ICICI Pension Plan Calculator

ICICI offers a variety of pension options to fit any individual's needs. ICICI services help people achieve their financial goals. These plans provide adequate protection against the ups and downs of life. Pension Plans may be bought as life security or to provide a financial backup for retirement.

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One can use an ICICI Pension Plan Calculator to easily calculate the premium required to be paid for these pension plans.

Why Should You use an ICICI Pension Plan Calculator?

One can easily calculate the appropriate premium sum for the ICICI Pension plan using an ICICI Pension Plan Calculator. It can be used to compare premium rates for a number of different investment amounts.

  • A pension plan calculator can help one understand and calculate the actual cost of one’s retirement plan premiums. 
  • It's easy to use, free of cost and can be used to calculate the various premiums that must be paid for a pension plan.
  • It allows one to differentiate between various insurance products by comparing their premium rates before making a purchase.
  • ·It would be easier to determine the extent of pension plan coverage once one knows about the premium amount.
  • A pension plan insurance calculator may also be used to determine if the pension amount chosen is sufficient and that the plan fits into one's budget.

The Process to use ICICI Pension Plan Calculator

The ICICI Pension Plan calculator can be used to determine one's premium sum and proceed with a specific term plan in a few steps. Individuals can go to the insurer's or policy aggregator's official website to use the ICICI Pension Plan Calculator tool online.

Here are the steps to be followed:

  1. Fill in the required information

    You need to input some data into the ICICI Pension Plan Calculator to calculate the pension amount. The following information will be needed: gender, age, date of birth, amount of pension that a person wishes to invest. He can choose the frequency of pension payment that he wishes to opt for: quarterly, monthly, half-yearly, once. 

    The calculator also needs information on a person's smoking habits and other health concerns. These details must be entered accurately.

    At the bottom of the page, there is a link for suitability analysis, which he needs to undergo.

  2. Suitability Analysis

    The applicant also needs to undergo a suitability analysis. He needs to fill a form with age category, income slab, type of life stage he has, i.e. whether single, married, has kids, or nearing retirement age, and the reason for investment. He also needs to inform what would be his goal horizon in years: below 10 years, in the range 11-20 years, or above 20 years.

    Next, he has to choose his risk profile for investment in the retirement fund, i.e., whether he will prefer growth, balanced, or aggressive types of investment funds.

    He can also choose his payment preference, whether limited premium or regular premium and the sum assured covered.

  3.  Check the premium amount 

    After you enter the necessary details, a premium estimate will appear on the screen. It is necessary to decide if the recommended premium amount is within one's financial means at this stage. If it does, they will continue to buy the pension plan policy to secure their financial future. If not, they can change the calculator input amounts to come up with various premium rates that are more affordable.

Advantages of ICICI Pension Plan Calculator

The ICICI Pension Plan Calculator will help you figure out how much coverage you need to meet your needs and reach your family's goals.

  1. Gives an estimated Pension amount

    An individual does not have a precise idea of the pension plan amount for a plan until using the Pension Plan calculator. However, by entering the necessary information into this online tool, one can quickly obtain an idea about his pension payments from the plan.

  2. Time-efficient process

    Calculating premium sums using a pen and paper method under various pension amount combinations can be time-consuming and error-prone. Using a term insurance premium calculator, on the other hand, takes just 5-10 minutes. 

  3. Cost-effective solution

    The ICICI Pension Plan Calculator can be found on the internet for free. It provides people with a quick and easy way to determine the premium amount for their plans. There is no need to wait in an insurance office, and one can get a quick estimate of their premium price on the website with a single click.

Information Required While Using ICICI Pension Plan calculator

To use the ICICI Pension Plan calculator, you'll need the following information:

  • The policyholder's date of birth, income, any loans or debts due, gender, marital status, and investment objectives.
  • Health-related data, such as details on any serious illnesses or smoking or tobacco habits.
  • Investment Amount in the plan and its frequency 
  • One must also determine one's financial goals and budget constraints.

Benefits of buying ICICI Pension Plan 

Term insurance plans are inexpensive and offer financial protection in the event of the insured's death. They assist people in achieving their life objectives. Some of the benefits of buying ICICI Pension Plan include the following:

  1. Helps in meeting life goals

    In the event of the policyholder's death, these plans offer sufficient life insurance in the form of death benefits to the candidate. If you live long enough, particular plans offer maturity benefits. This money would help the insured, and his family achieves their life goals, such as their children's education, marriage, debt reduction, and homeownership, among other things.

  2. Helps in wealth generation

    The ICICI Pension Plan Calculator will help you find life insurance and investment opportunities. ULIPs, on the other hand, grant policyholders the freedom to select them based on their investment goals and risk tolerance.

  3. Reduce Risk

    One can plan for one’s retirement age by creating a financial backup earlier in life. This will help to take care of life goals and cover the person's family in a way that they can sustain their current lifestyle even after retirement, without financial hardships. 

