Detailed Guide to Bike Insurance Online Renewal

A two-wheeler insurance policy is a contract between the insurer and the policyholder where the latter is compensated for damages or losses resulting from the insured bike due to any mentioned circumstances in the policy. Every two-wheeler insurance policy comes with an expiry date and the policyholder has to renew it on time. Read on to know everything about bike insurance online renewal.

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Different Ways to Renew Your Two-wheeler Insurance Policy

In India, two types of two-wheeler insurance policies are offered by insurers - third-party two-wheeler insurance and comprehensive two-wheeler insurance. No matter the type, renewing your bike insurance policy on time will give you multiple benefits and save money. However, make sure to check your preferences while renewing the policy as they might have changed in the past year.

Here are 3 ways to renew your bike insurance policy-

1. Directly Through Insurance Companies

One of the favourable modes to renew your bike insurance policy is directly through a motor insurance company. You can visit their nearest branch or contact the customer care team over a phone call. Fill up the renewal form and submit it to the branch office to renew your two-wheeler insurance policy.

2. Through Insurance Agent

Another option to renew your policy is through your respective insurance agent. If you have bought the policy through an agent, you can ask him/her to renew your policy. The agent will undertake the paperwork and submit it to the insurer on your behalf. After the completion of all the formalities, he/she will hand over the renewed policy and charge an additional fee as a brokerage fee for the services.

3. Renewing Two-wheeler Insurance Online

Renewing your two-wheeler insurance policy online is the best and most convenient mode. In this case, you must have an uninterrupted internet connection and a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Visit the insurer’s website or their mobile app to renew your policy.

You will have to fill in the required details about your existing policy and vehicle. Then, make the payment online via UPI, net banking, debit card or credit card. After completing the payment, the policy documents will be sent to your registered email.

Points to Remember While Renewing Your Two-wheeler Insurance Policy

Here are a few points that you must remember while renewing your bike insurance policy-

1. If you have an existing third-party two-wheeler insurance policy and want to upgrade it, you can easily buy a comprehensive bike insurance policy at the time of renewal.

2. If you have a standard comprehensive policy without any add-on covers, you can review your policy during renewals. You can buy any add-on cover in bike insurance as per your needs and budget. Some popular and necessary add-on covers are consumables cover, roadside assistance cover, NCB protection cover, and zero dep cover in bike insurance.

3. If you are not satisfied with your existing insurance provider, you can switch to a new insurer during renewal. Remember that if you have not raised any claim during your current policy term, then you can avail the benefit of the No Claim Bonus (NCB). If you have an accumulated NCB, you can easily transfer it to the new policy. Also, don’t forget to compare multiple plans offered by insurers at to choose the best one.

4. If someone from your family or one of your friends rides your bike frequently, you can add their names to the bike insurance policy.

5. If you are planning to do any modifications to your bike, you must inform your insurer about the changes before doing it. This is important because adding any accessories or modifying your bike will increase the bike insurance premium.

Benefits of Renewing Two-wheeler Insurance Online

With the digitization of the insurance industry, everything has become easy. You can easily buy or renew an insurance policy without wasting your time on visiting the branch office and waiting in line. Here are a few benefits associated with the online renewal of a two-wheeler insurance policy-

1. Paperless Experience

Buying or renewing an insurance policy offline takes a lot of effort in doing the paperwork. In the case of an agent, you pay a commission to them to get your vehicle insured. But if you renew your bike insurance policy online, you will get a myriad of benefits like paperless document submission. Also, the insurance experts will guide you through the entire process and solve all the queries.

2. Get the Best Deal

In the case of online renewal, you can easily compare various insurance plans according to their price, coverage, exclusions, and available add-on cover in bike insurance. You can choose the best plan by checking their reviews and ratings. Therefore, it is suggested to compare plans from various insurers before choosing a two-wheeler insurance policy.

3. No Brokerage Fee

Renewing a bike insurance policy offline involves agents who charge a fee as a commission for providing the service. However, online two-wheeler insurance renewal does not include any agent and it automatically removes the brokerage fee. Thus, you save money while renewing the policy online. 

4. Get Excellent Customer Support

One of the biggest benefits of choosing an online mode is the excellent customer support for queries. You can easily ask questions through chat support or a call. They can guide you with the entire process of selecting, buying, renewing, and raising claims.

5. Instant Policy Issuance

The online renewal process is easy and is done in a few minutes. On the contrary, the offline method involves a time-consuming documentation process. So, to avoid the hassle of the traditional method, go for the online mode as it is much simpler and gives you the best deals in just a few minutes. All you need to do is fill in a few details of your vehicle and personal information. After the verification, the policy is instantly issued.

Tips to Reduce Your Two-wheeler Insurance Renewal Premium

Some tips to reduce your two-wheeler insurance premium during renewal are as follows-

1. Buy an insurance policy online.

2. Maintain a clean driving history as you will receive NCB for safe driving.

3. Choose long-term two-wheeler insurance and get a discount.

4. Opt to renew your insurance policy with your existing insurer as they might offer you a loyalty discount.


The renewal of a two-wheeler insurance policy online has many benefits associated with it. Undoubtedly, choosing online renewal is convenient and time-saving. Before choosing a two-wheeler insurance policy, check if the insurance company is registered with the IRDAI and crosscheck all the details before you submit the form. Also, check the insurer’s authorized signature in your policy documents and ask for an acknowledgement or premium payment receipt from your insurer.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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