Jeevan Pramaan

Jeevan Pramaan is a biometric that allows pensioners to receive digital services. Jeevan Pramaan Patra is a life certificate for central, state and other government organizations' pensioners. In India, more than one crore of families exist and are eligible to receive a pension. The pension is disbursed to them by the appropriate government (Central government, state government, or UT). The central government has fifty lakh pensioners eligible to receive a pension.

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A similar number belongs to the state, UT, and other government agencies. In order to receive the pension from pension disbursing agencies, it is a requisite for the pensioner to obtain a Jeevan Pramaan life certificate. In the absence of the Jeevan Pramaan certificate, they might not be eligible to receive the pension from the disbursing agencies. The disbursing agencies, which grant the pensions to credit the pension in the pensioner's account, are banks, post offices, etc.

Jeevan Pramaan Life Certificate for Pensioners

In order to claim pension post-retirement, the beneficiaries are required to furnish their life certificate before an authorized agency disburses the pension. Therefore, the pensioners were required to be physically present before the pension disbursing agency in order to get a life certificate issued by them. However, the requirement of being present physically was a significant hurdle for the beneficiaries. 

It was taken into account that being physically present before the agency might cause hardship and inconvenience to the aged people. An elderly adult cannot always be in a position to visit the offices or present before the appropriate authority in order to secure the certificate. 

Additionally, after retirement, various government employees changed their residences and moved to other places to live with their families. Hence, they may face logistic issues in order to access the pension. In addition, they might not present physically before the authorities. Therefore, this issue needs to be raised and addressed by the government.

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Jeevan Pramaan Life Certificate Online

The government addressed the abovementioned issues and made the process of getting Jeevan Pramaan Patra or digital life certificates online. As a result, the whole process has become hassle-free and more straightforward for pensioners. They may visit the official government website in order to claim the certificate anytime. 

Let us understand the benefits of a digital life certificate online.

  1. A Hassle-free Process

    Getting a digital life certificate or Jeevan Pramaan Patra has become hassle-free. One may simply visit the official website of the government in order to claim the certification. 

  2. Verification

    The verification can be quickly done by utilizing the Aadhaar biometric authentication in order to discard the possibility of fraudulent activities.

  3. Notification

    The pensioner may get a notification via SMS upon the successful generation of the Jeevan Pramaan life certificate.

How does the Whole Process Work?

Listed below are the steps one may follow to get the digital life certificate.

  1. Life Certificate Generation

    One may download the mobile or PC application or visit the center of Jeevan Pramaan to register for the life certificate. In addition, the individual must provide essential information such as pension payment order, bank name, mobile number, bank account, and Aadhaar number.

  2. Aadhaar Authentication

    In the next step, the beneficiary is required to provide the biometric, either the iris or finger point, for the authentication process. 

  3. Life Certificate Online

    Upon successful authentication, an SMS will be sent to the beneficiary as an acknowledgment on the mobile number included in the Jeevan Pramaan Certificate. The pensioner and pension-disbursing agency may access the certificate stored in Life Certificate Repository at any time.

  4. Access of Certificate

    The beneficiary may download the digital life certificate by visiting the website of Jeevan Pramaan. In order to access the certificate, the beneficiary is required to provide the Jeevan Pramaan ID.

  5. Pension Disbursing Agency (PDA)

    The Pension Disbursing Agency may access the digital life certificate on the website of Jeevan Pramaam and may also download it if necessary.

  6. Digital Delivery

    The beneficiary can receive the electronic delivery of his digital life certificate. The certificate can be produced to the PDA without any physical interruption.

Steps to Generate Jeeavan Pramaan Certificate

One may access the certificate via the Jeevan Pramaan application. Listed below are the steps to generate the certificate.

  • The beneficiary is required to log in to the application by entering the Pramaan ID he received upon registration.

  • After entering the ID, he needs to enter the OTP he may receive on the registered mobile number.

  • The user will see a 'Generate Jeevan Pramaan' option. He may select it or click on the option to proceed ahead.

  • Now, the user is required to fill out the Aadhaar number along with the mobile number. 

  • Again, an OTP will be sent to the mobile number required to be filled out in the space provided for OTP.

  • In the next step, the user may fill out the following detail:

    • Pensioner Name

    • PPO Number

    • Type of pension

    • Name of Sanctioning Authority

    • Name of Disbursing Agency

    • Name of Agency

    • Email Id

    • Select Remarried options

    • Select Re-Employed Options

  • The user is required to select the no objection icon and scan the iris or fingerprint.

  • Later, the biometric authentication process will start, and it will be automatically authenticated using the Aadhaar data the user provided earlier.

  • The certificate will be displayed on the screen of the user upon successful authentication of the biometric.

  • The user will receive a confirmation SMS on the mobile number containing the certificate ID.


Pension is probably a single alternative for senior citizens to meet their financial requirements. Retired central and state government employees receive a pension from the government. However, they must produce their life certificate every year to get the pension credited to their respective bank accounts. It might be complex or challenging for senior citizens to verify themselves physically. Hence, the government had to devise a solution to make the whole process online for their convenience.


  • Whether Jeevan Pramaan Online is a successful initiative?

    Yes, it is a successful initiative, as 696.89 Lakh beneficiaries submitted the digital certificate since 2014. In addition, 106.83 lakh people submitted the certificate since 1st Nov 2022.
  • Can I locate the Pramaan Centers?

    Upon visiting the portal, a user may locate the center after clicking on the 'locate a center' option.
  • What are the eligibility criteria to avail of Jeevan Pramaan?

    The beneficiary must be a pensioner and a retired employee of an appropriate government. In addition, he must possess an Aadhaar number. 
  • What is Jeevan Pramaan?

    It is a digital certificate that shows that the beneficiary is alive and eligible to get a pension from the government.
  • Who needs the life certificate to avail pension?

    A retired government employee must hold a life certificate to avail of the pension.
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