Monthly Interest for 10 Lakh Fixed Deposit

The retired elderly individuals form the most extensive customer base for the 10 Lac fixed deposits to earn higher returns than savings. However, youngsters also consider FDs as a safe investment option to diversify their financial portfolio.

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Let us explore why fixed deposits are for everyone.

What are Fixed Deposits?

Fixed deposits are safe investment tools offered by financial institutions and the corporate parking lump sum funds for a specific period. The investor earns interest at varying rates offered on the invested sum based upon the tenor. 

As the monthly interest for a 10 Lac fixed deposit is high, the investors earn a higher monthly return. Every investor has a financial goal, and monthly interest for a 10 Lac fixed deposit explores supplemental income rather than long-term money growth.

Guaranteed return plan Guaranteed return plan

Why is Monthly Interest for 10 Lac Fixed Deposit Advantageous?

For a non-cumulative 10 Lac fixed deposit, you can invest through banks, post offices, and NBFCs to fulfil your financial goals. While banks provide the most comprehensive product range of short and long-term fixed deposits, post offices and NBFCs offer higher interest rates. Let us check out the advantages:

  • Flexibility: Banks offer fixed deposit tenors to match your short-term and long-term financial objectives from seven days to ten years. On the other hand, post offices offer a single five-year tenor and NBFC between one year and five years. 

  • Higher Returns: Fixed deposit interest rates are higher than savings accounts, which practically keeps your funds idle. 

  • Guaranteed Returns: You are assured of guaranteed returns regardless of the downward revision in interest rates. It follows that the opposite is also true. 

  • Preferential Rates: Monthly interest for 10 Lac fixed deposits is ideal for the retired and presumably senior citizens. They enjoy an additional 0.25% to 0.50% interest over the card rates. 

Interest Rates in Fixed Deposits

The following table illustrates the offered interest rates by banks, NBFCs, and Post offices.

Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Maturity Tenors

Interest Rates (%)


Post Office


Between 7 and 45 days


Between 46 and 180 days


Between 181 and 270 days 


Between 271 days and 1 year


1 year 


Between 1 and  2 years


5.51 to 5.65

Between 2 and  3 years


5.94 to 6.10

Between 3 and  5 years


6.31 to 6.50

5 years



Between 5 and 10 years 



*For PO Monthly Income Scheme for Last (Oct to December) Quarter 2021

#Effective for non-senior citizens deposits below Rs.2 Cr from 16/12/2020. 

Senior citizens: Additional 0.50% above the card rates in Banks and 0.25% in NBFC. 


  • Bank of Baroda
  • India Post
  • Bajaj Finserv 

Fixed Deposit Payout Structure

Non-cumulative fixed deposits pay out whatever interest accrues and transfer to your active savings account linked to the deposit. Regardless of the tenure, you continue to receive interest credits to your account till maturity. Since the interest has been paid out, you are entitled to the principal amount on maturity. 

On the contrary, if you had invested in the cumulative fixed deposit, you would receive maturity benefit, comprising the principal and accumulated interest after compounding.  

You can choose from the monthly and quarterly payout in banks and NBFCs, while half-yearly and the yearly payout is available in the latter. On the other hand, the post office monthly income scheme explicitly suggests the payout in the name itself. 

Computing Monthly Interest for 10 Lac Fixed Deposit

After comprehending the various parameters in different financial institutions, illustrative computation of the monthly interest is essential to clear any lingering doubts.  Let us explore them one by one:

Bank: The tenor chosen is indicative. You must consult with the banks and explore your specific needs for financial comfort and peace of mind.

Computed Interest in Banks for 10  Lac Fixed Deposit

Maturity Tenors

Monthly Interest 

Quarterly Interest

Card Rate





12 months 






18 months






24 months 






36 months







Card rate in %

Interest amount in INR

Post office: The MIS is uncomplicated with a single option regardless of the investment amount. The POMIS is a government-sponsored small savings scheme for which the applicable interest rates are declared every quarter with a matching validity. Accordingly, the monthly interest for 10 Lac fixed deposit in the POMIS is:

  • Principal investment Rs.10 Lac

  • Interest rate: 6.6% per annum ( last quarter of 2021)

  • Tenor: 5 years.

  • Monthly Interest: Rs.5466.75

  • Total Interest: Rs. 328185.00 (for the five years)

In this context, it is not out of place to mention that the interest rate for the cumulative fixed deposit in a post office is 6.7% for the same tenor. The cumulative interest for the same period comes to Rs 394.066. Here it is of academic interest to compare with the non-cumulative to highlight the difference between the two.

NBFC: The interest payout structure in NBFC also covers half-yearly and annual, but the illustration is confined to comparing the monthly and quarterly interest payout to match with the banks. 

Computed Interest in NBFC for 10 Lac Fixed Deposit


Monthly Payout 

Quarterly Payout 

Card Rate

Interest Amount 

Card Rate



12  to 23 months





24 to 35 months





36 to 60 months






Card rate in %

Interest amount in INR (Rs)

In Conclusion

You can now easily choose your option for Rs 10 Lac fixed deposit. While Post offices and NBFCs offer better interest rates and higher returns. banks offer flexibility. 

In addition, monthly interest in post offices offers a single option while banks and NBFCs offer multiple options to suit your financial goals. Compare all the pros and cons and make an informed decision for monthly interest for a 10 Lac fixed deposit.


*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply
+ Trad plans with a premium above 5 lakhs would be taxed as per applicable tax slabs post 31st march 2023
#Discount offered by insurance company
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