ICICI Pru Future Perfect

ICICI Pru Future Perfect Plan is a savings investment plan, which offers guaranteed benefits. The policy helps assured lives to get maturity benefits, surrender benefits, death benefits, etc., as per the policy norms. The policyholders also get the flexibility to choose from five different premium payment terms at their convenience. They must follow the minimum premium limit and other policy norms mentioned to get optimum policy benefits. As the policy offers tax benefits, the policyholders will save more if they choose to pay a high premium and make fewer withdrawals. The policyholders must pay all the due premiums on time and continue the policy over a more extended period to successfully secure their life and financial commitments.

Eligibility Criteria of ICICI Pru Future Perfect

Plan Name ICICI Pru Future Perfect
  • For PPT-5: 10- 15 years
  • For PPT-7: 12 -17 years
  • For PPT-10: 15- 20 years
  • For PPT-15: 20 - 25 years
  • For PPT-20: 25- 30 years
Premium Payment Terms(PPT) Limited Pay (5 years/ 7 years/ 10 years/ 15 years/ 20 years)
Premium Payment  Mode Monthly, Half-Yearly, Annually
Entry Age Minimum: 
  • 91 days (For PPT 10,15 and 20 years)
  • 1 year (for PPT 7 years) 
  • 3 year (for PPT 5 years)
  • 45 years (for PPT 5 and 20 years)
  • 50 years (for PPT 15 years)
  • 55 years (for PPT 10 years)
  • 58 years (for PPT 7 years)
Maturity Age Minimum: 18 years Maximum: 
  • 60 years (for PPT 5 years)
  • 70 years (for PPT 7 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years)
Grace Period Not Available
Sum Assured Minimum Basic Sum Assured on death:
  • Rs. 84,000 (PPT 20 years)
  • Rs. 96,000 (PPT 15 years)
  • Rs. 1,20,000 (PPT 10 years)
  • Rs. 1,80,000 (PPT 7 years)
  • Rs. 4,00,000 (PPT 5 years)
Liquidity The policy offers a loan facility once it reaches surrender value.

Benefits of ICICI Pru Future Perfect

  1. Flexibility

    ICICI Pru Future Perfect Policy offers flexibility to choose different premium payment terms and premium modes as per the convenience. However, the policyholders must consider the minimum premium amount and other eligibility conditions set by the company. 

  2. Loan Facility

     The policy offers a loan facility once it reaches surrender value. The policyholders can claim up to 80%* of the surrender value to take as a loan. (*Standard T&C Apply)

  3. Surrender Benefit

     The policyholders will get either guaranteed surrender value including bonuses and additions as applicable or special surrender value if the policy is surrendered after at least two years of policy terms, provided all the premiums are paid on time.

  4. Maturity Benefit

    On survival till maturity of ICICI Pru Future Perfect Policy, the policyholders will get the higher amount between guaranteed maturity benefits with accrued additions and bonuses as applicable and 100.1%* of annualized premiums and additional loadings as appropriate. (*Standard T&C Apply)

  5. Death Benefit

     The policy will offer the following death benefit in case all the premiums are paid to date.

    • Either, Death Sum Assured and additional bonuses and guaranteed additions as applicable, or
    • 105%* X total ICICI Pru Future Perfect premium paid till the date of death. (*Standard T&C Apply)
    • Death Sum Assured will be calculated as per specified conditions in the policy document.
  6. Tax Benefit

     The policy offers tax benefits* as Section 80(C) and Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act 1961. (*Tax benefit is subject to changes in tax laws)

Premiums for ICICI Pru Future Perfect

The policy offers flexibility to choose different premium payment terms and premium payment modes. The policyholders must consider the minimum annualized premium payment limit as below.


  • Rs. 8,400 (PPT 20 years)
  • Rs.9,600 (PPT 15 years)
  • Rs. 12,000 (PPT 10 years)
  • Rs. 18,000 (PPT 7 years)
  • Rs. 40,000 (PPT 5 years)

It is recommended to calculate the premium amount at ICICI Pru Future Perfect calculator available online to choose the amount.

Documents Required to Purchase ICICI Pru Future Perfect

The applicants must submit the following documents to help in the KYC process of policy management.

  • Identity proof such as voter's ID, PAN card, AADHAR card, driving license, passport, etc.
  • Address proof such as voter's ID, AADHAR CARD, driving license, and passport, ration card, etc.
  • Income proof such as salary slips, income tax returns, etc.

How to Buy this Plan Online?

The interested individuals must follow the steps below if they want to buy ICICI Pru Future Perfect.

  • Step1: They must visit online ICICI Pru Future Perfect and provide personal and contact details while calculating the premium amount.
  • Step2: In this stage, they are required to select policy terms, ICICI Pru Future Perfect premium modes, assured sums, and agree with terms and conditions. 
  • Step3: They are required to provide personal details, nominee details, KYC documents, and other information as needed.
  • Step4: The applicants must make payment through debit, credit, net banking, or wallets to purchase the policy successfully.

It is advised that the applicants must read ICICI Pru Future Perfect reviews available online before making the final purchase decision.

Exclusions of ICICI Pru Future Perfect

ICICI Pru Future Perfect Policy does not offer any death benefits if the death of assured life is due to suicide. However, the nominee will receive the higher amount between 80% of total premiums paid until the date or Policy Surrender Value applicable at the date of death, if the death takes place within a year starting from the risk commencement date or policy revival date.


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