Apart from these defects that are not easy to inspect but it is important to be checked before purchasing or renting a place. So here are some of the things that you should consider inspecting before purchasing or renting one.

Foundation of The House

Foundation is the base for any building. It keeps the building standing for years so it is important for the core of the house to be strong. A weak foundation can lead to severe accidents such as roof falling off, crumbling concrete, etc. There are several ways to differentiate between a strong foundation and a weak one. They are as follows:

  • Ruptured floor, gaps inside the house
  • The surface of the house is sloping and there is sagging on the walls as well as floors
  • The drainage system is poorly built
  • Unable to open or close the windows and doors of the house
  • If the concrete crumbles every now and then

So, before purchasing a house or renting one it is vital to check for the above-mentioned things to make sure that you don’t encounter any unforeseen incident leading to damage or loss after you move in. However, there are online home insurance plans that could provide you a cover for the damage or loss but making sure that you made the right purchase is important.

Check The Cracks on The Wall

The temperature, as well as humidity, plays a huge role in the expansion and shrinking of the concrete. If the concrete shrinks and expands constantly then it can lead to cracks on the wall, however, small cracks are not easy to locate and they are not considered much harmful but if the same crack starts expanding then it can lead to severe accidents.

At the time of earthquakes, these cracks can lead to the fall of the wall that might hurt the person nearby and damage the content of the house. This is why it is recommended to ask an expert to supervise the place.

Plumbing Defects

The pipes are installed before plastering the walls and roof of the house. These pipes play a very important role in the house and using the best piping material is vital. The improper installing leads to many problems such as water seepage, clogged pipes, leaked water stains on the wall that leads to chipping paint, etc. It is recommended to take an engineer’s advice on this and take a look at the deterioration level of the pipelines.

Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring of the house is equally important because improper wiring can lead to short circuits. Short-circuits can lead to fire accidents that can actually burn down the whole house. Here are the things that you would want to check to avoid a bad deal.

  • Overloading of the voltage power
  • Not enough power supply through the wires
  • Wrong wire connections
  • Wrong circuit connection

However, there are times when you do not get enough time or have the energy to go through all these inspections before renting a place. In that case, online home insurance policies come in handy.

How Can Online Home Insurance Come In Handy?

Home insurance policies are there to provide you financial cover from accidental damages that can take place anytime in your house. There are several reasons behind purchasing a home insurance plan. Read on to know the reasons:

Financial Aid & Security

A home insurance policy provides financial aid to the policyholder in case of any loss or damage to the property as well as the contents of the house. If you are planning to move into a new house or purchase one then make sure and check for the structural defects as a priority and then go for the online home insurance plans to secure your home with a shield.

Natural Calamity Cover

Home insurance policies not only provide cover for the damage or loss caused inside the house but also for the damage or loss caused to the outer building of the house. India has witnesses several typoons, earthquakes in the past few years and an online home insurance plan can provide you cover that can be caused by a natural calamity.

Availability of Home Insurance

Sometimes we don’t go and do something because of the efforts it would require but purchasing the home insurance is as easy as ordering food online. You can avail yourself of the hundreds of home insurance policies online on your phone or even your computer system. Purchasing online home insurance is one of the easiest purchases you would ever have made.

Wrapping It Up

Inspecting the house before purchasing or renting is as important as learning about your online home insurance plan’s every single detail. But purchasing insurance online is still easier than inspecting a house for structural faults. You can compare different plans, learn about the inclusions as well as exclusions of the plan. You can even calculate the premium amount of the insurance plan using an online premium calculator.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 30 September 2021
Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.