  4. Flexible-Premium Options

    ICICI offers a range of premium payment options for the convenience of its customers. Premiums may be paid annually, half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly, depending on the product terms and conditions.

  5. Tax Benefits

    Pension plans can help taxpayers to save money. Tax advantages on premiums and payouts are also possible under the provisions of the Income Tax Act of 1961. “Tax benefit is subject to changes in tax laws. Standard T&C apply.”

ICICI Premium Plan Rates

The premiums for ICICI policies are reasonable and will not burn a hole in the policyholder's financial resources. Some solutions are cost-effective. Premium rates will depend on the following factors:

  • Young applicants may take advantage of low premium rates due to their young age and long life expectancy.
  • Because of their gender, women may get better premium rates than men.
  • High Sum Assured Amount Premium Rates – Premium rates for high sum assured amounts are typically low.
  • Policy Tenure—the lower the premium, the longer the policy is in place. High-risk professions, such as mining, piloting, and firefighting, can have higher premium rates.
  • Premium Payment Term- A premium payment is a payment that is made regularly. Since premiums must be paid over the policy life, term insurance plans have lower premium rates. Payment of premiums is prohibited. Such insurance plans would enable policyholders to pay higher premiums. Term insurance can have a higher one-time premium than most single-premium insurance plans.

To summarize, the ICICI Pension Plan Calculator is an excellent tool for calculating term insurance premiums. One can use it to easily compute pension plan premiums and make a plan comparison effortlessly.


  • Q: How can I check the status of my ICICI pension plan?

    Ans: A policyholder can verify the status of an ICICI plan by visiting the company's official website. They must log in to your account to view plan details or the status of their argument. They can also call, email or text customer support with their policy number to confirm their status.
  • Q: What is an Insurance Rider, and how does it work?

    Ans: Additional discretionary incentives in the form of add-ons are included for term insurance policies. Riders are optional add-ons that cover specific situations such as accidental death, accidental injury, or severe illness. An additional fee is required to be paid to the riders.
  • Q: Is it possible to renew my ICICI Term Plan through the internet?

    Ans: Yes, ICICI offers policyholders the ability to renew their insurance premiums online through its online platform. To renew their plan, they will go to the website, enter their policy information, follow the steps, and make a payment.
  • Q: How can I file an ICICI Claim?

    Ans: In addition to the claims form, ICICI policyholders must request valid papers. This can be done online or in-person at the nearest branch. The insurer's Claims team will settle the claim within 30 days of obtaining and processing the documents. The balance of the claim is deposited directly into the policyholder's bank account.
  • Q: Is there a maturity advantage in the Pension Plan?

    Ans: Due to the lack of an investment aspect, term plans do not have maturity benefits. A term plan with a Return of Premium feature, on the other hand, will help one recover the total premium paid at the policy's end.
Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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(Based on 25 Reviews)
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ICICI Pension Plan Calculator Reviews & Ratings

