Fire Insurance for Clinic/Hospital

Fire insurance for clinics/hospitals provides coverage against the loss or damage caused due to fire accidents. Fire insurance not only covers the damage caused due to fire accidents but also lightning, natural calamities and other specified perils. It is also recommended to the buyers go through the policy documents thoroughly to learn about the coverages while purchasing the insurance policy.

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Fire Insurance for Clinic/Hospitals: Inclusions

The fire insurance for the Clinic/Hospital provides coverage for the following perils:

  • Fire: Since it is fire insurance, it will provide cover for the damage and loss caused by fire.
  • Lightning: This plan provides cover for the damage caused in case lightning cracks or breaks the roof of the Clinic/Hospital.
  • Airplane crash: In case there is an airplane that crashed on the roof of the Clinic/Hospital or dropped some article that caused damage to the house will be covered.
  • Terrorist attack: In case there is a loss or damage caused by any terrorist attack, this policy will provide cover for that.
  • Bush Fire: In case the Clinic/Hospital is surrounded by the bush that catches fire and damages the Clinic/Hospital will be covered.
  • Water tank burst: A water tank is one of the most important things in a Clinic/Hospital. In case it burst out and causes damage to the Clinic/Hospital, it will be covered under the policy.
  • Specific Natural Calamity: In case there is damage caused by storms, landslides, etc will be covered under this policy.
  • Explosion: In case an explosion takes place in the house that causes damage will be covered under the policy.

Fire Insurance for Clinic/Hospitals: Exclusions

Fire insurance for clinics/hospitals does not provide coverage for the following perils:

  • Nuclear Perils: In case you have stored nuclear peril inside your Clinic/Hospital that caused damage will not be covered under this policy.
  • Short circuit: In case there is a short circuit that takes place and damages the Clinic/Hospital will not be covered under this policy.
  • War: In case a war or civil war is going on that causes damage to the Clinic/Hospital will not be covered under the policy.
  • Temperature change: In case of temperature change that caused any kind of damage to the content of the Clinic/Hospital such as medicines, drugs, etc. will not be covered under the policy.
  • Specified Natural Calamity: If there is an earthquake or volcanic eruption that caused damage to the Clinic/Hospital, the insurer will not provide cover for it.
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Fire Insurance for Clinic/Hospitals: Add-ons

If the standard fire insurance policy does not provide you with enough coverage for your Clinic/Hospital then you can add on different riders that you can purchase and add to your existing plan. They are as follows:

  • Contamination
  • Loss of Rent
  • Architect fee
  • Forest fire cover

There are several other add-ons available that you can inquire about from your desired insurance company.

Fire Insurance for Clinic/Hospitals: Claim Process

The most important part that you should be aware of is how to raise a claim when a fire accident takes place. Let us tell you how to do that.

  • When a fire accident takes place, tell your insurer immediately.
  • Give them every single detail related to the damage the fire accident caused and an estimated cost of it.
  • The insurer will send a surveyor to the Clinic/Hospital and you will have to cooperate with them.
  • After the survey, the insurance company will begin the procedure of the claiming process.
  • In a few days, your claim will get settled.

Fire Insurance for Clinic/Hospitals: Documents Required

There are a few documents that you need to provide to the insurer so that they can begin to settle your claim.

  • Policy copy with schedule and clause included
  • Claim form filled up properly
  • Newspaper cutting if it has been printed in anyone
  • Previous raised claim record
  • Photos
  • Fire brigade report
  • Forensic report if the insurer asks for it.
  • Investigation report copy


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