CBSE Udaan Scheme

Government launches numerous schemes with the intention to benefit a large group of people. Such schemes may be formulated either by the Central Government or the respective state Governments. These schemes or yojanas have a crucial role in solving the country's predominant socio-economic problems. They help in the upliftment of financially vulnerable groups of people in society by offering them several fundamental facilities and amenities.

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A girl is a pride and the future of our nation. To empower a girl child is to empower the family's future. In this regard, the government has initiated numerous schemes and plans to benefit the girl child. Many schemes are launched to promote a positive thought about the birth of a girl child in Indian families. CBSE Udaan Scheme is one such scheme initiated by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in association with the Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD) of the Government of India. 

The significant objective of the scheme is to enhance the rate of enrolment of female students in the country's engineering colleges. This scheme intends to offer free offline or online study resources that are simple to learn for the qualifying female students of Class 11 and hence enable them with better preparation for Engineering Entrance tests. Directly or indirectly, the scheme facilitates the eligible female students to acquire a seat for admission in top-rated engineering colleges of India.

Objectives of CBSE Udaan Scheme

The objectives of the CBSE Udaan Scheme are as follows:

  • To enhance the enrolment of female students in institutions offering technical education

  • To facilitate the aspirant girl students to pursue their technical education from the best engineering colleges of India

  • To narrow the gap between higher secondary level education and the entrance examinations of technical education

  • To nurture and nourish the teaching-learning methodologies of Mathematics and Science at the Senior Secondary level

Key Features of CBSE Udaan Scheme

CBSE Udaan Scheme offers numerous benefits to the female students aspiring to pursue their technical education in one of the best Indian Engineering colleges. Some of the salient features of the scheme are mentioned below:

  • The scheme offers assistance to thousands of chosen female students free of cost to take up their Engineering entrance exams

  • This Scheme provides study material for preparation through an online portal

  • The online portal has diverse tutorial videos and study materials

  • Virtual classes are also organized at around sixty centres located in major cities of India

  • Eligible female candidates are offered tablets or monetary support to purchase tablets

  • Selected students are also provided with orientation sessions to use technology

  • The scheme offers numerous assignments that are specifically designed to provide constructive feedback to students

  • The scheme also ensures that remedial steps are taken to rectify the learning process of students

  • Under CBSE Udaan Scheme, meritorious students are catered with peer learning and mentoring benefits

  • Motivational sessions are conducted for students and parents

  • Students can get their doubts clarified with the use of student helpline services. Parents are free to track their child's learning using the student learning and support technology

  • Student's progress is continuously evaluated and tracked, and feedback is given to parents regularly

  • The scheme also assists the students in the application process for engineering colleges

  • Suppose the beneficiary girl student acquires a seat in IIT or NIT or any other centrally funded Technical Education Institutions and have secured a minimum of 75% in the Udaan classes. Such girl children are provided with financial aid in terms of tuition fees, admission fees, and hostel expenses.

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Core Benefits of CBSE Udaan Scheme

Considering the problem of lower enrolment rates of female students for technical education all over the country, the Central Board of Secondary Education launched CBSE Udaan Scheme. The program aims to encourage girl students to pursue their higher education in the technical sector by offering them excellent study materials for engineering entrance exam preparations. The students selected under this scheme are entitled to the following benefits.

  • Free online and offline study materials, including tutorials, videos, and reading materials

  • Virtual contact classes at 60 reserved city centres

  • Comprehensive assessment and evaluation through regular feedback

  • Remedial measures to clear the misconceptions of students in the learning process

  • Peer learning and mentoring prospects to students with merit

  • Inspirational sessions for parents and students

  • Provision of 'Student Helpline' services

  • Continuous student progress monitoring and tracking through timely feedback

Eligibility Criteria for CBSE Udaan Scheme

CBSE Udaan Scheme expects the girl students to fulfil a few important eligibility norms to avail themselves the benefits. The most significant eligibility criteria are that the female student must be pursuing her Class 11 education in the Science stream. Other eligibility conditions to be satisfied by the girl students to avail the benefits of this Scheme are:

  • The applicant must be an Indian citizen. Candidates who do not have citizenship in India are not eligible for this scheme.

  • The aspirants must be pursuing their class 11 education in any of the Kendriya Vidyalaya Branches or Navodaya schools or Government schools recognized by the government of the respective state or any private schools in India with CBSE affiliation.

  • The applicants must be all girls and they must have chosen the Science stream with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as their major subjects in Class 11.

  • The candidates applying for CBSE Udaan Scheme must have secured a minimum of 70% score in their class 10 examination. Their Science and Mathematics score must be at least 80%. The minimum CGPA required is 8, and the GPA scores for Mathematics and Science subjects is 9 if the student has studied her class 10 in the schools that follow the CGPA system.