4.2 / 5 (Based on 25 Reviews)
(Showing Newest 25 reviews)
West_tripura, October 10, 2016
ICICI Policy
My icici prudential life insurance pension plan is awesome which has some extra benefits of the policy. Services are on time and very quick facilitated by the staff of the company. Less paperwork and every update is mailed to me regularly.
Hathgaon, August 24, 2016
Retirement policy
I have secure my secure my retirement time by purchasing the pension plan from icici prudential life insurance. The insurance is good and large amount is given in the end of the insurance policy. Updates are mailed to me regularly about the insurance plan.
Bikaner, July 20, 2016
Coverage Is High
I have icici life insurance pension plan which has low premium and returns are maximum. Service is the best and on time. Updates and renewals are done on online service. The future of mine and my family is secure with this great policy.
Badayun, July 11, 2016
Pension Plan
Pension plan is very durable according to me and it helps a lot in future time. Premium of the policy is very low but the returns are heavy. Accidental death benefits, health care, and many reimbursable funds. Policy coverage is good and claims are easy to sanctioned due to fast service.
Ajmer, June 29, 2016
The pension plan I have purchase is good. Policy come in very low investment and premium is also low. Policy coverage is high and claims are good. The service is fast and claiming become easy due to this. The online portal service is nice it reduces paperwork and hassle free documentations.
Bengaluru, April 15, 2016
My pension policy plan is with icici prudential life insurance. The policy has good coverage that is 91% with low premium. Claims are also high and the returns is Rs.44 K per month after policy end. Service is fantastic and the executives do best work. Good investment for future and taxes are also reduced.
Pilani, April 15, 2016
Average Policy
I invest my money for my future security with icici prudential life insurance. I have pension policy plan. Policy coverage is 94% and claims are around 41 K. Service is good and executives behave well. Nice policy plan.
Jalpaiguri, April 15, 2016
Quality Investment
I buy pension policy for my parents from icici prudential life insurance. My parents are happy with the policy due to low premiums. The returns are high ~Rs.37 K per month for each. The policy coverage is high ~84% and service is rapid and on time. The online facilities are simple and easily accessible.
Dwarka, April 15, 2016
Policy Coverage Is Good
I purchase icici prudential life insurance pension plan. Plan is good with nice services and always on time. Policy coverage is 89% and the claim is of Rs.41 K per month after policy ends. Investment is low and returns are high. The behaviour from executives is nice. Good future investment with tax saving.
Coonoor, April 15, 2016
Above Average
I purchase pension plan with icici prudential life insurance. I'm relaxed now for my future, the returning amount is 39 K per month after the policy end. The policy coverage is 91% and claims are also high with low premiums. The behaviour of the executives and staff members are really very good. Nice policy, I like it.
Haldwani, April 15, 2016
My friend suggested me to invest money for future so i invest my money with icici prudential life insurance pension plan. The policy coverage is high ~89.5% and the claim is around Rs.41 K per month after policy get mature. Good future investment which reduces taxes too. Great services.
Jhumri_tillaiya, April 15, 2016
Totally Safe
I purchase icici prudential life pension plan for my parent. My father happy with the policy and its benefits. Policy coverage is high ~91% and the premium amount is low. The amount of Rs.44 K is given per month after the policy mature. The behaviour of executives and staff members are nice. Nice services, good work.
Kaushambi, April 15, 2016
ICICI prudential life pension plan by a friend advice. Plan is an average one with okay services, 69% policy coverage, Rs.36 K per month returns. Good future investment which reduces my taxes too. The behaviour of the executives and staff members. Manageable.
Muzaffarnagar, April 15, 2016
I own the icici prudential life insurance pension plans. The investment is low and the returns is huge. Policy coverage is high 89% and claims are even better. The service is awesome with very calm behaviour of executives and team. Good future investment and it saves taxes also.
Haidergrah, April 15, 2016
Nice Policy
I have a pension policy plan like every one does. The policy is great with high returns and low premiums. Policy coverage is also nice ~ 94% and service is fast. Really good job guys, you provide best icici prudential pension plans. Nice future investment which save taxes also.
Mehmdabad, April 15, 2016
Fair Policy
I found the best pension plan for old age with icici prudential life insurance . The plan is for my mom and she like the policy very much. The policy coverage is 89% and return is ~Rs.41 K per month. The service is good and the amount is directly transfer to mom bank account. I so stress free now. Great work.
Ambedkar_nagar, April 15, 2016
Satisfactory Plan
I got a very fine policy from icici prudential life insurance. Now, I'm tension for future because of great pension policy plan. The coverage is good around 91%, service is great and fast too, even the claims are fantastic. Great policy, i like it.
Mussorie, April 15, 2016
Excellent Policy
Recently took life insurance with icici prudential life insurance. Great retirement plans with low premiums and nice policy coverage ~86%. The service providers are cooperative and doing there jobs very nicely. Claims easy to get and time period is less. Nice deal, satisfied.
Gautam_buddha_nagar, April 15, 2016
I got pension plan from icici prudential life insurance from last few year. The policy coverage is ~95%. No doubt the service is good. The claiming experience i don't have yet. Good future investment with low premiums. The behaviour of executives and staff members are really very nice. Good work.
Manesar, April 15, 2016
My pension policy plan is suggestion of the friend, So i took it from icici prudential life insurance. Staff members and executives provide good and quick services. Policy coverage is good approx. 93% but the premiums are normal. Good terms in compare with other companies. I like my policy plan.
Dhule, March 08, 2016
Fantastic plan.
I have pension policy plan which i purchase from icici prudential life insurance. Policy coverage is 80% and the premiums is 6K. Nice investment for future and around 30K is pay back amount per month after policy get mature.
Plan Name: Easy Retirement
Agent Code: BPW00313
Srikakulam, March 06, 2016
good investment
My pension plan is with icici prudential life insurance. The claims are easily cleared due to fast services provided by the executives. Payback amount is ~rs.19 K. The premiums are low and pay twice a year.
Plan Name: Wealth Builder II
Agent Code: BPW00313
Sitamarhi, March 03, 2016
ICICI prudential life insurance provide me pensions plan. Policy premium is low i.e., 5K and the returns are high ~rs.27 K. Claims are easily sanctioned because the executives provides great services. I like the policy.
Plan Name: Wealth Builder II
Agent Code: BPW00313
Bengaluru, February 28, 2016
Not Satisfactory.
I have icici prudential life insurance pension policy plan. My policy is not that good as i expected. Policy coverage is 70%, claims are 15K and the service is slow. Please improve your services and policy plans.
Plan Name: Easy Retirement
Agent Code: BPW00313
Chennai, February 19, 2016
I have pension policy plan with icici prudential life insurance. The plan is having low investment and the policy coverage is 80%. In fact the claim is high and the amount in return is 20000 per month. Overall nice policy with good services.
Plan Name: Wealth Builder II
Agent Code: BPW00313
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