Post Office FD Interest Rate 2024

Post office FD interest rate ranges between 6.9% to 7.5% p.a. for tenures of 1 year to 5 years. These rates are applicable from 1 January 2024 to 31 March 2024. This FD plan was launched as the National Savings Time Deposit Account Scheme to encourage savings habits and risk-free investment among investors.

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Post Office Fixed Deposit Interest Rates 2024

The below-mentioned table shows the updated post office FD interest rates 2024 (w.e.f 1 January 2024 to 31 March 2024):

Tenure 1 January 2024 to 31 March 2024
1 year 6.90%
2 years 7.00%
3 years 7.10%
5 years 7.50%

All fixed deposit interest rates in post office shown above are applicable from 1.1.2024 to 31.3.2024 Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer. 

Comparison Of Post Office FD Interest Rates 2024 With Indian Banks
SBI FD Interest Rates 3.00% - 7.10% 3.50% - 7.60%
HDFC Bank FD Rates 3.00% - 7.25% 3.50% - 7.75%
ICICI Bank FD Rates 3.00% - 7.10% 3.50% - 7.60%
Axis Bank FD Rates 3.50% - 7.10% 3.50% - 7.85%
PNB FD Interest Rates 3.50% - 7.25% 4.00% - 7.75%
Yes Bank FD Rates 3.25% - 7.75% 3.75% - 8.25%
Kotak Mahindra FD Rates 2.75% - 7.25% 3.25% - 7.75%
Bandhan Bank FD Rates 3.00% - 5.85% 3.75% - 8.50%
Union Bank of India FD Rates 3.00% - 6.70% 3.50% - 7.20%
Indusind Bank FD Rates 3.50% - 7.50% 4.25% - 8.25%
Canara Bank FD Rates 4.00% - 7.25% 4.00% - 7.75%
Bank of Baroda FD Rates 3.00% - 7.25% 3.50% - 7.75%
IDFC Bank FD Rates 3.50% - 7.25% 4.00% - 7.75%
Indian Bank FD Rates 2.90% - 5.15% 3.40% - 5.65%
DBS Bank FD Rates 2.50% - 5.50% 2.50% - 5.50%
UCO Bank FD Rates 2.55% - 5.05% 3.80% - 6.30%
Bank of India FD Rates 2.85% - 5.35% 3.00% - 6.50%
IDBI Bank FD Rates 2.90% - 5.30% 3.40% - 5.90%
Central Bank of India FD Rates 2.75% - 5.15% 3.25% - 5.65%
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Features of Post Office Fixed Deposit (Time Deposit Account)

The basic features of a Post office fd interest rates account are mentioned below:

Features of Post office FD interest rates  Details
FD Tenure 1, 2, 3, and 5 years
Rate of Interest 6.90% to 7.50%
Minimum Deposit Amount Rs. 1,000
Interest Payment Annually
Premature Withdrawal It is allowed after 6 months
Payment Mode Cheque / Cash
Facility of Nomination Available

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

Note: It is advised to use FD calculator to get the estimate of returns that can be earned before making an investment decision.

Types of Post Office FD Schemes

  1. National Savings Time Deposit Account

    • Tenor: Available for 1, 2, 3, and 5 years.

    • Eligibility: Open to adults, guardians for minors or persons of unsound mind, minors above 10, and joint accounts (max. 3 adults).

    • Min. Deposit: Rs 1,000, further in multiples of Rs 100.

    • Taxation: 5-year PO FDs offer tax benefits under Income Tax Act's Section 80C.

    • Interest: Annual payouts, compounded quarterly. If interest isn't withdrawn on the due date, no extra interest on the interest amount.

    • Extension: Extendable within specified periods from maturity.

    1-yr: Within 6 months

    2-yr: Within 12 months

    3/5-yr: Within 18 months

    • Premature Closure: Withdrawal after 6 months. Post Office interest rates adjusted based on completed years.

    1-yr PO FD closed at 6 months = PO savings account rate.

    2/3/5-yr PO FD closed at 1+ year = 2% less than completed years' FD interest rate

    • Security/Collateral: Transferable/pledged for security, including housing finance, banks, RBI, Governor of a state or the President of India. 

  2. National Savings Monthly Income Account

    • Tenor: Account duration - 5 years.

    • Eligibility: Adults, guardians for minors, minors above 10, up to 3 adults in joint account.

    • Min Deposit: Rs 1,000, in multiples of Rs 1,000.

    • Max Deposit: Rs 4.5 lakh (single) / Rs 9 lakh (joint or guardian for minor).

    • Interest: Monthly, taxable, not claimed interest doesn't earn more interest.

    • Premature Closure: After 1 year but before 3 years 2% deduction, after 3 years but before 5 years 1% deduction.