  • The candidates belonging to different categories are offered the following category reservations:

    • Scheduled Caste (SC) – 15%

    • Scheduled Tribes (ST) – 7.5%

    • Other Backward Classes (OBC) – 27%

    • Public Works Department (PWD) – 3%

  • The yearly income of the family to which the applicant belongs must not exceed INR 6 Lakh.

How to Apply for CBSE Udaan Scheme?

Candidates interested in availing of the benefits of this scheme can submit their applications online. Eligible female students must register through the CBSE Udaan's official website. The steps to be followed by the applicants to apply for CBSE Udaan Scheme are described below.

Step 1: Visit the official website of the CBSE Udaan Scheme. One would be required to first register on the portal before accessing the features of this policy.

Step 2: Read the instructions to apply and any other relevant information thoroughly before registering on the official website.

Step 3: To complete the process of registration, the applicant must go through a four-step process. The online application form must be filled in with accurate details. Errors made while filling the application form may lead to complications in the future in terms of availing the benefits of the CBSE Udaan Scheme to the fullest.

Step 4: Once the application form is completely filled and submitted, the online portal generates a registration number that pops up on the monitor screen. The same will be sent through an email to the registered email address. Make sure that you enter the correct email address while filling the registration form.

Step 5: After the generation of the registration number, the candidates must upload their photograph by entering their date of birth and registration number in the specified slots. 

Step 6: Take a printout of the application form and the downloaded declaration form and preserve the same for future reference.


  • Save the credentials that are provided for logging into the Udaan Portal. It is better to save it on your smartphones and also in a written form so that you have a backup. 

  • Be careful while filling in your personal details in the CBSE Udaan Scheme application form. Any errors made while filling data into this section may lead to complications in the future. 

  • Upload the scanned copies of your photographs and all necessary documents in a prescribed format. Do not rule out the guidelines provided on the website. 

  • Preserve the hard copy of the application form and the declaration form for future reference till the completion of the application process. 

Selection Process for CBSE Udaan Scheme

The girl students who have applied for this Scheme are assessed based on their merit. The city selected by the candidates for weekly contact classes conducted on a virtual platform is also considered during the process of selection.

Documents required to Apply for CBSE Udaan Scheme

This scheme is launched with the intention of increasing the rate of enrolment of female students in renowned technical education institutions or Engineering colleges. The scheme greatly inspires female students to pursue technical education in order to empower their families. Students are also encouraged with in-depth learning of concepts at the senior secondary school level. Candidates must furnish the following documents while they apply for the CBSE Udaan Scheme on the official website.

  • AADHAAR card of the female student pursuing her class 11 education

  • Original address proof of the candidate

  • Certificate of yearly income declaration of the applicant's parents or legal guardian

  • Payment receipt of fees made towards the course

  • Scorecards of intermediate or matriculation or secondary school examination

  • Caste certificate of the candidate

  • Bank passbook and existing bank account details of the candidate

Other Information of CBSE Udaan Scheme

Some of the highlights of the CBSE Udaan Scheme are specified in the below points:

  • It belongs to a 'school-based type of scholarship or scheme.

  • Only class 11 students are eligible to avail of the scheme benefits.

  • There is no restriction or specification on the awarded amount. However, students are rewarded in terms of university fees, books, examination fees, hostel fees, monetary aid for laptops or tablets, and also cost incurred by the student on food.

  • The scheme extends its benefits only to female students. Male students are not eligible for this scheme as they either belong to non-BPL families or are boys.

  • There is no regional or religious restriction. An eligible student of any religion residing in any part of India can apply to avail of the benefits under this scheme.

  • Applications for this scheme start in the month of July or August. The last date for application usually extends up to the end of August's first week. This is a tentative period of application. However, the exact application dates will be announced on the official website of CBSE. It would be best if you check the official website regularly.

  • The candidates are allowed to complete the application process online. No offline applications are accepted. 

Application Fee for CBSE Udaan Scheme

The CBSE authorities have not specified any fees for the CBSE Udaan Scheme application till the year 2020. However, if such fees are applicable in the year 2021, they will be notified on the CBSE official website.

CBSE Udaan Scheme uses the following methodology:

Girl students are chosen based on their merit. For virtual classes, the scheme considers the city opted by the applied candidate. Once the selection process is completed, the candidates are free to access the online portal by logging in to it.

The portal contains study material pertaining to Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry subjects of classes 11 and 12. Students can make their learning process easy and effective with the use of these learning materials. The learning content is provided in the form of texts or videos, or tutorials. The concepts and study materials are devised based on the syllabus followed in traditional classroom teaching. However, the material has the enhanced knowledge of the same syllabus that can assist the girl students in preparing for their engineering entrance exams.

After logging into the portal, the progress of the students will be supervised and tracked. The CBSE authorities have arranged periodic contact classes to monitor the student's progress. Assessments are also specifically designed to track the student's learning process through continuous evaluation and feedback sessions.

