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Moving To New City: What To Do With Home Insurance Policy?

You have got a new job in a new city. You decide to move into the new city with your family so that you do not have to live there alone by yourself. You plan out things according to your joining date. You need to make sure to take care of everything before the moving day. Pay your dues, pack everything necessary and sell out the things you do not require in your new home. In the middle of all the packing and planning, you forget about your home insurance policy and what to do with it?

Since you are a home insurance policyholder, you must be aware of its importance. You made the right decision by purchasing home insurance in the first place but now that you are moving to a new city and a new home, you need to keep a few important things in mind. Here are some of those important aspects that you should keep in mind while moving into another city.

Inform Your Home Insurance Provider

The first thing that you need to do is to inform your home insurance provider. Purchasing a new home in a new city can be costly. Since you are relocating to a new city because of work and you see your future there only, it would be wise as well as cost-effective to sell your old house and then purchase a new one.

However, there would be certain expensive things that require cover during the transit, so to be on the safer side, tell your insurer about the movement and ask them if they can provide cover for the expensive items during the transportation.

Usually, the transportation of the content of the home is done by trucks, there are chances that some of the expensive things break or crack during the transit due to bad road conditions. Asking for a cover during the transit can save you from that kind of loss.

Updating of Home Insurance

Since you are already a home insurance policyholder, you must be aware of its proceedings. The insurance amount of your home is calculated according to the location of your home, contents, size, etc. The insurance providers also check if your home is not in a natural calamity-prone area as it can affect your premium rates. Now that you have planned to move into a new city and new home, it is impossible to continue with the same policy.

What comes next is that you will have to tell your insurance provider of your movement and tell him about the city, location of your new home and everything necessary to update the insurance policy. The insurer will update your home insurance policy according to the location, size, and whatever parameters need to be checked to provide you with the right insurance policy.

Check The Updated Insurance Plan

Once the insurer updates your home insurance policy according to the new home, it is advised that you check your new plan thoroughly and see the new terms and conditions that come along with it. It is important to check that you are getting the right coverage as per your new home. In case you feel like adding or removing something, you can ask your insurer to do so.

If you feel that the updated insurance policy is not fulfilling your requirements then you can cancel the policy but you would have to pay a certain cancellation amount. Then you can always look for other options.

Explore New Insurance Options

If you decide to cancel the last insurance policy and start fresh then you have plenty of options there. You can start looking for different insurance providers that offer a home insurance policy. Go through those policies and look for the one that provides coverage as per your requirement.

Updating the last insurance policy for a new home can be very confusing and there are chances that you might miss some of the important covers. So better start fresh and purchase a new policy after seeing if it provides what you demand.

Options Available

Well, purchasing an insurance policy can be very tiring. Understanding a particular type of insurance policy out of many can be confusing. Let us make it easier for you to understand your options. You have 4 options under a home insurance policy from which you can choose as per your requirement. They are as follows:

  • Property Insurance :A property insurance policy provide cover for the building of your home along with the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Builidng Insurance: This insurance policy provides cover for your house against natural calamities.
  • Home Content Insurance: This plan provides cover for the content of your home ranging from television, computer, documents, mobile phones, furniture, etc.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: A comprehensive insurance policy is a perfect package of coverage. It provides cover for all types of natural calamities, house-break, damage due to riots or manmade disasters, etc.


Make sure that you take care of your existing home insurance policy before you move into your new place. It is necessary that you either update the existing home insurance policy according to your new home or purchase another one.

However, it is recommended that whatever you do, updating or purchasing of your insurance policy, do it online. You can update your existing policy online as well as cancel it and purchase a new one. You can calculate the premium online, compare different plans, etc. It would make your task easier than ever.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 02 August 2021