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Star Union Dai-ichi Life (SUD Life) Insurance is collaboration between Union Bank of India, Bank of India, and Dai-ichi Life Holdings, Japan. They provide easy to access and unique insurance products, not only for individuals but also for groups. They cater to a diverse group of people coming from different sections of the society and geographies, emphasizing the rural areas.

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With a range of plans that help the plan holder provide financial support to their family, plan their child’s future, save for their retirement or maximize their wealth, SUD Life acts as a one-stop solution for all insurance requirements of an individual.

SUD Life offers affordable term plans known as protection plans at attractive premium rates. To select the most suitable plan as per their needs, policy seekers can use the SUD Life Insurance Premium Calculator. It offers an easy and straightforward way to determine the premium amount to be paid to avail of desired policy benefits.

Why Should You Use a Life Insurance Premium Calculator?

SUD Life Insurance Premium Calculator is a hassle-free and easily accessible online tool that is beneficial to use before investing for the following reasons:

  • It helps the customer find the perfect insurance plan that matches their long-term financial goals

  • It makes the user understand the difference between multiple insurance plans to make their plan selection process easier

  • It provides the customer with an estimate of the premium amount they would need to pay each month towards the policy

  • It allows the policy seeker to adjust their investment according to their budget

  • It helps the user evaluate whether the maturity benefit of a particular policy would be sufficient to meet their family’s financial requirements

The Process to use SUD Life Insurance Premium Calculator

A policy seeker just needs to follow a few basic steps to get premium quotes for their desired protection plan by using the SUD Life Insurance Premium Calculator. They need to visit the official website of SUD Life Insurance and locate the Premium Calculator tab on the homepage. They would then be asked to select the specific plan they wish to purchase from all the insurance plans offered by the company. After making the selection, they can use the Premium Calculator by following these steps:

Step 1: Enter Basic Information

They need to input their details like name, gender, date of birth, age, email ID, mobile number, smoking habits, and location

Step 2: Provide Product Information 

They need to select their desired policy parameters like the sum assured, policy term, premium payment term, payment mode, benefit option, payout option, and rider option.

Step 3: Check Premium Quotes

Once the required details are filled in, they can view the summary of their premium estimate or generate a benefit illustration that shows year-wise premiums and detailed policy benefits. If the estimate does not match their budget, they can alter their policy parameters or try out different plans.

Step 4: Buy the Policy

Suppose they are satisfied with the premium amount they need to pay in exchange for the desired policy benefits. In that case, they can purchase to safeguard their family's financial future against any unforeseen events.

Advantages of SUD Life Insurance Premium Calculator

The key advantages of using the SUD Life Insurance Premium Calculator are as follows:

  1. Easy to Use: 

    Policy seekers no longer have to rely on insurers and their complex algorithms to get their premium quotes. SUD Life Insurance Premium Calculator uses simple algorithms that help them find the policy price easily. 

  2. Help find a Perfect Match

    Different insurance plans are designed keeping in mind the needs of different individuals. Selecting a policy that matches their budget and financial goals is considered a challenging job by a policy seeker. The SUD Life Premium Calculator helps them determine the amount they can earn by investing in different plans. This helps them select the perfect plan as per their requirements.

  3. Saves Time and Effort

    SUD Life Premium Calculator provides the premium quotes for the desired policy plan instantly once the necessary details are entered. Customers save a lot of time and effort as they do not need to make manual calculations or stand in queues for submitting documents to determine a plan's premium.

  4. Facilitates Finance Planning

    One can easily determine the premium they require to pay to get the needed life cover by using the SUD Life Premium Calculator. This would help them plan and effectively save their finances.

  5. Helps Life Cover Evaluation

    Using this, customers can select from multiple coverage amount options as per their budget within a specific plan. This will help them identify if their investment goals are sufficient to meet their protection needs.

  6. Easy on Pocket

    It is a free online tool that prompts policy seekers to buy their life cover online. As lower premium rates are offered online, this would further help them save their money.

