Postal Life Insurance Scheme for Girl Child and Women

For a family, having a child plan is a vital requirement, as it helps the parents to meet the educational and marriage expenses of their child. With an emphasis on the women empowerment and girl child education, the new government has made a sincere effort at designing women and girl child oriented schemes to safeguard their present and have a bright future ahead, regardless of life’s atrocities. Often, insurance companies sell customized plans, but now the government organizations; such as, the Postal Department has jumped the bandwagon and has designed competitive child plans with the sole focus on women and girl child.

This new move made by the Indian Postal Department will significantly improve the status of the women especially in the rural areas. Being in their nascent stage, these schemes will offer great financial help in bringing up the girl child. Although, the scheme will take some time to get started, but it will not be long before these plans will be executed on full scale.

National Award winner Anjali Devasher, member Postal Services Board confirmed that the schemes will be in effect, once they are implemented across all the seven pilot circles. It is about time something like this came up in the patriarchal society.

The Postal Life Insurance plan was first launched in 1884 exclusively for the post office employees. However, today the scheme is available to all the employees of the Central and State governments giving the citizens a better option to provide for their daughters and women.

*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply

The Postal Life Insurance Scheme for Girl Child and Women has been implemented for the defense and paramilitary forces, and the Education sector. Earlier in 1995, this plan had been rolled out for the rural people as the Rural Postal Life Insurance Scheme.

Foreign Direct Insurance investment will not affect the schemes offered by the Indian Postal Department. The clientele is fixed, that’s why it won’t happen. The number of policies under this new scheme signed up so far has reached a staggering figure of Rs.2.86 crores. The corpus size measures to be Rs. 55,000 crore, and the total sum assured for all policies is Rs. 2,01,373 crores. What these numbers together indicate that every girl child in the country will receive her right to education and health without fear. Facilities like schooling and health care will no longer be a challenge after such policies comes into effect.

These factors will make the Postal Life Insurance Scheme for Girl Child and Women schemes hard to ignore. And, so it’s vital that every rural family should think about getting this profitable insurance plan, after it is launched for the public.

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(Source: This article has been adapted from the article "Postal Department to Come Up With Insurance Policies for Girl Child, Women " that appeared on 27th January 2015 in

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 09 March 2021
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