Fire Insurance for Office

Fire insurance for office provides coverage against loss or damage caused to the office building as well as the content inside the office building due to fire accidents. Apart from this, the policy also provides cover for the damages caused by natural calamities, bursting of water tanks, etc.

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Fire Insurance for Office: Inclusions

Fire insurance provides cover for below mentioned perils:

  • Fire: Damage caused by fire accidents is covered.
  • Explosion: Damage caused by an explosion is covered.
  • Aircraft: Damage or loss caused by an aircraft crash is covered.
  • Lightning: In case of lightning and if it cracks the building is also covered.
  • Natural calamity: Damage caused by typhoons, cyclones, etc is covered.
  • Landslide: if your office is in a hilly area and the landslide causes any damage to the office then it will be covered.
  • Water tank overflow: If the water tank kept on the roof of your office building bursts out then the damage caused by it will be covered.

Fire Insurance for Office: Exclusion 

Fire insurance for office does not provide coverage for the following:

  • Willful negligence leading to any kind of damage will not be covered
  • Damage caused by terrorist activity is not covered.
  • Damage caused due to war will not be covered.
  • Damage caused by terrorist activity will not be covered.
  • Loss in the share market or loss of earnings will not be covered.
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Fire Insurance for Office: Claim Process

Follow the below-mentioned steps to raise your claim under fire insurance for office: 

  • Inform the insurer when a fire accident takes place in your office
  • Ask for the claim form and fill it up
  • Provide detailed information on the damage
  • Tell them an estimated amount of the damage
  • The insurance company will send investigators to survey the premises
  • Help them during the survey and tell them everything in detail
  • Once they are done with the survey they will begin the settlement process.

Fire Insurance for Office: Documents Required

To raise a claim after the fire accident, you will be required to provide the following document along with the claim form:

  • Copy of the policy
  • The policy should consist schedule and clauses.
  • Newspaper cutting if the accident has been published in any.
  • If you raised any previous claim then a record of it.
  • Passport size photo
  • Report of a fire brigade
  • Investigation report


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