Checkout the Cool features that the Latest Scooters Come Loaded With

There are a range of scooter manufacturers in India and each of them has improvised the scooter models with unique and advanced features to attract the buyers. Amid so much competition in the market, it has become important for scooter and bike manufacturers to offer something useful to their customers and improvise the customer experience for them.  So, the next time you plan to buy a scooter it is important to know the features that have been introduced so that you can decide the one that you want. In addition to the bike features, you make sure that you also buy an insurance cover. You can easily check two-wheeler insurance online. Mentioned below are some of the most useful features that you can consider in your scooter:

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Easy Accessible Kick Start

More and more people are buying automatic scooters that come with an easy kick start. It saves you from the effort of kick-starting a scooter manually. It requires the scooter to be rear positioned and to be put on the main stand. Two-wheeler manufacturers like Mahindra and TVS are offering front-mounted kick lever that is easily accessible and can be used while sitting on the scooter.

External Fuel Filling

A lot of people are not aware of the external fuel -filling provision in the scooters. It seems to a basic feature that is usually ignored by a lot of buyers. However, it can save your time as well as the effort during refueling. In case you have a pillion rider and do not want get down or are in a hurry, external fuel filling comes useful as it does not require you to put your scooter on the stand and open the seat. Some of the scooter models offering external fuel filling are Hero Duet, Hero Maestro Edge, TVS Scooty Zest, Mahindra Gusto, and TVS Streak.

Integrated or Combined Braking System

It takes a lot of balance and effort to stop a scooter while you are riding it, which prevents it from skidding. The integrated braking system and combined braking system balances both rear and front brake perfectly with the use of a single lever. The combined braking system has a front brake and rear brake lever that works automatically with it. This feature is available in Hero MotoCorp and Honda scooters.

Scooter Mobile Charger

Mobile is an essential gadget these days and having a mobile charge in your scooter is an advantage and is helpful when you are going on a long ride. A mobile charging USB port or dock is one of the most common features that are available in the scooters. In case your phone runs out of battery or you left your house without charging it, then you can charge on the go through your scooter.

You can see mobile charging socket under the seat storage and you can use it while your ignition is on. Currently, mobile charger feature is available in only a few models like Hero Pleasure, Hero Duet and Maestro Edge, Suzuki's 110cc, and Jupiter.

Scooter Anti-Theft Systems

Anti-theft devices are useful in ensuring safe parking for your bike and prevents it from theft and stealing. Anti-theft devices for two-wheelers are available in different forms – it can be a theft alarm or an engine immobilizer that is offered by Mahindra Gusto and Hero Maestro Edge. You can also get the anti-theft device fixed externally. Some anti-theft devices come with location locator, ignition on and off system, locking and unlocking support. You can reduce your two-wheeler insurance premium if you have an anti-theft device installed.

Extra Bag Hooks

One of the major constraints in two-wheeler is an extra bag hook at the front that helps you carry extra baggage. Extra Bag Hooks are retractable and you can close them after use. Extra Bag Hooks are available with TVS Jupiter, Hero Duet, Mahindra Gusto, and Maestro Edge.

Boot Light

Boot light is often ignored but it is a very useful feature for Activa riders. In case you are driving at night and want to find something in your boot when it dark, a boot light proves to be really helpful.  And if you buy a scooter with integrated boot light it will be quite beneficial. It will make your work easy and you will not need to use an external light or phone flash to find things kept in your boot. The scooters featuring boot light are Hero Maestro Edge, Hero Duet and Hero Pleasure.

Adjustable Seat Height

Nowadays scooters are available with adjustable seat height feature. You can adjust the seat as per your comfort. If you are tall then you can increase the height of the seat and if you are short you can decrease the height of the seat. Though, most of the scooters are equipped with moderate seat height you can find this adjustable seat height feature in Mahindra Gusto.

To Conclude

Hope with the above-mentioned features you will be able to select the right one as per your needs. If you are thinking of replacing your scooter or buying a new one then you can definitely ask the manufacturer to show you a scooter that is ergonomically designed and has all the modern-features and upgradations to improve your driving experience.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 27 June 2021
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