Prathama UP Gramin Bank FD Rates

Prathama UP Gramin Bank is supported by Punjab National Bank, one of the leading commercial Indian banks. Prathama UP Gramin Bank came into existence by the union of two Regional Rural Banks i.e., Prathama Gramin Bank, Moradabad, and Sarva UP Gramin Bank, Meerut. The head office of the Bank is in Moradabad and its operational area spreads in 20 districts. The main objective of this Bank is to cater to the banking requirements of the people in the operational area with excellence. Along with several plans and schemes, it also offers various FD options for individuals and senior citizens.

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Prathama UP Gramin Bank FD Interest Rates for General Citizens 

Term  Fixed Deposit Interest Rates for General Citizens 
7 Days to 14 Days  5.75%
15 Days to 45 Days  5.75%
46 Days to 90 Days  6.25%
91 Days to 180 Days  6.35%
181 Days to 364 Days  6.50%
1 Year  7.05%
500 Days  7.25%
>1 Year and up to 5 Years  7.10%
>2 Years and up to 5 Years 6.90%
>5 Years and up to 10 years  6.90%
Tax Saver Scheme  6.90%

Rates are effective from 2022

Prathama UP Gramin Bank FD Interest Rates for Senior Citizens 

Term  Fixed Deposit Interest Rates for Senior Citizens 
7 Days to 14 Days  5.75%
15 Days to 45 Days  5.75%
46 Days to 90 Days  6.25%
91 Days to 180 Days  6.35%
181 Days to 364 Days  6.50%
1 Year  7.60%
500 Days  7.80%
>1 Year and up to 5 Years  7.65%
>2 Years and up to 5 Years 7.45%
>5 Years and up to 10 years  7.45%
Tax Saver Scheme  7.45%

Disclaimer: Interest rates of FD keep on changing 

Rates are effective from 2022

Features and Benefits of Prathama Bank FD Rates 

  • Competitive interest rates are offered with flexible FD terms to suit the requirements of your investment plan.

  • Option to open an FD account online or by visiting the nearest Prathama Bank Branch. 

  • There is no cap on the maximum FD amount. 

  • The tenure of FD is 7 days to 10 years. 

  • Different options of interest payout like monthly, quarterly, and annual. 

  • Option of loan against FD is available up to the FD amount of 85%.

  • Fast and easy options of liquidity are available. 

  • Option of nomination is available. 

  • NRO, NRE, and FCNR deposit option is offered by the bank. 

  • The interest rates for senior citizens are higher than for regular citizens. 

  • Get a tax benefit of up to Rs. 1.5 Lacs using a tax-saving term deposit scheme as per the prevailing Income Tax Act. 

  • Auto-renewal options and part–withdrawal facilities are also available. 

  • Option of converting special FD into MFBD (Multi-Benefit Fixed Deposit) for a tenure longer than the rest period of the original contract. 

  • The minimum deposit for 7 days to 10 years is Rs. 1000. 

  • Interest is paid at maturity time in case of short-time deposits and on a bi-yearly basis if the deposit is done for 6 months. 

Who is Eligible for Prathama Bank Fixed Deposit (FD) Schemes? 

Below are persons eligible to invest in FDs: 

  • Any individual singly or jointly availing scheme with others 

  • Minor of 10 years and more in his/her name 

  • Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) 

  • Partnership Firm 

  • Proprietary Firm 

  • Any Company 

  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

  • Association of Persons (AOP)

  • Local Authority 

  • Body Of Individuals (BOI)

  • Registered Society or Panchayat

  • Non-Resident Indian (NRI)

How To Calculate the Prathama UP Gramin Bank FD Rate? 

FD Interest rates for different terms are computed using the following way: 

  • Simple interest is paid at the time of maturity for FD tenure of fewer than 6 months 

  • FD Interest is computed every quarter FD term of 6 months and more. 

  • Re-investment interest is computed every quarter and is supplemented to the Principal amount in such a way that the interest is payable on the interest earned in the last quarter also. 

  • In a monthly deposit scheme, the FD interest shall be computed quarterly and paid every month with certain discounts. 

How to Automatically Renew the Prathama UP Gramin Bank FD Rates? 

Option of Automatic Renewal or Requested Renewal at Maturity on the same receipt of deposit is also available for the investors. It is not required for an investor to visit the bank for his/her renewal deposit. 

  • Ordinary Fixed Deposits of the short term i.e., 7 days to 179 days may be renewed automatically with or without any interest. 

  • In Fixed Deposits of longer-term in which the simple interest is credited or paid half-yearly, only the principal sum is renewed automatically. 

  • In case no interest is claimed by the investor, the principal amount along with the due interest may be renewed automatically. 

  • In case of requested renewal during maturity, the long-term FDR can be renewed on the same receipt of deposit as chosen by the investor.

Points to Keep in Mind Before Investing in Prathama UP Gramin Bank FDs 

  • Ensure to compare the FD interest rates on a term basis before deciding on the bank for operating a Fixed Deposit account, to receive the maximum rate of interest on the selected term.

  • The tenure for most of the banks differs from 7 days to 10 years. You should select the Fixed Deposit term based on your investment requirements.

  • Choose options of interest payouts like quarterly or monthly.

  • In case of instant funds requirement, you can also opt for a loan or overdraft facility against FD. 

  • If your yearly income is non-taxable, then you can submit Form 15H or Form 15G to avoid TDS. 

  • While opening FDs offline or online, ensure to provide instructions on the process of maturity on your FD scheme. In case, no instructions are provided, your FD will get renewed spontaneously on maturity. 

  • Always mention the name of the nominee in your FD account.

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