What is Form 26AS & Ways to Download It

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Our pursuit is relentless and never-ending, but nevertheless, we must look over our back to be aware and alert. As a citizen, we must know our rights and gain knowledge from time to time of the happenings around us.

What are the ways you can download the form 26AS?

There are technically three main ways you can download the form; they are listed below,

  • Website for income tax

You can download the form from the income tax website  https://incometaxindiaefiling[dot]gov.in and you will have the rest of the steps are mentioned in the table below

  • Website for bank

Another very easy way of downloading or rather viewing the form is, if the taxpayer has submitted his PAN number to the bank, he may simply download the form or rather view the form if he enrolled with net banking for the respective bank and view the form or download the form without registering on the site mentioned above.

3) Traces website

Traces website is a bit tricky but if you are accustomed to it you can easily login to the Traces website and process the required information you need

You can download form 26AS by searching for ‘form 26as download PDF’ or simply search ‘income tax refund’

Let's walk you through the steps for downloading the form 26AS




Go online and search for https://incometaxindiaefiling[dot]gov.in, you will have to use the login and username, given to you by the income tax department. In the event that you do not have one, go ahead and create it


Enter the PAN card number, your name, password, date of birth, etc. Finally, enter the CAPTCHA and enter Login.


On the left side of quick links, you will notice view form 26AS


Next, you will have to be redirected to a government website that is completely safe and will take you to the next part of the form filling


When on the traces website click on the box that says proceed


On the bottom of the page, you will notice a clickable text that says ‘view tax credit form (26AS)’


Once clicked, simply choose the year of assessment and the format post which you can download it for future reference or work on it online.


Finally, to open the form, you will have to utilize the password that is your date of birth in DDMMYYYY format and Tadaaaa…! your form will be open for you to view

So what is 26AS?

It is a statement issued under the rule 31AB, which is issued to PAN card holders. This statement consists of financial details for the year.

The statement includes mainly of 5 parts TDS (Tax deducted at source), TCS (Tax collected at source), advance tax or self-assessment tax deposited in the bank taxpayers, Tax refunds and finally annual information report (AIR).

What are Form 26AS benefits?

To begin with, one has to cross check their form 26AS with the amount mentioned in the tax credit statement. It is important because the tax statement confirms the tax paid to the income tax department.

The form ensures that

  • All the tax deducted or paid to the collector is deposited with the government account that collects all the tax.
  • It ensures the deductor or collector has accurately filled up all the details and ensured that the transaction happens effortlessly.
  • The bank involved has processed the details correctly.

Let’s discuss how will one download the form from any online sites

Things to Keep in Mind Regarding Form 26AS

1) First things first always remember to have a look at form 26AS. We at Policy Bazaar strongly believe that it should be considered mandatory to have a look at the form 26AS for the reason that one should not get any uncalled for surprises from the income tax department.

If you have any doubts regarding filling the or you believe that you are not a 100% sure about the process, you can give us a call at any time and we will walk you through regarding everything and anything that you might want to ask us. Our representatives are always available to help you out.      

2) Keep a check regarding the updating of the information, the deductors or collectors by rules have to update the form 26AS on a day to day basis. The dedcutors are supposed to file their income tax status every quarter, so this will give you exact information as to how and when one can know exactly when the revised status will be up. 

3) Your name and address or details is taken from the income tax department database and in the even that wish to make any changes in your name or any other details you can directly contact the income tax department and get the revisions done

4) There are chances of an incorrect or wrong statement from the collector. In this scenario, one can ask the collector or detector to either revise the statement or ask for a fresh one altogether

5) In the case of correction the matter has to be directly taken up with the deductors or collectors, and in the event that you paid an advance tax, you need to take up the matter with the bank to sort it out

6) If there are revisions or rectifications in the PAN holder displayed in the form 26AS, you may have to apply for a new PAN card altogether and then update the same with the income tax department.

7) In the event that you have frequently changed your job or rather switched jobs, it is important that you contact your previous employer and submit all your investment to them as well.

Keep in mind that follow-up is the key to ensuring that your hard earned money has been put to good use. The income tax department is not very prompt at updating if there are any wrongdoings or issues with our submissions.

The reason for the same being the massive data that they process at a single point of time for extended periods. Faults and wrongdoings may come to light after a couple of rounds of evaluation and not instantly. So as a taxpayer and the citizen of the country we have the right to demand the status and corrections if any from time to time by the government.

Even in the case of a refund, ensure that money is transferred to you on time and with the right amount. Any wrong doings or incompetencies must be immediately reported to the concerned authorities in order to take immediate action.

In our day to life, we tend to forget our responsibilities sometimes, but it is very important for us to ensure that these, we as citizens of the nation be an active part in the growth and development of this country.

All in all it is very easy to view all the details need, if required you can also search income tax login 26as, view form 26as without registration, income tax refund, income tax payment or clear tax in order to get the desired results. You can search ‘form 26as Download PDF’ to download the form as a PDF. You may require a ‘form 26as password’ in order to enter or log in to the site. ITR 1 is a component of taxation to know more about the same; you can contact one of our executives and discuss in detail all that you wish to know about it, or you can search it online.

In order to look out for options for any policy that you wish to purchase, you can log in to our website Policy Bazaar and get the best deals online. For your convenience, you can also check out our mobile app at Google play store or the Apple store. To guide you through the process we have our representatives or customer care executives prepared to give you a call and discuss all the details at your convenient time. 

We have to constantly update ourselves on matters related to financial developments, taxation laws and the current budget for the year. It should not come as a surprise that rich people are not rich by simply making money, but they have to constantly find ways to stay rich.

When one in on a job, they have a component in their salary that entitles them for medical benefits and reimbursements. The company insists that their employees make good use of it. Same goes with tax declarations, the right kind of investments will you get you the maximum exemptions possible. The first step to go about doing that is downloading the form 26AS. Besides discussing, what is Form 26AS & how to download it, we shall also be giving you tips and tricks to benefit the most from tax exemptions.

*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan.
*Tax benefit is subject to changes in tax laws. Standard T&C Apply
~Source - Google Review Rating available on:- http://bit.ly/3J20bXZ

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