Through this Scheme, several unique techniques are employed to make the students as interactive as possible. The authorities have formed an interactive group to ensure maximum interaction between the teachers and fellow mates through group discussion sessions. The scheme also offers a student helpline service to assist students in getting their doubts clarified at any time during the day.

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CBSE Udaan Scheme is a program launched by the Central Board of Secondary Education to empower female students of vulnerable socio-economic status. The students are provided with better prospects to enrich their learning process, especially in Mathematics and Science subjects at the school level. In addition to providing free online learning resources to 1000 selected female students, it also offers offline resources, assessments, and constant feedback to track and monitor the progress of beneficiary female students. 

The scheme also offers the benefit of converting the secured marks into reward points that can be redeemed as fees if the student acquires a seat in any of the IITs and NITs. Students can also download the resources on their mobile devices and use them in an offline mode. The scheme organizes technology orientation sessions to guide students to access the study material on their mobile devices. Once the student logs into the portal, she can take up the assessment tests to keep track of their progress. Know the complete details of this scheme and register at the earliest if you are an eligible candidate. 

FAQ's on CBSE Udaan Scheme

  • I generally have poor internet connectivity at my place. Are there any provisions to apply for CBSE Udaan Scheme through offline mode?

    No. Students can apply for CBSE Udaan Scheme on the CBSE official website through online mode only. Offline applications are not accepted.
  • What happens to the benefits of the scheme if I fail in any of the subjects in the 1st semester of my Engineering?

    In cases where the student fails in the first semester or any other semester, the financial benefits to be offered by this Scheme for the upcoming years will be cancelled. So, the child has to make sure that she studies intently to avail the complete benefits under the scheme.
  • How do I check the list of candidates selected for free engineering entrance exam training?

    The list of female students selected for free engineering entrance exam preparation under the CBSE Udaan Scheme will be uploaded on the CBSE official website. Candidates who have applied for the scheme benefits can download the same to check for their name.
  • Do I need to submit a letter of permission from my parents to utilize the benefits of this plan?

    Yes. Candidates who are looking forward to participating in this free entrance exam preparation program must furnish a permission letter from their parents or legal guardians for the same.  The letter should include consent from parents or legal guardians in a specified format and should be given along with the application form.
  • What is the CBSE Udaan scholarship?

    CBSE Udaan Scheme is a scholarship program funded by the Central Board of Secondary Education in association with the Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD). It aims to help meritorious female students of economically vulnerable families in India to obtain their higher education in the technical field. Any female student of class IX shall apply to avail of the benefits of this scheme.
  • Is there any full form for Udaan?

    UDAAN stands for Use Desh ka Aam Naagarik. This name is given because the CBSE Udaan Scheme aims to let the common citizen of our country fly with brilliant colours.
  • Where do I find the application for CBSE Udaan Scheme?

    The eligible students can access the application for this scheme on the official website of CBSE.
  • I am a student of Class XI. I study in Science Stream, but I have opted out from Mathematics as a subject. Am I eligible to avail of the benefits of the scheme?

    No. Students who have not opted for Mathematics as one of their main subjects are not eligible to apply for the CBSE Udaan Scheme even if they are studying in class 11 with Science stream. To apply for CBSE Udaan Scheme, the students must be studying Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as compulsory subjects.
  • I am an Indian Citizen. But I study in the United States. Am I qualified to apply for the scheme benefits?

    No. Candidates studying abroad are not eligible to apply for the CBSE Udaan Scheme. Students who have pursued and cleared their class 10 board examination from any of the CBSE schools or schools recognized by the Indian government are eligible for submitting their applications. For more details about the eligibility norms, look into the paragraph that describes the eligibility criteria of the scheme on the same page.
  • When will the CBSE Udaan Scheme start accepting the applications?

    The applications of the CBSE Udaan scheme will usually start in the month of July and extend up to the first week of August every year. These are tentative application periods. However, to have access to the exact dates and other authentic information, keep track of the announcements made on the official website of CBSE.
  • Should I pay any application fee while applying for CBSE Udaan Scholarships?

    No. CBSE Udaan Scheme has not demanded any additional fee or charges in any form for submitting the applications till now. However, the candidates are recommended to stay tuned with the official website of CBSE to get authentic information about the application fee for Udaan Scholarships.
  • My friend is in need of free training for engineering entrance exams. She is a topper of the class. She has secured 98% in her class 11 exam. Now she is in class 12. Her father is a doctor, and her mother is a private school teacher. Can she apply for the benefits of the CBSE Udaan Scheme?

    No. The girl is not eligible to apply for the CBSE Udaan Scheme because she is in class 12, and her parents' annual income may exceed INR 6 Lakh. To avail of the benefits of the CBSE Udaan Scheme, the candidates must be pursuing their Class 11 education at the time of submitting applications, and the annual income of her family shall not exceed INR 6 Lakh.

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