Chola MS Group Health Insurance

Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Limited offers Chola group hospital cash health insurance policy. The company is based in Chennai. Chola group hospital cash health insurance provides coverage primarly to a group of people such as employees of a company, people of a society, etc.

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Whom do you want to insure?

  • Employee, spouse & kids

  • Employee only

Features & Benefits of Chola Group Hospital Cash Health Insurance

Here are the features and benefits of Chola group hospital cash health insurance policy:

  • If the insured has been admitted to a hospital for more than 24 hours, insurer will provide coverage under daily benefits as per the terms and conditions as well as exclusions of the policy.
  • In case the hospitalization period is less than 24 hours, daily care procedures are also covered.
  • The daily benefits will be paid as per the number of day opted and mentioned in the policy certificate.
  • The insurance policy is available to the people aged between 3 months and 65 years (completed age) at the starting date of the policy.
  • The coverage is provided to the employees along with their dependents such as spouses, kids, parents and parents in law up to the age of 65 years at the starting of the policy.
  • Dependent kids of the employees should be between the age of 3 months to 26 years to be eligible to get the coverage.
  • The employees or primary insured person should be above 18 years of age.

Chola Group Hospital Cash Health Insurance: Inclusions

Chola group hospital cash health insurance policy provides coverage for the following:

  • Any unforeseen accident by visible, external or violant means causing Injuries to the insured Is covered.
  • Internal Congenital anomaly and external congenital anomaly are covered. Congenital anomaly refers to a medical condition that is present since the birth.
  • Daily cash benefits coverage is provided a per the amount payable each day (means 24 hours) as per the policy certificate. More than 12 hours will be considered as full day.
  • Coverage for illness, injuries in a day care centre that has been registered with the local authorities and the treatment performed under a registered and qualified practitioner is provided.
  • Day care treatment suh as surgical procedures that are done after taking general or local anesthesia in less than 24 hours with the help of advanced technology.
  • Sudden and unexpected medical condition that requires immediate care by a doctor to help and prevent serious long term injury or to prevent death are covered.
  • ICU charges are covered under the including the general medical support services performed during the time in ICU such as monitoring devices, intensivist charges and critical care nursing.
  • Charges for medical advices by a medical practitioner along with the prescription provided on the first time as well as follow up prescription.
  • Surgical treatments such as correction of deformities, defects, diagnosis, cure of disease, prolongation of life are covered.

Chola Group Hospital Cash Health Insurance: Inclusions

Chola group hospital cash health insurance will not provide coverage for the following:

  • Insurance plan will not provide coverage for the specified pre-existing diseases until 48 consecutive months are completed.
  • Injury caused due to War, act of war, act of foreign enemies, civil war, insurrection, mutiny, martial law is not covered.
  • Injuries caused due to breach of law, intentional self injury, suicide whether committed by a sane or insane person will not be covered.
  • Injuries caused due to ionizing radiation, radioactive rays, nuclear fuel or any nuclear waste are not covered.
  • Injuries caused when the insured was under the influence of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc.
  • Injury caused if the insured has participated in any hazardous activity such as motor racing, hang-gliding, rock climbing, parachuting, etc. 
  • Treatment for obesity is not covered including any othe weight control program, run down conditions, rest cure, sleep apnoea treatment, etc. 
  • Ciscumcisions are not covered.
  • Sterility, infertility, surrogate or vicarious pregnancy, birth control, contraceptive supplies or services are not covered.
  • HIV, AIDS, STD treatments are not covered.
  • Psychiatric, mental disorders including mental treatments are not covered.
  • Genetic disorders, external congenital diseases, defects or anomalies are not covered.
  • Dental treatments or any surgery for corrective, cosmetic or aesthetic nature unless hospitalization is required will not be covered.
  • Oral chemotherapy is not covered.
  • Naturopathy treatments is not covered.
  • Non allopathic or any alternative treatments are not covered.

How To Raise Claim Under Chola Group Hospital Cash Health Insurance Policy?

Follow the steps given below to raise claim under this insurance policy:

  • Inform the insurer: First of all inform the insurer about the medical emergency.
  • Ask for Claim Form: Ask your insurer for the claim form to begin the claimging process. 
  • Keep Documents Handy: Insurer requires you to submit required documents along with the claim form so make sure to keep them handy. 
  • Network Hospital: Ask your insurer or look for yourself nearby hospitals for cashless claim.
  • Reimbursement: If you do not get the treatment done in a network hospital then the insurer will reimburse the amount paid in the hospital for the treatment. 

How To Renew Chola Group Hospital Cash Health Insurance Policy?

In order to raise a claim under the Chola group hospital cash health insurance policy, follow the steps given below:

  • Step 1: Visit the Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited's official website.
  • Step 2: Enter policy number to access your account.
  • Step 3: Once you access your account, make sure to check the coverage and add-ons. 
  • Step 4: if you want you can add or remove any add-on as per your need. 
  • Step 5: If you add an add-on the premium will increase and if you remove an add-on the premium amount will decrease. 
  • Step 6: You can make the payment using your debit/credit card, UPI or netbanking .
  • Step 7: Once you make the payment, the insurer will send you the soft copy of the updated policy to your registered email and send the hard copy to your registered home address.

*Make sure to renew the insuranc e policy on time to prevent the lapse.


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Excellent Support
It was easy to buy insurance from PolicyBazaar website and customer support was also amazing to clear all the doubts.Thankyou. Highly worth it.
4.3 April 01, 2023
Necessary Investment
It is a good and necessary investment. Thanks PB.
4.3 March 24, 2023
Provides Satisfactory Results
I purchased Group health insurance at policybazaar recently and i am so much satisfied with the plan. The application process was smooth and efficient, making the typically tedious task of getting insurance surprisingly hassle-free.Thanks PB.
3.8 March 16, 2023
Helpful In Making Decisions
When it came to selcting the right Group Health Insurance, Policybazaar offered an impressive range of options from reputable insurers. I appreciated the comprehensive details avalable for each policy which helped me to take the better decisions. Thankyou.
4.3 March 15, 2023
Increases Clients Expectations
I recently had the pleasure of securing a Group Health Insurance policy throug PolicyBazaar and I must say the Entire process exceeded my expectations! From start to finish, their service werw great. Thankyou.
3.8 March 02, 2023
Great Experience
I got great deals on PolicyBazaar website. Highly recommend.
4.3 February 17, 2023
Excellent Purchase
It was a excellent purchase at PolicyBazaaar. Thankyou team.
4.3 February 04, 2023
Prompt Services
Policybazaar's efficient claims process was impressive. In case of any medical emergencies, my employees were able to get their claims settled swiftly, allowing them to focus on their health and recovery without worrying about financial aspects.Thankyou
4.3 January 22, 2023
Budget Friendly Purchase
Thankyou PolicyBazaar for providing such a great plan at affordable premium rates. It was a budget-freindly purchase.
4.3 January 09, 2023
Multiple Range Of Benefits
I purchased Group health Insurance which offered me plans with affordable rates Thankyou PB.

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