Aegas Federal Policy Status

Aegas Federal Policy Status can be checked online as well as offline. Aegas Federal Life Insurance Co Ltd provides a wide variety of insurance plans ranging from tax savings to retirement solutions. The Federal Bank and the IDBI Bank backs the insurance company one can get in touch with either of the above-said bank branches to purchase a suitable insurance plan.

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Get ₹1 Cr. Life Cover at just ₹449/month*
No medical checkup required
Save more with upto 10% discount
Covers COVID-19
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How to Find Aegas Federal Policy Status?

Checking the status of the policy is essential for the policyholders. From buying a new plan to paying premiums, policyholders prefer information such as maturity date, grace period, and bonus earned available at their convenience. The customers can check the policy status both online and offline. Let's look at some of the customers' options to keep track of their policy status.


The customers can use the insurer’s official webpage to check the status of policy, pay premiums, track new applications and stay informed about the latest product releases. The website also has a chat option wherein the policyholders will be given hyperlinks to specific website locations. The chat includes application tracking, payments and status check. It also provides an alternative to retrieve documents related to the policyholder, such as receipts.

Mobile App

The insurer also has an official mobile application to cater to customer needs. Using this application, the customers can get policy-related information at their fingertips ranging from product details, policy details, premium payment, branch locator, view and modify profile and buy an online policy.

Call Support

The Aegas Federal policy status can also be checked by reaching out to the customer care or helpline number published on the insurer's official website. The policyholders can either talk to the customer care executive directly or make use of IVR instructions.


The policyholders can also reach out directly to the respective bank branches that support Aegas Federal insurance. Each bank branch has a qualified representative who can attend to the policyholders' queries and concerns. The representative can also help the customers with payments, product details and policy status.

The Process to Check the Aegas Federal Policy Status Online

The policyholder needs to stay informed about the due dates and premium amounts to take full advantage of the insurance policy. The customer needs to enter the login credential, which is usually the registered mobile number. In case of any discrepancies in the credentials, access to the online profile is denied.

The customers can also manage their profile using a mobile application called Ageas Life Insurance, which was developed to service the policy holders' needs.

The website also provides another critical feature wherein the customers can subscribe to the newsletter, enabling them to stay in touch with the latest updates and announcements.

The insurer also has a tangible presence in social media by posting essential updates on the official page on various social media platforms. It also allows the customers to engage with insurers directly using their respective social media accounts.

The below-given steps are followed to check the policy status online through the insurer's official website.

Existing Customers

If the policyholder is an existing customer, then s/he must follow the steps below:

Step 1: The login option is found on the home page of the official website.

Step 2: Click on the login option. The mobile number of the customer is given to have access to the user profile.

Step 3: If the credentials are correct, the policyholder will have all the information related to the policy. The customer can view and modify his profile, check transaction history, view premium payment info, and also has the option to download the payment receipt in PDF format.

Step 4: It is important to note that entering incorrect credentials more than three times can result in getting locked out of the user account. Under such circumstances, Aegas federal life Insurance provides a friendly way of resetting the account details.

The procedure for resetting is as follows:

Customer Forgets the Mobile number

If the policyholder forgets the ten digits mobile number, a link called “forgot mobile number” is available, the user can click on the hyperlink, which will redirect him to another page wherein the policy details and date of birth of the customer is entered to reset the credentials along with the new mobile number of the customer.

The new mobile number registered will be used for login.

New Customers

The new customers can register online by going to Aegas federal life insurance's official website and providing details such as name, DOB, mobile number, and email ID. The customer will then be subjected to mobile number authentication, after which the customer becomes registered.

How to Check the Aegas Federal Life Insurance Policy Status on Policybazaar?

The policyholders will have to follow the steps mentioned below to check their Aegas Federal Life Insurance Policy Status on Policybazaar:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Policybazaar Brokers Private Limited. On the top right, click on the ‘Sign in’ tab.

Step 2: Enter your registered phone number and the OTP received on the same.

Step 3: You will be redirected to the dashboard. Choose the policy tab, here you can check the status of all the insurance policies you have.

