Top 10 Investment Options in India in 2018

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When one talks of top investment options, it naturally means high returns with minimum risk involved. Alas, there is nothing called perfect in the world of investment! You need to make do with available options, which are less than perfect, yet worthwhile still. Instead of getting disappointed do proper research and find instruments that are quite safe with the added benefit of their tenure, the tax applies, and expected benefits with other notes that can work in your favor. 

Here below are 10 best investment plans for 2018 that you should consider seriously.

Fixed Deposit in Banks

When it comes to opinion polls regarding the safest investment option in India, today the unanimous vote goes to bank fixed deposit. The main reason for such overwhelming demand in this kind of saving option is that it provides reasonable returns and completely safely for the money. When you are after surefire returns there is nothing like keeping your money in a bank fixed deposit.

The tenure for the FD may vary from fifteen days to five years or more. Depending upon the financial organization you choose, it is possible to get approximately 10% interest for non-senior citizens. The rate is slightly higher, if your age is above 60 years. Just keep the amounts you want in FD and forget all about it until it matures.

Insurance Policy Investment

After the bank fixed deposits, the maximum number of people chooses insurance policies as their favorite investment vehicle for future times. Over the years, this situation has remained the same and there is no reason this should change in . Through this option, you are sure to get risk free profits. Insurance policies can be of various types that provide various types of coverage. This includes LIC, Home or Car insurance and Health insurance, just to name a few.

Public Provident Funds

Public Provident Fund (PPF) is another good option for investing money safely for future times. The returns are high especially for those who fall under the thirty percent tax brackets. Interest on PPF is as high as 9%. However, the tenure of such kind of investment is quite long at 15 years stretch. Nevertheless, in view of waiting gains at the end of the tunnel and this being an almost no risk option, it is surely a worthwhile choice 2018.

National Saving Certificate (NSC)

National Saving Certificate is a perennial favorite with people in India when one considers investment options. With a six-year tenure and availability of government subsidies, this is a secure option in every sense. One can start with as low as 100 rupees with no upper limit for how much you can invest in this government scheme. The interest rate is 8% calculated twice in a single year. You can get tax deductions for up to 1- lakh rupees on NSC returns. 

Mutual Fund Investments

Make limited investments and create a diverse portfolio that provides high returns with mutual fund investment. This is a good option for anybody who wants to dabble in stock markets without taking undue risks and increase their chance of making profits. This is an ideal way to invest money since one can make the most of the expertise of an experienced portfolio manager. You can pool money to buy bonds stocks or other investment options and make profits in the process. Diverse portfolio decreases the related risks.

Stock Investments

If you know what you are doing why not consider investment in stock in 2018. This is an ideal way to make good amounts fast. However, it is necessary to understand that high returns also come with high risks and proper study of the market and knowing about its vagaries is necessary before one can choose to invest money in stock trading.

Investment in Gold/Silver

Instead of investing in gold in 2018, it is a good idea to consider silver instead. This is ideally a short-term option for investment, which you can choose. For those who cannot consider beyond gold as an investment option, five or ten percent should be the overall investment limit. The reason is simple. The market predicts muted gold returns this year in keeping with possible rupee appreciation.

Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment has always been a particular favorite with investors everywhere. This year however, it will be almost futile to invest too much in this sector because of already high-escalated rates, which make it beyond the capabilities of even the rich people. This scenario is especially true for Delhi, Mumbai, or Bangalore. The situation is comparatively better in the two or three tier cities. Consider the prices of the property, which you target buying in 2018. If they seem attractive then go ahead, otherwise it will be a good idea to consider other options instead for investing your money.

Private Equity Investments

Private equity is another investment option, which does not, trades on the traditional stock market scenario. This consists of private company equity securities and made by privately owned equity firms, angel investors, or venture capital organizations. This concept is fast expanding in India. It offers a good choice for investment purposes in 2018, which you can consider. The returns related to this are satisfactory and there are above 365 firms functioning under Indian equities presently.

NRO Fund Investment

Non Resident Ordinary or NRO investment funds are another good option to choose as an investment vehicle in India in 2018. This is highly popular with Non-resident Indians. If you are one of the NRIs who want to invest the money earned on foreign shores in Indian currency then this surely is an ideal option in all respects.

These top 10 options spring to mind when one considers ideal investment options for 2018. Besides these obvious instruments, one can consider other choices too and place their money after weighing the benefits and risks involved. Going for risky investments is never recommended especially those related to emerging markets. Going without professional guidance can prove fatal. Do rake in the Moolah but under proper professional guidance and only after reading the offer document thoroughly.