Information required while using SUD Life Insurance Premium Calculator

  • Personal details: Customers need to provide their name, age, gender, date of birth, location, email ID, and mobile number

  • Health details:One needs to specify if they have any ill habits like smoking

  • Plan details:Policy seekers should mention their specific policy requirements like the sum assured, policy term, premium payment term, payment mode, benefit option, payout option, and rider option

  • Budget and Financial Goals:One should have a rough idea about their budget and family’s financial needs to help them select the most beneficial protection plan

Benefits of buying SUD Life Term Insurance Plan

A Life Insurance Plan is the simplest form of financial protection, effective for a limited period known as the policy term. As per this policy, the insurer would be liable to pay the lump-sum amount to the nominee if the insured dies during the term of the contract.

The various benefits offered by SUD Life Term Insurance Plans are:

  • Long Term Insurance Protection: The sudden demise of the sole breadwinner can bring their family to a state of emotional and financial distress. A term insurance policy would ensure that their family continues to receive the financial help they need to lead a secure future.

  • Peace of Mind: It is common for everyone to be worried about their family's future, but they can relieve themselves from this fear by getting a term insurance plan. It would help their family carry on with their existing lifestyle after any unfortunate events like death, disability, or disease.

  • Save Taxes: As per the prevailing tax laws, plan holders can avail of tax benefitson the premium paid towards the term insurance plan.

"Tax benefit is subject to changes in tax laws. Standard T&C apply."

  • Convenient Payout Options: Customers have the flexibility to choose from payout options like pay in a lump sum, monthly income, or lump sum along with a monthly income.

  • Flexible Plan Options: The users can choose whether they want to avail themselves of a life cover with or without the return of the premium option.

  • Convenient Premium Paying Term and Policy Term: Customers have theflexibility to choose between multiple policy term & premium payment term options

  • Additional Protection: One can customize their plan by buying a suitable rider from SUD Life Accidental Death and Total & Permanent Disability benefit rider along with this plan to provide extra cover

SUD Life Insurance Premium Rates

SUD Life offers a range of Protection plans at attractive premium rates. While buying an insurance policy, the individual needs to pay a specific amount known as Term Insurance Premium Rates. Different individuals get different premium rates and are calculated based on:

  • Their age: Younger people attract lower premium rates as they are considered healthier as compared to older people.

  • Their gender: Women are offered lesser premium rates than men of the same age as women tend to live a longer life as compared to men.

  • Required Sum Assured: Lower premium rates are offered to policy seekers who need high coverage amount.

  • Policy Term Needed: The longer is the policy term required by the customer, the lesser is the premium amount that needs to be paid

  • Payment Mode: Online mode of purchase attracts lower premium rates than offline mode as the former does not involve intermediaries.

  • Choice of Insurance Plan: Different insurance policies have different premium rates and can be selected as per individual needs.

Along with this, the mortality rate, investment earnings, and lapse rate are also considered while determining the gross premium amount for an insurance plan.


  • How can one determine the right amount of coverage needed?

    A1. A lot of factors, including the age, family members, and monthly income of an individual, are considered to get an estimate of the coverage amount. However, one can enter the required details on the SUD Life Insurance Premium Calculator to get instant quotes.
  • What is the age requirement to get a SUD Life Insurance Policy?

    A2. Age requirements might vary depending on the plan chosen. As a general rule, the age of the plan holder should fall between eighteen to sixty years.
  • Can the SUD Group Term Plan be purchased for one’s family?

    A3. No, the SUD Group Term Plan caters to a group of people and can be bought by employers, associations, banks, and societies only.
  • What are the different types of insurance plans available?

    A4. SUD Life Insurance offers a variety of plans, including child plans, retirement plans, protection plans, savings plans, and wealth plans.
  • What are the different modes of premium payment available at SUD Life Insurance?

    A5. Customers can choose the offline mode of premium payment by visiting a nearby SUD Life Insurance branch and making the payment via cash, cheque, or DD. They can only pay online using net banking, credit card, or debit card.

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