TATA AIA Life Insurance Premium Calculator

TATA AIA Life Insurance Company offers life insurance plans at nominal premium rates for a variety of products, intending to cater to the varied needs of all its customers. To calculate the premiums that you would have to pay for these life insurance plans, you can use the TATA AIA Life Insurance Premium Calculator. Let us see how you can use, the benefits, and advantages of using the premium calculator of TATA AIA Life Insurance.

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What Is a Tata AIA Life Insurance Calculator?

TATA AIA Life Insurance Premium Calculator is a digital tool that helps to calculat the premium amounts that you need to pay for the desired insurance cover and plan benefits. It can provide quick and accurate calculations and can also be used to calculate the premiums of multiple policies. Tatat AIA Life Insurance Calculator takes different factors into consideration like age, debts, current annual income, health conditions, marital status and the number of dependents to help you choose a life insurance plan that best fits your requirements and life objectives.

Advantages of Using TATA AIA Life Insurance Premium Calculator

TATA AIA Life Premium Calculator helps you manage your finances in a way that you can achieve your life goals easily. It offers the following benefits:

  1. Accurate

    The TATA AIA life insurance premium calculator can be used to accurately calculate the premiums required to get the required life coverage. It can calculate premiums for a number of policies in a few minutes. It cuts down the effort and time that you would need to put in otherwise.

  2. Cost-effective

    The calculator is available online and can be used free of cost at Policybazaar’s website. This saves your time and unnecessary visits to the branch office of the insurance company. You can easily purchase the policy based on the estimation that fulfills your requirements and fits the budget.

  3. Helps to Plan Life Events

    With the help of the TATA AIA life insurance calculator, you will have an estimate of your future expenses. This gives you the opportunity to plan the major events of your life, e.g., marriage, and switching jobs at a time when you will be financially secure.

  4. Efficient

    The Tata AIA life insurance premium calculator is not only time but also effort-efficient as it saves you from spending hours calculating the premium rates manually. You can use it to calculate the premiums in just a few seconds, 24x7.

  5. Choose the Right Amount of Cover

    Tata life insurance premium calculator provides you an estimate of the life cover amount that covers your liabilities and the financial needs of your family, and the premium paid under the insurance plan.

Information Required for Using the Tata AIA Life Insurance Calculator

To use the TATA AIA Term insurance calculator you are required to supply the following information on the company website:

  • Personal Information: Gender and date of birth of the customer

  • Health Information: Whether or not the customer is a smoker

  • Financial Information: Annual Income

  • Desired Sum Assured Amount

Reasons For Using Tata AIA Life Insurance Calculator

You can conveniently use TATA AIA Life Insurance Premium Calculator to obtain a quick, hassle-free, and accurate estimate of the premiums that you will have to pay if you intend to invest in their life insurance policy.

Here is a list of reasons why a customer should use the Tata AIA life premium calculator:

  • It provides you with a clear idea of the total investment required from your side.

  • It helps you calculate the difference between the premium rates for different plans provided by the same company.

  • It is easily available and can be accessed free of charge.

  • It helps you to make an informed decision taking into consideration your financial constraints.

  • Using a calculator can help you estimate and eliminate all these risks and provides you with an easy, and accurate premium rate for your desired plan.

  • It provides consistently accurate results irrespective of the times it has been used.

Factors Affecting The TATA AIA Life Insurance Premium Rates

TATA AIA Life Insurance is one of the best term insurance companies that offer attractive premium rates that are affordable to people from all walks of life. However, life insurance premium rates depend on various factors like:

  • Policyholder’s Age – Premium rates depend on age as the younger you are at the time of policy purchase the lower will be the risk to your life.

  • Gender – Women are generally offered a lower premium rate as they tend to live longer than men.

  • Sum Assured – The premium rate increases with the increase in the sum assured.

  • Premium Paying Term – The frequency with which you pay your premiums affects the premium rates as the shorter the premium paying term the larger will be the premium rate.

  • Additional Riders – Including riders in the base plan can increase the premium rates as these riders can be included by paying an extra cost that is added to the base premium.

  • Policy Tenure – A longer policy term will have a lower premium amount as the premiums will be divided over a longer period.

  • Occupation – Customers in high-risk jobs, like miners, pilots, and sailors, automatically have a higher premium rate as risks to their life are increased.

How Much Life Cover do You Need For TATA AIA Life Insurance Plan?

To calculate the amount of life coverage you should have for your TATA AIA Life insurance policies you can use the human life value calculator to accurately calculate your required life cover.

  • Step 1: Visit the company’s Human Life Value Calculator page

  • Step 2: Click on ‘Calculate Now’

  • Step 3: Enter your age, current annual income, and details about your existing life cover

  • Step 4: Click on ‘View Plans’ to see plans within the available life cover range


  • What are the modes of claim payment under the TATA AIA Premium Life Insurance Policy?

    Ans: There are 2 modes of claim payment: NEFT and Cheque.
  • Can a customer purchase more than one insurance policy?

    Ans: Yes, TATA AIA Premium Life Insurance gives its customers the opportunity to invest in more than one insurance policy at a time.
  • How can a TATA AIA Premium Life Insurance Policy be claimed?

    Ans: A customer may claim a policy by sending an email, calling on the helpline number of the company, visiting a branch office, or writing to them.
  • How can the cashless facilities under TATA AIA Life Insurance be availed by a customer?

    Ans: The customer must fax a duly filled and signed pre-authorization form, along with a photo ID proof and the cashless card, to the company. The cashless transfer will then be approved and initiated by the company.
  • How can a claims form be downloaded?

    Ans: The claims form can be downloaded online, directly from the website of the company.
  • How can a policyholder pay his premium online?

    Ans: The policyholder must visit the company website and click on the "online premium payment" button. He can then enter the 10 digit policy number and date of birth. The policy details will then be displayed, and he can make an online payment of the premium as well.
  • Does the company offer group policies?

    Ans: Yes, policies that cater to groups are available.
  • How can a claim status be tracked?

    Ans: A customer can track his claim status online by entering the policy number and case number at the official company website.
  • What are insurance riders?

    Ans: Riders are additional benefits that can be added to a base plan in order to cover certain aspects that might not be covered by the regular plan.

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