    • Maturity: 5 years, early closure refund rules apply on death.

  3. Key Aspects of Fixed Deposit Post Office Interest Rates 2024

    • Post Office FD interest rates are compounded quarterly, payable annually.

    • Initial deposit rate remains constant.

    • Option for direct bank transfer available.

    • Post Office FD interest given only on the deposit.

    • No interest on unwithdrawn credited interest.

    • Maturity sum earns no interest unless tenure is extended.

    • Extended tenure gets prevailing rate interest.

  4. Benefits of Post Office FD Scheme

    • Assured returns with a fixed interest rate.

    • Government-backed scheme, ensuring the safety of your investment.

    • Attractive interest rates that are periodically revised.

    • Flexible tenure options to suit your financial goals.

    • Tax benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

    • Easy accessibility with a wide network of Post Offices.

    • No market fluctuations, providing stability.

    • Loan facility available against the FD.

    • A minor can open an FD account under guardianship.

    • Nominees can be added even after account opening.

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What is the Process of Opening Post Office FD Account Online & Offline?

  1. Online

    • Eligibility: Need active savings account, KYC, PAN, email, mobile, debit card/DOP ATM.

    • Login: Use ID, password to access Post Office e-banking.

    • Services: Click "General Services" and open "Service Request."

    • Request: Choose "New Request" for FD.

    • Steps: Follow prompts to finish.

  2. Offline

    • Docs: Get docs, visit Post Office.

    • Talk: Consult official, ask about rates.

    • Process: Follow guidance to open FD.

    • Receipt: Keep opening receipt.

Post Office FD Calculator

Total Investment

₹500 ₹30L
Enter Total Investment

Rate of Interest (Yearly)

1% 15%
Rate of Interest (Yearly)

Time Period

1 Year 15 Years
Enter Time Period
Total Investment
Interest Earned
Maturity Amount

Post Office FD Interest Rates – FAQs

  • What is the eligibility criteria for opening a post office FD account?

    • Any resident of India can open this either individually or jointly.

    • Minors are also eligible to open a post office FD account. However, it should be under the guidance of some legal guardian.

    • Companies, trusts, NRIs, and other organizations are not eligible to avail of the benefits or open an FD account.

  • How can I calculate my post office fd returns?

    You can use the Post Office FD Calculator. It is an online tool designed to help users determine the maturity amount of their Fixed Deposit (FD) investments in the Post Office.
  • What are the tax benefits for Post Office FDs?

    • Tax-free interest for low-income groups.

    • No TDS under Rs. 40,000/Rs. 50,000 interest (regular/senior).

    • Claim deductions under section 80C (up to Rs. 1.5 Lakhs).

    • Tax benefits vary with tax law changes.

  • What is the procedure for Premature Withdrawal for Post Office FD?

    • Visit the local Post Office.

    • Fill Form-1 with details.

    • Deposit amount & tenure chosen.

    • Submit KYC docs, payment.

    • Get a Deposit Certificate.

    • Premature withdrawal via Form-4.

    • No withdrawal in the 1st 6 months.

    • After 6 months but within 12, partial interest paid.

    • Rates vary with tenure.

  • What is the FD Rate in Post office 2024? 

    Interest rates From 1.1.2024 to 31.3.2024
    Period Rate
    1yr.A/c 6.9%
    2yr.A/c 7.0%
    3yr.A/c 7.1​%
    5yr.A/c 7.5 %
  • ​Is Post Office FD 100% safe?

    The sovereign guarantee provided by the Government of India makes post office fixed deposits (FDs) a favored choice for individuals seeking a secure investment opportunity. This guarantee ensures the safety of the investment, making post office FDs a reliable avenue for risk-averse investors.
  • What is the interest rate for 1 lakh FD for 3 years with the existing interest rate in the post office?

    Interest Earned: Rs. 22.5 K

    Maturity Amount: Rs. 1.23 L

  • What are the maximum interest rates offered on the FDs of the Post Office?

    Currently, the Post Office FDs provide a maximum interest of 7.50% for a tenure of five years.
  • Which is better Post Office FD or Bank FD?

    The Post Office FDs are also called Small Savings Scheme and they offer comparatively better returns and rates than deposits of banks.
  • Which scheme gives the highest interest rate?

    FD scheme provides the highest post office interest rate than Bank FD interest. It is suggested to use FD calculator online tool to analyse the returns on FD.
  • Does the Post Office provide loans?

    Post Office allows its customers to get loans against their FDs value.

*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply
^Trad plans with a premium above 5 lakhs would be taxed as per applicable tax slabs post 31st march 2023
+Returns Since Inception of LIC Growth Fund
~Source - Google Review Rating available on:-

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