How to Check Aegas Federal Policy Status Offline?

The customers who find it challenging to browse through the details online can visit the nearest Aegas bank or Federal bank branches and directly interact with the representative, who would then assist the policyholder with his/her concerns and queries. However, the policyholders need to carry all the documents related to the policy and their ID proof.

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Other Modes to Check the Aegas Federal Policy Status

The customers can also use other options to check the policy status, like contacting the customer care executive or writing to their official email ID. The customer can also check the policy status through a chatbot on the website. A set of pre-defined options is given to the users, such as My policies, Get documents, Pay online and Application status.

The chatbot will redirect the users to specific links on choosing one of the above-given options in the chat.

Call Service

The policyholders can directly call the customer service helpline number 1800 209 0502 to convey their grievances and enquire about new products. The users can get in touch with the customer care executive or choose from the IVRS.

There is also a call-back option wherein the customer needs to submit online their name, mobile number and query. The customer care executive will give a call back to the mobile number provided in the online form.

Email Service

The customers can also mail their policy related queries to; the support team will give a written response to the enquirers.

The policyholders can mail their grievances to; if the customer is unhappy about the response, he/she can escalate it to higher authorities whose email addresses are provided on the insurer's official website.

What are the Advantages of Checking Aegas Federal Policy Status?

The policyholder needs to have all the information at his/her fingertips. Some of the advantages of checking the policy status include policy premium, payment due date, grace period, and analysis and collection of data of two or more policies, information related to bonuses, policy renewal, and policy updates.


About Aegas Federal Life Insurance Company Limited

IDBI Federal Life Insurance Co. Ltd has changed its name to Ageas Federal Life Insurance Co. Ltd. It is a joint venture of India’s private sector banks Federal Bank, IDBI Bank, and Ageas, a well-known European insurance company. It was found during the year 2008 and had since been catering to the needs of Indian customers. Its headquarters are located in Mumbai, India. The company distributes its products through channels consisting of Insurance agents, banking partners and Insurance brokers.


  • Q1. What are the documents required for effecting a name change?

    A1. The list of documents required for effecting a name change is as follows:

    • Marriage certificate copy attested by the policyholder, in case of marriage.
    • If the policyholder changes his/her full name, gazette notification is required.
    • The vernacular declaration is mandatory if the policyholder has signed in a vernacular language.
    • A request letter with a self-attested new identity proof such as AADHAR card/Passport copy/Voter ID, duly signed by the policyholder.
  • Q2. What is a Nomination?

    A2. Nomination is the process that enables a person chosen by the policyholder to receive the proceeds of the policy as a consequence of the death of the life assured.

  • Q3. Can a customer request a change in nominee details?

    A3. Yes, the insurer can accept the request for a change in nominee details for policies that are in force/lapse/paid-up/discontinued. The insurer can also request certain documents such as proof of ID for authentication.

  • Q4. What is an assignment?

    A4. It refers to the transfer of the right, interest, and title under the assignor's policy to the assignee either fully, partially or conditionally.

  • Q5. What are the types of assignments?

    A5. There are three types of assignment:

    • The transfer of the entire right, title and interest in the assignee's policy is known as Absolute transfer.
    • The transfer of the right, title and interest subject to the fulfilment of a condition/event is called conditional transfer.
    • The transfer of benefits to the extent of the Creditor's interest is known as Partial assignment.
  • Q6. What is partial withdrawal?

    A6. Partial withdrawal is an option wherein the customer can withdraw a certain amount after the lock-in period is complete.

  • Q7. What is a top-up?

    A7. Top-up is a facility provided for ULIPs wherein the customer can increase/decrease his fund's value at any time.

  • Q8. What is policy maturity?

    A8. It is the total sum guaranteed to be paid out to the policyholder on maturity date provided the life insured survives as on the maturity date as per terms and conditions.

  • Q9. Can the premium or the sum assured be changed?

    A9. The policyholders are free to increase or decrease the premium or sum assured as per the product features.

Written By: PolicyBazaar
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