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HDFC ERGO Group Health Insurance

We all are exposed to many risks in our day-to-day life associated either with illnesses or accidents. Moreover, every day increasing the cost of medical treatments and hospitalization can drain our precious savings, if something unfortunate occurs, but not anymore. This is because, with a group health insurance policy offered by HDFC Ergo, you can offer medical protection to your employees or members at an affordable premium.

HDFC Ergo Group Health Insurance plans use an innovative way to develop group health insurance plans that are available at low cost and provide optimum coverage. The group health plans can be tailor-made as per the requirements of your group. In this way, you can get all the members of a group covered under a single plan.

Features and Benefits of HDFC Ergo Group Health Insurance

The features and benefits of a group health insurance policy offered by HDFC Ergo are:

  • Maternity Coverage: You can get maternity benefits under a group health insurance policy.
  • Low Premiums: A group health insurance plan by HDFC Ergo is available at lower premiums as compared to an individual health insurance policy.
  • Covers Pre-Existing Illnesses: You do not have to undergo any medical check-up before getting yourself covered in the HDFC Ergo Group Health Insurance plan. This means your pre-existing illnesses are covered.
  • No Waiting Period: Unlike an individual health insurance policy, a group health insurance plan does not have any waiting period. As soon as you join the organization and are enrolled in its group health insurance policy, you are ready to avail its benefits.
  • Family Floater: You do not have to purchase a family floater plan separately as HDFC Ergo also provides coverage to your spouse, dependent parents, and dependent children.
  • Reimbursement of Health Check-Up Cost: If you go for a health check-up, then you can get its reimbursement from the HDFC Ergo Group Health Insurance plan.
  • Other Healthcare Expenses: Expenses such as the cost of dental treatment, contact lenses, and spectacles are also covered. Even the policy reimburses the cost of the ambulance.

Inclusions of HDFC Ergo Group Health Insurance

HDFC Ergo Group Health Insurance gives you an option to tailor-made your group health insurance policy. Mentioned below are the inclusions of this policy, which are:

  • In-hospitalization expenses because of accident or sickness include:
    • Rent of the room
    • Boarding expenses are given by the hospital or nursing home
    • Expenses of the surgeon, medical practitioner, anesthetist, and consultants
    • Nursing staff expenses
  • Special fees:
    • Charges of operation
    • Blood, anesthesia, and oxygen charges
    • Charges of surgical appliances, drugs, and medicines
    • X-Ray charges
    • Charges of dialysis
    • Chemotherapy expenses
  • Expenses of pre-hospitalization
  • Expenses of post-hospitalization
  • Daycare treatment expenses
  • Domiciliary hospitalization expenses

Exclusions HDFC Ergo Group Health Insurance

The following treatments are excluded in a Group Health Insurance policy:

  • Injuries Caused Because of Suicide Attempts: The injuries that arise because of suicide attempts or self-harms are not covered in HDFC Ergo Group Health Insurance policies. An insured is not eligible to claim in case he/she tries to harm him/herself intentionally.
  • Therapies: HDFC Ergo Group Health Insurance policy does not provide coverage for therapies such as magnetic therapy, acupressure, naturopathy, and other alternative treatments.
  • Cosmetic Treatments: No group health insurance policy provides coverage for cosmetic treatments and HDFC Ergo Group Health Insurance policy is not different. However, the cost of plastic surgery after an injury or accident is covered in the HDFC Ergo Group Health Insurance policy. Along with joint replacement, dental surgeries are some of the common exclusions of a group health insurance policy offered by HDFC Ergo.

Why Should You Choose HDFC Ergo Group Health Insurance?

Here are the top reasons for selecting the HDFC Ergo Group Health Insurance Policy:

  • Provides Coverage for More than One Crore People: Trust is one of the key factors that redefines HDFC Ergo Group Health Insurance. As a company, HDFC Ergo constantly strives to make insurance easy, dependable, and affordable. The company keeps its promises and claims are fulfilled within time.
  • 24x7 Customer Support: At the time of distress instant help is required and HDFC Ergo understands that. The in-house claims team of the company provides support round the clock for ensuring the hassle-free experience of the claim. The company ensures to be the constant support for its customers in times of need.
  • Catering to the Requirements of Its Customers: HDFC Ergo caters to various requirements of its customers in the form of providing a wide range of insurance plans for every insurance sector.
  • Transparency: The claim settlement process of HDFC Ergo General Insurance company is transparent and is very easy.
  • Award and Accolades: The company has received various awards in the past for its best-in-class insurance products and customer service. Recently, it has received the ICAI Award of the Year and award for excellence in financial reporting.

HDFC Ergo Group Health Insurance - FAQs:

  • Q1: How is the premium of an HDFC Ergo Group Health Insurance policy calculated?

    Ans: The premium of a group health insurance policy offered by HDFC Ergo is dependant on the following factors:

    • Group size
    • Benefits opted
    • Profile of the covered members like their occupation, annual income, age, etc.
  • Q2: How to file a claim with HDFC Ergo Group Health Insurance policy?

    Ans: Follow the below steps to file a claim with HDFC Group Health Insurance policy:

    • In case of any event that is leading to a claim under this policy, call the customer support number of the company, i.e. 022 – 6234 – 6234.
    • The claim service representative of the company guides you through the claim process and tells you about the required documents.
    • The representative will also forward you a claim form in your email id or may fax.
    • Duly fill this claim form as per the nature of the loss.
    • Attach the required documents with the claim form.
  • Q3: Provide the list of the documents needed in case of claim settlement.

    Ans: The list of documents is:

    • In case of accidental injury claims:
      • Claim form
      • Discharge card from the hospital
      • If the case is reported to the police, then police report.
      • All the medical papers like reports from the pathology, x-ray reports, etc.
      • A prescription from the doctor, cash memos, and itemized bills.
    • In the case of hospitalization because of disease or illness:
      • Claim form
      • Medical papers and the line of treatment that is suggested.
      • A discharge summary from the hospital.
      • Cash memos
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