Dare to Ignore the Traffic Rules & Penalties are Even Stricter Now

Bikes are the most preferred mode of commute, especially when it comes to avoiding traffic congestion. Moreover, the thrill of riding a bike is something that is unmatched. But how many of you actually aware of your responsibilities while on the road? Are you riding the vehicle the way you are supposed to ride? Are you aware of the traffic rules or are you following them?

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Well, you ought to know that the stringent traffic penalties laid by the government will not let you ignore it, NEVER. However, exceptions are always there anyway!

The point is why to spend on traffic challans when you can drive responsibly and safely. Just bear in mind that a single violation can cost you a bomb!

You can’t be Ignorant!

Every year road fatalities claim over 1.5 lakhs lives in India. The lack of traffic sense takes a troll in human lives and the growing figure of accidents has compelled the government to crack-down on traffic violations without delay. This lead to the introduction of new traffic penalties, which urge all the vehicle owners to follow the traffic rules. The changes are bought into effect under the provisions of Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill 2016. The recommendations are made by transport ministers of 18 Indian states.

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Being ignorant, many tend to take the laws for granted and violate the traffic rules. They get into trouble by doing so. Above all, they end up risking their lives including others or getting injured severely.

The Penalty Structure

Considering the whopping figure of road accidents and to put a full stop on traffic violations, traffic penalty structure has been revised. Here are the revised penalties to be applied for violating traffic rules and regulations:


Previous Rate



Rs. 400

Rs. 1,000 for LMV; Rs. 2,000 for MMV

Driving without bike insurance

Rs. 100

Rs. 2,000

Red-light jumping

Rs. 100

Rs. 1000/scraping of license for 3 months

Riding without helmet

Rs. 100

Rs. 1000/scraping of license for 3 months

Driving without permit

Up to Rs. 5,000

Up to Rs. 10,000

Reckless driving

Rs. 1,000

Rs. 5,000

Overloading bikes

Rs. 100

Rs. 2000/scraping of license for 3 months

Say ‘Yes’ to the Rules

You can remain on the safer side by following the traffic rules strictly. Here’s your ticket to safe driving:

Use Indicator

You may risk it by taking a turn all-sudden. Slow down the speed, use an indicator to alert the vehicle behind you and take the turn.

Accompany One Pillion Rider Only

Overloading your two-wheeler is an offence and will lead to penalty as well. You can legally ride not more than one pillion rider on your bike.

Don’t Forget the Headgear

Helmet is the most essential element to be carried every time you take your prized possession on the roads. Always wear it to save your head in case of a mishap.

Pedestals are not for the Bikers

Footpaths are meant for the human, who could walk safely on roads. By using it for your ease, you only cause trouble to them.

Obey Traffic Signals

Well, very few riders follow this. Traffic signals are meant to provide a convenient and safe driving experience and not to be violated. Avoid jumping red lights and wait for the signal that indicates you to GO. Also, aware of the signals given by the other vehicles while on roads.

Pull-over carefully

While riding or heading to somewhere if you need to stop in between, get your bike to the left side, use the necessary signal and stop the bike. This will allow the other drivers to aware of your movement and thus avoid a collision.

Make the most Your Bike Mirrors

No one looks back every time to check the traffic behind. Instead, utilize the mirrors and ensure safe riding.

Say NO to Rash Driving!

Ride your vehicle for pleasure not to trouble others or to be killed. Maintaining the specific speed. You may be in hurry to reach office but the harsh reality is rash driving only kills.

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Insurance is Essential! Better You Realize it

Even if you don’t use the bike to feel that adrenaline rush, you would still require bike insurance. Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance is mandatory in India. But what about anything beyond third party liability? How many of you consider buying own-damage cover? You would certainly assume that all bike owners are surely hitting the roads with their two-wheelers insured.

Reality is they are not. Let’s say what the below figures say:

  • 82% of vehicles in India are owned privately
  • 70% of the Indian automobile industry is comprised of two-wheelers

More shockingly...

  • 75% of bikes are uninsured in India!

Unlike earlier, when buying insurance was a tedious task or you had to be dependent on a broker only, today you can buy bike insurance online at your best comfort. Hence, don’t ignore it or else ready to pay a hefty penalty as riding a vehicle without insuring it is a crime and you are liable to pay the fines.

That’s all!

If you find this enough and realise your responsibility then work on it. Say NO to violation of rules and save on your pocket.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 27 June 2021
Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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