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Savings and Investment Tips for Higher Education of Your Child

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

As a parent, it is very much natural if you worry about your child’s future. Along with all the joys and happiness that a child brings to your life, comes a set of responsibilities that you need to fulfill.

One of the major sets of responsibility towards you as a parent is paying special attention to financial planning for the higher education of your child. A continuous rise in education cost along with your child’s dream and ambitions demand that you start planning about their future as soon as you can. Even though it is tough to calculate the exact amount that you will require for your child’s higher education, you can still keep little things in your mind while doing your future estimations.

If you plan now, chances are that your child will never compromise on his/her dreams and ambitions. Here are some saving and investment tips for the higher education of your child that will help you plan a better and bright future for them.

Insure Your Self

To protect your family, the first thing you have to do is to protect yourself. By protecting yourself, we mean that insuring yourself against life uncertainties.  Your life insurance will help in your child’s future and higher education even if you are no more there to take care of their expenses.

Decide Your Planning Horizon

Time horizon is the fixed time in the future at which a certain process is assumed to end. In the case of higher education, you can calculate the years your child will require to complete his/her education and plan your investments accordingly.

The longer the planning horizon, the better it is for you to plan and invest.

Estimating The Cost Of Education

Estimating the future cost of education of your child helps you in planning your investments accordingly not leaving you with a big financial burden in the future. The cost of education varies from person to person. It depends on various factors like,

  • Type of course your child may be interested in
  • Admission in private or government university
  • Global exposure of education or national exposure
  • Want to be an undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate
  • Extra courses along with main degrees

There are many more factors that depend on a child’s interest and ambition, which are a major point of consideration

Calculation Of Your Existing Assets And Liabilities

For better planning of child investment, you need to know about all your existing assets and liabilities. Knowing them will help you plan for your child’s future much more efficiently. It is important to know that you should invest in such a way that you do not dip for other financial goals in your life, for example, your retirement plans for the higher education of your child.

It is important to know that you should never prioritize things that do not have future interests just for the sake of short-term happiness.

Smart Saving

 Once you are familiar with the approximate cost for your child’s investment, it is important to save accordingly. An easy way to save money is

  • Opt for Systematic Investment Plan in mutual funds
  • Opt for a Recurring Deposit with your bank

These are some of the easy and hassle-free ways that will help you save your money for your future needs.

Smart Investment

Designing asset allocation and investing accordingly is the smartest way to secure your money. Save and invest regularly in the account specially mapped towards your child’s education. A well-planned asset allocation increases your return exponentially.

Prepare Yourself For Unexpected

Always be ready for your child’s unexpected needs and demands. Apart from tuition fees and school fees, there are many other unexpected costs that your child could demand. From accommodations to pocket money, there are a lot of places where you will have to help your child financially.

Start now

There is no tomorrow when it comes to planning for your child’s future. As we all know that future is very uncertain, it is important to start saving and investing in your child’s higher education needs right away to ensure that he/she has everything they deserve in the future.

Sum It Up

It is very important to arrange for funds for your child’s higher education much in advance. These saving and investment tips can help you plan a better future in which your child can enjoy and fulfill his dreams without any financial problems whatsoever. Be your child’s hero, buy policies that help your child in his/her higher education and future.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 02 June 2021
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